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Ashampoo WinOptimizer consists of a collection of tools that aim to maintain your system and increase its performance.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Crack + License Key Download 2023

Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer Crack + Serial

The user interface is quite friendly. In the Overview section, you can take a look at details of the system, maintenance (auto-start entries, services, unnecessary objects – fixing them is done is a single click), hibernation files, old update backups, but you can also use tuning assistant (it searches for optimization options for your system, based on your preferences) and activate Live-Tuner (so you can monitor CPU and RAM usage).

The modules found in Ashampoo WinOptimizer include system maintenance (one-click optimizer, drive cleaner, registry optimizer, Internet cleaner, defragmenting tool), performance improver (service manager, startup and Internet tuner, process and uninstall manager), Windows customizer (tweaking, antispy, file associations, context menu manager, icon saver), system analyzer (system information, DiskSpace Explorer, system benckmark, Disk Doctor), file tools (file wiper, encrypter, decrypter, splitter, joiner, undeleter), backup manager, and task planner.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to explore. You can create a favorites list, in order to simplify your searches. When an application comes equipped with so many features, it is very difficult for all of them to run perfectly, especially when Ashampoo WinOptimizer seems to use a small amount of system memory.

For instance, the defragmenting tool runs at its full capabilities only if there is enough disk space available. Plus, if you tell the tuning assistant that you don't use Windows' hibernation status, it will still display Hibernation as an optimizing solution. We have also encountered random errors (e.g. "Abstract Error") when moving back and forth in the program.

The bottom line is that Ashampoo WinOptimizer is definitely worth to be taken seriously as a system maintenance tool, but it could use some work.

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hello everybody this has gotten said oh we were doing a shampoo win optimizer ten it's basically you could think of it as an advance system carrier version that a shampoo made and it works in a very simple manner it will clean up to the excess files defragment the hard drive and it will clean up processes that are using too much memory so our buddies gonna have it start a search and then it's saying it's found quite a few errors I wonder why all right I found 504 errors most of them are relying in the protection what did what are these like a administrative remote registry service probably blah blah blah good news so we're just gonna tell it to fix it not all fishy issues are fixed all click one symbol to find out what was not fixed zero issues how can there be zero issues but no issues isn't that the same thing zero issues the vs notice it all right that's strange but I'm not oh oh it says now that's one it doesn't exist so just delete the key all right now we're going to the modules that it has this is kind of like the tool box again from advances to care you got a register defrag you got a defrag you internet cleaner British tree optivisor driver cleaner and one click optimize this basically does all these for you right away see goes through deletes and optimize the drive very simple when we're here you got a defrag registry if I when you do Frank the registry it just moves all the files back it works basically the same way as a deep fry but only applies to registry items in keys you got an Internet cleaner mostly cleans up the cookies your cache just useless stuff that gets left around service manager will watch what's running on the computer startup tuner will kind of monitor the items that are running and give you recommendations for instance if I click on this it's going to give me recommendations on what to do with my startup items and it's got to find the settings and it's like okay these are good it doesn't tell me that Israel does n't recommend it to me I come over to my internet tuner it's gonna make my it's just gonna make them run faster and we're going to tell it to adjust automatically seven settings were changed now it should be faster for me to access the internet there's no a really efficient way to test the how well it does I just kind of you just click on how things load and if it's better I mean that's actually pretty fast compared to what internet explorer used to do come over here real quick I'm just gonna clean it rim alright favorites these are the most common ones that I've used the not really important backups I can run that I can do registry backups and internet backups and anything that's really changed you can do a backup of it and restore it in case it breaks something I never had a program really break anything except for like their last program the hard drive h GD d optimizer we're basically broke the virtual machine ID to reset it and remove the program that's just because they can't monitor a fake drive I could do a backup management I'll just watch all man the backups delete old ones restore them very simple stuff ball tools these are I can encrypt I gonna crypt the file and we've already gone over a crypt run on several occasions which means I just scramble the information and basically I send them the key so if any case the person copies the file and tries to take it with them if they don't have the key that I sent to the other guy well then they can access the file I think checker will make sure all these items have a proper shortcut which they do file wiper will just securely delete a file by doing many overwrites of it and I believe that gutten am is the highest on with I believe 32 overwrites which is where you delete the file you're you cover the space you cover the space you cover the face delete delete delete delete in dun dun dun dun and it should be wiped how are you even then it can still be retrieved and free space available essentially means this is one where a lot of people get confused and I think it optimizes the computer it technically doesn't Windows keeps has like the free space where there is no item so the blocks don't exist there so they could be written on they can have items added when you wipe the free space if there are any frag if it has any information from previous items on there it's going to cover the space so essentially it's just going to if there is any chance of someone retrieving the information they can't really retrieve it because it what it'll do is it will go in and it will wipe the free space by adding a bunch of blank files it'll just say okay it'll just give like blank files so it'll just add them all over the Blake space free space and then we'll delete them it'll do it again and it'll do it up to 30 32 times mm-hmm to make sure that there's no information that can be retrieved so thank you very much for watching please stay tuned from the video if you have any questions comments or concerns please post them in the comments below and I will try to answer them thank you very much for watching and good bye


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