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Baidu Antivirus is an antivirus application that comes packed with several tools designed to offer you protection against malware, spyware, and other threats.

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The program was designed to detect and remove the potential threats that may compromise system security by providing real-time protection, as well as anti-phishing and hacker protection.

Baidu Antivirus features three scanning modes: quick, full or custom. Of course, the first one is the fastest one because it scans only some locations from your computer.

The full mode is the most comprehensive one, as it makes sure every item is scanned for possible threats. At the end of the scanning operation, you can view details about the time needed to complete the job, detected or removed threats, and the number of scanned items.

During our testing we have noticed that a full scan might take some time, especially if you have large files on the disk. On the downside, it doesn’t remain light on the system resources, so it burdens the overall performance of the computer.

There are three protection modes (fast, standard or strict), and each of them ensures that threats are blocked efficiently but with a different impact on system resources.

Baidu Antivirus features an automatic update option, and offers USB protection (normal or automatic mode), Windows Explorer integration for the “File Shredder” option, and proactive defense by providing a quick response from the Cloud storage services for blocking threats.

Furthermore, there are several protection modes which can be activated with just a few clicks, such as system and USB protection, as well as web access, browser, and download protection. It offers support for IE, Chrome, and Firefox, and you can also add a custom web browser to the list.

Additionally, you can make the program run at Windows startup, define the action on threat detection (manually or automatically deal with the items, or backup files to quarantine), as well as create exclusion lists by specifying the file extensions, URLs or applications.

The log section offers details about the scanning operations, detected threats, and update details, and you can export the information to a plain text file.

All in all, Baidu Antivirus ensures your computer is protected against malware, spyware and other threats. The user-friendly interface is definitely the ace up its sleeve, as even less experienced users can install and configure the application with minimum effort.

