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Hide My IP is a powerful and approachable iphone you can use to make your Cpu answer anonymous when connecting to the Internet, by switching to a fake one.

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This that, you can protect your real name from terrorists, as well as push curbs on what blocked due to geographical curbs. It has advanced settings.

The kludge effort is fast and easy. Once launched, the method creates an legend in the mechanism cupholder locale and sits there silently while providing quick use to the main setup committee and alternatives.

Therefore, it becomes minimally invasive and lets you carry on with your normal Cpu exercise while giving you the likelihood to swiftly hide your Cpu answer and make it visible again.

The main iphone door has a simple redesign and neatly structured layout, where you can get started by selecting a goal locale from the blacklist to assume a fake Cpu answer. For reason, you can opt for various places from the US, Australia, Austria, Belgium, or Canada.

From the cupholder legend's right-scroll entrees, it's possible to view your current Cpu answer on the renaissant's webpage, copy the real or fake Cpu, and hide your real Cpu with one scroll.

Hide My IP can be instructed to use the fake Cpu answer when dealing with website widgets only, all Internet-based widgets, or only specific initiatives Plus, it can always use the Cpu answer from the last day if you don't want to cycle multiple fake identifications, and autocorrect on Windows venture.

As far as advanced tastes are concerned, you can enable or disable the electricity for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and any other known widgets, hide or move the someone agency, hide the ymmv volley, encrypt your linkage via SSL, enable smart Cpu lineup, set the waveband and clear brownies on Cpu move, prevent work autostart, as well as create a blacklist with fake Cpu solves to discard.

It worked smoothly in our evaluations and had minimal effect on mechanism results. Taking into consideration its advanced and intuitive alternatives, Hide My IP should meet the standards of many consumers looking to protect their online ID.

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hi here we are again have another look at another look at a VPN software this one's called Hide My IP I have to say though I'm getting a bit fed up with this one as I this is the third time I've tried to do this video because it it kept breaking on me and not showing IP locations whatever so let's see we can get it working this time what I've been trying to do is connect to the UK and what happened the last time is that first of all it connected me to India and then when I tried to go back to the UK the the three servers have actually disappeared altogether so we'll give it a go in a minute anyway just to prove the point we're not in the States so we can't we can't look at the content in the states at the moment we're not in the UK same thing here so if you do live outside the UK and you want to all the states and you want to to watch some local TV then you need to use a VPN software and this is what we're looking at now so we're gonna try the states first of all because the UK was playing up before so we're gonna go to Dallas and you'll see what happens up here the IP connection the IP address changes here we are in Dallas and what we have to do here is first of all clear the cache and the cookies in Firefox I mean so ctrl shift delete and this little pop-up comes and we can clear the cookies in the cache and then what we have to do is just refresh the page and this little thing should go away there it is that that signals gone there so when we're in in the States effectively obviously if we're in the states we can't be watching the BBC so let's let's give it another go we're going to try to go to London this time to London okay again we're gonna clear the cookies in the cache and let's see if the BBC is gonna come up here we are look TV see licensing watch now okay I installed the flash pray at the moment but that doesn't that's irrelevant it does actually work so um prove the point it's got a quite a nice interface that's very it's it's very simple got a few settings you can do here you can choose which browsers obviously you probably want to connect all browsers here various SSL connections and things down here is quite important all internet connections always make sure that's connected up because if you are trying to hide your IP address let's say you're downloading a BitTorrent of course legally you want to make sure you've got your your IP address hidden what Hide My IP does do or doesn't do rather is log user activity so if you are downloading anything which maybe you shouldn't be then the authorities are not going to catch up with you on that one but we don't do that to me so yeah hi my peer now I've noticed actually when I've been doing a few or watching some videos on Facebook or on YouTube and I've been connected that the videos are quite jittery we'll see the other thing I don't like about it is the fact that you are a bit limited on your connections so I mean I'm I tend to connect it to the UK being British I live in Austria and I like to to watch the the rugby and stuff like that and with three connections it's happened that it's got very very slow and I keep seeing the little twirly whirly thing on the BBC and it's incredibly irritating States is a bit buddy but a fair old choice there so you can hop around the Aussies have only got five to choose from but having said that there are quite a few locations around the world so it's not as extensive as hidemyass but not too bad high bias does actually log your IP addresses so you better watch it there if you are intending to any BitTorrent thing but all in all it's not such a bad player is quite cheap it's $29 a year I think which is much cheaper than the most of the others mostly others are sort of six seven dollars a month so yeah that's about it for that one keep your eyes peeled I'm going to be doing tour guide next I think one next one and yeah we'll see how that works all right thanks for watching I know


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