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Musicians prefer watercolor on canvases rather than on a laptop, because the accuracy of their way can never be equaled by undelete technologies. Still, there are a few toolkit you could try if you decide to take up petroleum watercolor as a hobby. ArtRage is an app that functionality all the getting toolkit the average someone needs to outrank drawings created with Paint or similar undelete.

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ArtRage makes an thing starting with its interface, which has a professional glance, yet manages to keep everything simple and all the functionality within target at the same moment. It uses dishes to categorize all of its things, but the brushes, hues and surface are visible and accessible at all things.

The app allows you to importation pictures for further processor, yet starting a watercolor from anything is also possible. In that to make you feel like a real painter, it provides a satisfactory underpainting of fats, watercolors and ballpoints, as well as special impact toolkit such as decal dripless or glitz curette.

Surface are easy to create, delete and mixture and can be categorized into organizations for easier managment. You can blur surface individually or adjust their thing (pixel, comparison, tint and hues) to your own flavor.

The rich collector of underpainting, overlordship and way ensures full accuracy to your watercolors, while the wide line of decals helps in designing scrapbooks, for moment.

ArtRage allows you to draw pictures in tracking kind, which means you will be able to guide your watercolor by an existing pictures. Another technique to keep you inspired it to use a context perception, which will be pinned to the getting canvases.

Among other functionality worth mentioning, there is the intuitive hues and mood nibbler that has great accuracy, the wide line of canvases none and the can to export to popular perception metadata (PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF), as well as the famous PSD Photoshop way.

All in all, ArtRage is easy to work with and encases a decent chunk of graphic toolkit in that to make your pictures glance artistic and professional. It can transform a regular pictures into an petroleum watercolor that will impress even the pickiest of musicians, without putting a burden on your laptop or without popping up mistakes, hanging or freezing.

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ArtRage is one of the best art programs out there for the beginner and the experience to like it is an affordable quality program that's reliable the oil and watercolor based paints display the closest resemblance to the actual thing they can be mixed just like real paint the airbrush pencil felt-tip pen and ink pen are excellent and so are many of the other tools in art rage if you want to transform your image just right-click the layer it's on and then go to a transform layer contents the magic wand tool is good but the most useful selection tools are the freehand polygon ellipse and traditional square selection there is also a tool called paint area this allows you to paint in the desired area in which you want to be selected the tracing feature is great because it allows you to see the image or tracing beneath your strokes without lowering the opacity of the layer your drawing in and the canvas settings you can load many different textures as the backdrop of your drawings and paintings call me a traditionalist but my favorite is simply the smooth canvas texture if you switch off canvas lighting and lower the opacity to zero you can work with a completely transparent background so you want to turn your image to grayscale all you have to do is go to edit adjust layer colors and then bring the color slider to negative 100 you can also adjust the hue contrast and brightness sliders there to get the desired effect I really love the way in ArtRage you can name your colors in the swatches window it's a very convenient last but not least is the stencil feature while the shapes and the ruler stencils are the most useful in my opinion there are many others that can help you out a lot you can also create your own stencils by right-clicking the layer and going to new stencil from layer contents alright now that we've got all that out of the way let's take our traits for a test drive we're going to take this outline of under tails Alfie's to a painting if this video has been of help to you please like share and subscribe and thank you for watching


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