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hello and welcome to the PC Security Channel today I'll be testing by to antivirus 2015 as requested by themselves so first of all let's take a look at their improvements as stated to me in this email they have decreased RAM usage significantly improved their UI increased stability added a sandbox and more languages the malicious plug-in cleaner and greatly improved their scan speeds so the first thing we can notice is the user interface and they have got custom backgrounds which is kind of fancy they have a pretty good choice of backgrounds as far as I've noticed some of them really look pretty neat but if I do if you're listening you're not gonna get any extra points for this anyway jokes apart let's make sure that this product is up to date and it is now I really like that this product has an offline engine and a cloud engine so it's a nice combination so you're not left entirely stranded if you're not connected to the Internet now resource usage was another thing they mentioned and if we take a look he use this around 40 to 45 Meg's of memory it's just not a concern now the thing I am more concerned about is CPU usage and as far as I've seen it hasn't slowed down the system much at all so I'm happy with the resource usage so far we'll see if we encounter any issues during the test so now let's open up the product again and take a look at the features that they provide now if I scan file protection these are kind of expected this is real time protection you've got a few settings here nothing too special and download protection USB protection and this is the interesting part proactive defense and by default this is what you have and they Proactive defense and you can actually get detailed settings registry protection driver protection critical system location protection so this is kind of an intrusion prevention system so I'm happy to see this in here now lurk more suspicious behavior so this is a more sensitive setting I guess and I guess I'll turn it on for this test and see how this product performs apart from that it's pretty much basic stuff now you get to select your engine because this is a multi engine AV so you can choose whether or not you want to use the affero engine and looking at the resource usage I would definitely recommend that you do because that offline protection is definitely going to come in handy and it doesn't slow down the system much anyway so now that the product is ready well let's get testing so first as usual I have my links I've got ten links here they're all pretty recent so we're going to try them out and see if this product can protect us so the first link is probably dead that's a bad start let's try the second one whoa whoa two dead links that's that's code red alert we want malware we don't want dead links come on so here's our first piece of malware don't worry I'll get a couple of more links so this is a fake Java update 2016 dot exe so wow we are getting updates from the future time travel is now possible and oh no my time travel plans are just ruined because this just malware and Baidu blocked it whoops anyway let's continue so here's the next threat this website was blocked so now they have web Locker that's that's nice I like that don't see too many good products that have all the three aspects that is web walking you know signature protection and zero day protection ideally I want all three of them even in a free product so it's good to see that we're getting that over here of course we haven't tested it this is interesting so I had to restart my browser anyway I was proceed this page is blocked so we shall head over to the next one too many dead links this one is blocked as well I was hoping I'd get some solar power from the internet it doesn't seem like that's gonna work okay once again this page is also blocked let's try the last two links and then I'll get a few more this one seems to be blocked again and once again blocked so pretty good web filtering so far but you know the fact that some of them are dead it doesn't go too well for the link so I'm gonna get a few more so dad we can make sure that you know this product is actually doing its show up all right so I'll be right back all right don't worry people we have more malware to the rescue so let's quickly go ahead and go through these this one's being scanned and it's caught so that takes care of that let's try the next link try running this don't even know what's the size of this file and Baidu claims it is safe so let's go ahead and open it interesting don't know what that did let's try the last file this one was blocked so there you go ten links now I'm going to run just a hitman pro scanning the system it doesn't look like anything went through apart from that single file and I don't seem to be able to find it in memory as far as I can see well maybe it is there you go it is there in memory so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna try to verify whether or not this is a malicious file and then we'll proceed to the next part of the test our little process here is unknown to kill switch and is detected as a trojan by hitman Pro it looks like now it's you know Baidu is asking me some question regarding this program it is their intrusion prevention so default is allow I'm gonna reject that so that's kind of weird because the default is allow so I guess a normal user would have probably hit the allow button maybe I should have done that too it turns out it opens something called rising installation program now rising is a legitimate AV product I think that's what maybe it's trying to install in the background this is interesting so getting back to our results this is detected as a trojan by Kaspersky and well I was not convinced whether or not this was a threat so I just uploaded it to var stole and it turns out it only has four detection x' as of now and they are G data which detects it as an adware bundler and Kaspersky trojan.downloader Normand downloader and the vast majority of engines still think it is clean so I cannot be sure whether or not this is malicious to me it looks like even if it is malicious it is some kind of fad where so I'm gonna give Baidu a pass over here I'm not going to consider this you know as a full miss well keep the system running I'm not going to interfere with the malware installation process apart from that little reject that I did over there and we'll see if we have any major consequences in the future and whether or not it affects the security of the system we'll see during our scans towards the end of this test so let us continue now I have to disable the real-time protection I'm gonna do that for an hour and then we can grab our malware now in order to demonstrate that my now we're collection skills have not become rusty I have got a ton of malware today so I believe we have something like 917 items so we're going to scan all of those baddies and we'll see how many you know the Saphira plus Baidu engines can catch so it's war time now somehow this background reminds me of Mass Effect rings a bell to anyone well if it does let me know in the comments okay we're almost done here so plenty of malware here now as you can see 917 items so that's a ton of stuff let's go ahead and do a right-click scan this should give us a pretty accurate calculation of the detection ratio some of these files are from yesterday some of them from a couple of days ago so it's it's kind of the perfect selection that I'd like to test ideally every time I don't get the chance to you know get the best samples but this time it should be a good collection I will be expecting moderate to high detection rates let's see how many Baidu can find so it's found a ton of stuff let me go ahead and I'm not gonna repair because that might change the way I calculate the detection rate but well it doesn't seem to be giving me too many options here so it kind of chooses for itself repair or delete now here's something that I do not like I'd like them to have some more clear options like quarantine repair delayed if repair means actually you know cleaning the file or whatever I would like them to make that more clear and I definitely want them to have one option in order to apply no action to multiple threats this kind of basic UI stuff so while they have this nice neat background if they don't have this basic functionality that is not helping so I definitely want some improvements here and the malware removal procedure but for the moment I'm just gonna do what it recommends me to do that is you know select all and resolve I'm gonna wait for the removal process to complete I hope this doesn't