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hey guys what's up welcome back to the channel at cynic Alex and today I want to bring you guys another review this time I wanted to prioritize a character that is very expensive to get but a character that a lot of people have been talking about because he's new because he costs as much as they knows and because he's Odin with the beard so we're gonna get into what makes Odin so great some of the hidden features of this character and why you should invest in him if you are a high level player who already has a lot of other notable investments sorry new players sorry free-to-play players it's going to take you a long time of either playing the game or grinding for resources to get anywhere near Odin if you need an example he takes as much black antimatter as Thanos to complete so that's about 9,000 of the black antimatter at Rank 1 and about xx 2500 diversity stones to master and then a shit ton of BIOS so let's get into what makes the character so great primarily with the skills then we'll talk about gears obelisk sand is OS and then we'll talk about other game modes that you can use him in reliably the really cool thing about Odin is that his attacks all come from his Odinsword so they've got really cool animations and most of them has a Pierce feature that's really really fun so we're just going to go in the dark Advent and test this out for you guys his 1 star skill is just a very simple slash but as you can see it Pierce's all the way down the screen so it just keeps going to infinity it's fucking awesome and it cleared all these mobs in one shot the damage is great but the Pierce is really what makes it an excellent excellent skill especially to deal with a lot of mobs especially to do a lot of damage in world boss invasion and in Alliance battle an extreme mode of course Odin's two-star skill is only a single target attack it doesn't have any Pierce but it jumps up for two or three slashes there it's not that bad just whatever skill the magic with Odin really starts to happen with his 3 star skill however as you guys can see he kind of jumps up and does this super saiyan whatever charge up and he gets this big bubble around him with a guard for 3 hits in fact it's not a guard for 3 hits it's a little bit more than that so what's really special about this skill is that Odin's three-guard hit will keep regenerating if it gets depleted so as you can see here when I cast the skill and then I come back over here I'm getting hit and the three-guard is dropping to to back up to three down to one back up to three and so it doesn't guard indefinitely but it almost guards indefinitely especially if I was attacking these mobs they wouldn't last very long because of Odin's damage is so insane and the the Refresh bubble is regenerative it keeps coming back so it's really really good for the whole time that it's on and it's an excellent skill for any kind of co-op modes especially world boss invasion you can carry shitty players with this bubble because it will also apply to them so even if they're faced tanking morons with crossbones or Hulk you can still save them from themselves by using that skill when it's off cooldown Odin's final two skills deal a lot of damage his first one has four star skill is basically the one star skill on steroids it deals two of those waves that Pierce again to infinity which is fantastic again great for clearing mobs great for dealing pierce damage to a lot of enemies and then his five star skill is probably the most useful he jumps up gives himself three seconds of immunity and then drops down as you can see those white slashes continue to slash even after Odin has stopped the animation so it leaves this like lingering damage effect it's kind of like a dot damage but it's much stronger than most damages and it looks super super cool so in all Auden has a three second immunity that he can trigger any time that he wants on his five star skill called Odin force he's also got the Asgardian barrier which guards for three hits every two seconds and that refreshes if it ever gets depleted for the duration of the skills effect which is fantastic and it also applies to your teammates which is fantastic super fantastic actually and then he's also got a couple of other notable things his Odin's decree four star passive is probably one of the best in the game it gives him a native 30% damage reduction to all damage received which is insane and it's part of the reason that Odin is probably the tank iasts character in the game if not the second tank he is character in the game behind Stannis when Thanos gets lucky with his mad Titan 4 star passive as well Odin most notably and most touted especially for PvP has the tier 2 passive where he increases his skill damage and bonus damages whatever but it's the canceled resist that he gets to try to make him kind of a Doctor Strange counter thank you for the dimension rift a Doctor Strange counter and Enchantress counter and stuff like that because he cannot be d buffed and he can't be like messed with in that way as well Odin's leadership gives a remove debuff similar to like Malekith and wasps leadership or tier two passives and then he's got an all resistance 30% boost which is really good if you're facing any elemental characters or just characters that deal different types of damage so all in all Odin because of his kit is extremely tanky very difficult to kill he can solo the story missions late in in the you know in the chapter and he can do very well in basically any mode you put him in let's take him for a quick spin in world boss it's kind of a joke now world boss is not very difficult but we're just going to put him with two junky characters that'll work and we're not gonna give him any strikers and we're just gonna see how he how he performs I don't think this is gonna last more than like a minute a minute and a half the only time that supergiant is going to be able to not take hits is when she gets that energy damaged immunity bubble so it's kind of redundant to cast the shield and then do the five star skill because I've got the guard and the immunity but as you can see even without any help even without an leadership that deals damage because Odin's leadership doesn't feel damaged Odin does massive hits all of his attacks have a high skill damage so they're going to do a ton of