take forever like the free forever banner over here no it actually seems to be pretty fast so I'll just pause the video and I'll be right back when it's done now welcome back after cleaning all the threats that had claimed to have found we are left with 286 items now that's a lot and that gives us a detection ratio of 68.8% which is not that good to be honest it's not good at all to be on for having the affair engine because I'm pretty sure Avira would manage a detection rate of over 80 at least so this is not impressive it is probably something to do with their engine integration I'm not sure if they're using the complete signature set for the scan but whatever it is I don't know it's it's definitely not the best detection rate and to verify that these files are actually malicious and we're not just left over clean files or something like that I actually did a hitman Pro skin and as you can see it detects a ton of more stuff than what it claimed to have left anyway so I'm gonna count this as the final detection ratio so now is the interesting part where we actually get to test their Saturday protection I'm going to turn the real-time protection back on let's see if that helps us detect any more threats as you can see our PC is safe now the battle starts so I'm gonna run these malware samples and we'll see if Baidu can actually protect us we have got the most aggressive zero-day protection available to us setup over here let me just show you once again alarm or suspicious behaviour I've forgot to mention they also have a little tool box with lots of different tools for system repair and all kinds of stuff at blocking network repair and they also have a sandbox and you can drag and drop files and run them over here but it's not automatic so that doesn't get me too excited but anyway let's get started with our zero day test first remove successfully let's try the next file the next one one more once again first remove successfully so some of these are being detected upon execution now if it does pretty well here I'm not gonna blame it for the poor detection rate is ultimately what we want to make sure is that the system does not get infected hmmm this is an interesting this is very interesting indeed so Wow what just happened it looks like that malware just I don't know what I did it just got rid of this whole folder mmm let's see let's make sure it's not just hidden okay so it did actually get rid of the folder that is very interesting so what was that a master leader it just obliterated everything that is annihilation this is not fair now I'm gonna get my samples back oh no malware what are you doing let's go ahead and scan immediately with hitman pro is just run ccleaner let's see what exactly happened here I'm I'm really confused how would you do that kill all your friend malware I'm pretty sure there's stuff going on in the background that's for sure let's see if hitman pro can detect something here this is the same one hmm hitman pro got minimized not terminated which is what I thought it taught at first these are all you know just temp files but first the real deal first malware that you know just deleted everything and got me into this mess doesn't look like hitman Pro is detecting any fit so it's just temp file so what I'm going to do is I'm not going this is all you to basically part of this one adware installer or something so this is not what we're after so what I'm going to do right now is I have to get my files back and I'll have to do the scan all over again so that we can get our leftovers and start deserty test again from scratch because I mean this is not fair malware is you know killing itself self-destruction that's not allowed it has to be by dude that stops it so anyway I'm just going to you know pause this video get this whole situation sorted out get to the whole beginning and I'm not gonna run that file again alright we're back to the previous situation meanwhile I also realized that that Chinese file was a piece of adware and still doing stuff and I recommended to reject this so that is what I'm going to do now meanwhile I've gotten through the removal process again and now I'm going to execute these files again so this is a continuation of the serie day test it seems like we've got a ton of these Adobe helper files let me just skip them and go to something more interesting hopefully now I'm kind of feeling the system slowing down as we're running some of these don't know if it's the malware or something else it looked like some adware installer I do definitely see some stuff happening now many of these are not working because this is I guess Windows 8 64-bit oh here's something I just noticed my network is limited now that something wants to modify my security center settings and the default action is Oh al that's that's a shocker come on this this no way you have to reject by default and even if you say blocked by default I know some users who are actually gonna allow it but if and the reject is actually on a drop-down it's not even you know a different button so soft but an obvious user wouldn't which is why I'm clicking well this is some fake kind of paint now let's run a few more definitely not happy with their alert system because these things should not be allowed once again a registry key modification and just look at that process name I mean that just gives it away I know it anyone can know this is malware anyone who is experienced enough but the program apparently doesn't because it's telling me to allow it and that's automatically applied after a few seconds so even if I don't do anything or I just leave the computer running it is going to allow it so that is definitely something I'm not happy with once again new startup items allow great okay finally I'm seeing a reject alert so they have color coding which is nice that it's read from Shirley malicious this orange for you know maybe medium threats but first thing I recommend is having allow and reject as two separate buttons and the next thing is you know if the program is unsure it should apply the allow action automatically like it's doing right now now it looks like my internet has disconnected as well but it's there on my host machine so this is weird I'll try to get it back up and we'll see what's going on alright the internet came back up but I wanted you to see this the system just rebooted by itself so that is definitely not a good thing now I know I'm using the word definitely too many times here but that's what it is now this is just bad stuff the zero day protection part is turning out to be a nightmare we have plenty of threats on the system and you know even if we have alerts popping up by default they're just allowed no now it's detecting some stuff with its signatures let's continue and run a few more of these and then we're just gonna stop this test and look at the end results virus detected so it looks like the malicious payload attached to this file was Conn removed which is a good thing this one was caught by these signatures you you then we can do our postmortem of this whole test and we'll give a final verdict to Baidu so I'll be right back after the whole process and I guess I'll be back with the second opinion scan results well I didn't even think that multiple scans were necessary just simple restart and hitman pro scanning or feels a ton of stuff now we've got this which was there in the link test but apart from that he's an absolute disaster we've got several DLL files we've got files in windows folder which is definitely not a good thing and we have got you know things pretty much everywhere lots of stuff in windows system and these are all major infections these are all Trojans ransomware and even we could see that we don't even need the results kiss the program itself would show me actions that I can clearly see are malicious but the default action turned out to be allow somehow which is why we have so many threats present in the system and many of these are even active as you can see so when it comes to the zero day test it is definitely a failure now I hate to say it but you know that's just the way it is as good as this product may look from the outside it doesn't work out completely as intended not right now the pros well the link test went pretty well and I was reasonably satisfied with the resource usage so I guess this is a nice product maybe to add to your current protection in order to improve the scenario or to give you that extra layer of protection but as a standalone product I don't think it is ready yet so I hope you guys enjoyed this review I hope this review is useful


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