damaged even without the right boots so here she's gonna yeah be able to give us a little bit of a problem basically the only thing that's going to make this fight any difficult is the fact that Odin doesn't have any native healing on his character that's basically the only thing that Odin is missing whereas someone like dr. strange has healing with his uniform and Thanos has healing with his mad Titan passive the reason I keep comparing Odin to dr. strange at Thanos is because the cost of getting Odin is so high that he is often considered to be in that tier of you know God tier like double s tier whatever kind of rank you want to call it there we go we didn't even last a minute there no no energy leadership no damage leadership no strikers no team of bonuses or I think there was one team upon us actually Elektra and nebula have a pretty good team of bonus but other than that very very easy and super safe Odin is probably about as safe to play as someone like fan OHS with all of his iframes except instead of iframes Odin has damage immunity and agar a refreshable guard it's not as good for extreme alliance battle because iframes help you dodge the meteors but Odin is a universal hero so he immediately becomes the best character for the universal hero day people can clear Universal hero Xtreme Alliance battle day with Odin and get you know over 150,000 points I can comfortably get about 120 playing badly with a suboptimal obelisk but as you can see there's basically no mode where Odin is bad he's especially good as I mentioned in world boss invasion because he'll help you carry your shitty teammates with his Asgardian barrier that will protect them from themselves especially on the shared HP mode that frustrates the hell out of so many people finally let's look at odhh ins gears obelisks and is o preferred set up Odin's got some pretty good native stats here that make him quite tanky he doesn't have defense penetration but he does have skill cooldown HP all defense and all attack which is fantastic the main stats are just rolled as you would probably have guessed them with a mix here at the at the end to try to max out both skill cooldown and D penetration it's not very difficult to max out Odin's skill cooldown because he's got it native on a stand so you want to roll for an ISO eight set that's an attacking set that has defense penetration on it and not skill cooldown so you don't want to go for Hawkes I you want to go for overdrive or power of angry Hulk I don't think that Odin needs a healing ayah so set especially because you're losing that all attack buff which is going to be really helpful for those twenty seconds versus that one time he'll finally you have an obelisk and here's where you can get into the heels if you really suck at playing Odin I do right now so I do have a healing obelisk on him however I think the ideal for Odin would be a damage proc obelisk with defense penetration if your defense penetration is not capped or something like crit damage if it is maybe immune to guard break he doesn't get guard broken that often but he can especially on his five-star skill Odin force because it's got a bit of a wind-up and if you lose the damage from Odin force it's really going to hurt your scores especially in Extreme Alliance battle because that's killed us so much damage so you can think about doing that but for now I just have the healing obelisk to cover up Odin's basically his only weakness which is the fact that he can't heal himself if he gets injured like the other mega tear character's can so that's the obelisk setup for for Odin just considering how you play you know adjust your obelisk based on that overall I think that Odin is a lot better than he was originally touted I think that he has a lot of usefulness especially in Extreme Alliance battle especially in co-op modes if they start to introduce more difficult co-op modes or more mandatory co-op modes Odin's value is only going to increase because of his Asgardian barrier that skill is probably one of the best co-op skills in the game it's very similar to like wasps six star skill where you can help out the whole team by just dropping that bubble there and protecting everybody from damage so look out for Odin if the game becomes more co-op oriented and if it keeps going down the road of like world boss invasion and stuff like that but as well Odin is extremely good for PvP because he's super tanky the AI plays him well from everything that I Sene he's got multiple defensive skills the passive the cancel resists to counter dr. strange and so you see Odin a lot not here because this seems a fucking joke but you see Odin a lot in PvP modes where he's available you see him a lot in shadow lands king of the hill because he's just such an excellent character and although not many people have him I do still see him a lot in timeline battle in the vibranium League because he's just that good so overall I would say that while Odin falls short of Thanos and Doctor Strange he's comfortably behind them he's not very far away at all and I think if just a couple more game modes prioritize co-op over single-player things and if they don't require as much healing or as much survivability in that sense then Odin will probably take the cake or at least move into the second place comfortably he's almost tied with Thanos but I think Stano still has some more usefulness with his leadership and the iframes so we'll have to see how that plays out later on but contrary to what a lot of people believed about Odin being useless and not being a good investment for his cost I think that he is grant that you already have either Thanos or Doctor Strange I don't necessarily think you need to have both already because Thanos and Odin kind of do the same things except that Thanos doesn't really help for extreme Alliance battle day Odin does so having said that I think that once you get Doctor Strange it's kind of a toss-up on who you want granted you've already gotten people like Proxima and Corvis who are kind of mandatory Black Order characters to get because of their usefulness in the game so those are my thoughts on Odin that's the review let me know what you guys think let me know how you feel about this bearded giant and of course guys if you like what you see I hope to see you again tomorrow take care


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