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Discount: try raincheck rules 15PINNSAVE to get 15% off! Pinnacle Studio is a powerful videotape processor tool with commitment for HD and 3D formatting. Bundling a stunning collector of impact and outliner, the undelete makes it a wind to create films and stock them with your relatives and buddies.

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This initiative is something of a larger Studio relatives that also includes the Plus and Ultimate iterations, which are obviously more rich thing-wise. The basic iteration is aimed at novices and them consumers, while the other two iterations goal a narrower viewers constituted by professional films manufacturers.

All three iterations of Pinnacle Studio thing commitment for stereo 3D videotape and multi-layer formatting, although a wider, more generous blacklist of 3D impact and things are included in the Plus and Ultimate iterations.

With Pinnacle Studio, formatting films is turned into an interactive, someone-friendly and laugh perspective. Media what can be imported from local disk, as well as from virtually all modern gadgets, such as digital cams, camcorders, pills, smart handset, etc.

The money, in pictures, videotape or videotape way, can be organized and rated with the relief of the built-in Media Library. The SmartMovie, toghether with the SmartSlide thing reduce someone attempts to dragging the press what in that to automatically produce films.

The videos can be polished and enhanced with the relief of the built-in impact, which include sounds, things, flashback outliner, multi-layer HD or 3D impact, picture-in-picture, color pullback, deceleration filtration for shaky videotape, to name just a few.

Perhaps the most attractive thing of all is the 3D commitment. You can edit and create films in 3D way, with the likelihood to mix 3D videos with 2D videos in the same construction. Pinnacle Studio is able to export to metadata playback on a wide line of gadgets, including 3D HD Cbs establishes and Sony PS3. Findings can also be shared on Facebook, uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, so your buddies can enjoy the brands of your creativity.

In outcome, Pinnacle Studio is a wise and entertaining decision as far as the videotape formatting sector is concerned. Giving such a someone-friendly and accessible climate, beginners, as well as practitioners, can make the most of it.

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hey welcome Chris here from video maker and you're watching our review of Pinnacle Studio 19 ultimate now there are two main names when it comes to editing software Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple's Final Cut Pro now both of those are the most popular sure there are other options out there and they're quite great but those are the two most popular editing software's when it comes to talking about editing video so when you're thinking about it well should I buy those or what what do I need well it really depends on what you do if you do video editing for a living if you make money from your video editing you probably ought to buy one of those two editing software however if you're getting into it you don't have a need to be all that efficient when it comes to a video editing and you just want to have the tools you need to make a video you need to be able to bring in your video and you want to be able to handle lots of different types of video well Pinnacle Studio 19 is actually quite capable of doing just about anything you want the big thing about it is that well it's a little bit cheesy so let's start off with our experience now we should use Pinnacle Studio 19 ultimate and it can be bought for 130 bucks it's really a great value you can get a stripped down version Pinnacle Studio 19 for $60 so very affordable and not expensive at all we downloaded it and from download to install to opening the program and actually using it 30 minutes and we were ready to go and it was really easy really simple you want to make sure that the computer you're using is actually capable of running it so make sure to look at those specs so once we're using it what did we experience well we experienced that there are just so many cheesy effects and transitions in this software just loads I mean there's lots and lots of effects lots and lots of transitions lots of things you can do however a good majority of them are quite cheesy and so unless you know your if you're just playing around cheesy is fine but if you're trying to make something that looks really nice you can do that with Pinnacle Studio 19 altima twitch is what we reviewed but you're gonna have to go through all the different cheesy stuff and just look past them that's really the biggest thing about it so what's new about version 19 now we have a new audio ducking automatic audio ducking which is when you have a main piece of audio so like me talking right now and you want to make the music below quiet while I'm talking well you're gonna need to duck your audio below that audio the voice over there so this will actually analyze and automatically duck your audio now when we tested it for actually writing the review and we had no problem it was really easy you just pretty much choose audio ducking you choose how low you want the audio to be and bam it did it for you no big deal very easy very simple now when we actually went back to capture the video the actual screen grabs for us to show you right now well we didn't have the same experience we press audio automatic audio ducking we did it and it needed adjustment it wasn't perfect we had to go in and move the ducking point so that it actually followed what we wanted to do so one little more step and it makes it so you can go in there but it's definitely better than manually doing it from the start so that is a good option it's not necessarily the strongest but it works nonetheless next is multicam mode now multicam mode means you can have a bunch of cameras running all at the same time and what it'll do is actually you can bring those pieces of video in and you can then sync them so it'll sync it via the audio if you want you can actually sync it via markers if you want as well we did it with the audio and it did a great job within a few frames we made some slight adjustments to really make sure that they're lined up and then you just pretty much play the video and you choose which camera you want to cut to at any given time and then when you're done when you're done with that this little segment or whatever you're doing you press ok and it brings in and it makes it a piece of video that you can now bring into your timeline you can bring it into your sequence and do whatever you want with it it was really easy to use and was really a great little option now we would have liked it if it would have been a couple more steps less so if we were able to just you know actually maybe do it in the timeline and just maybe do some kind of sub composition or what have you but those are types of options you're gonna find in Final Cut Pro and in Premiere CC so really at this cost we're not going to think it's actually going to keep up with those options we just have done it with other software that does it a little bit better but this does it just fine it's just a few more steps so really what's its value in the marketplace and who's this for so this is for non professionals if you are making money from your video it's probably not the software you should consider however if you're a novelist you're getting into video editing you want to cut your teeth and get into it maybe you're doing family memories or just fun little silly videos on your own well the effects that are cheesy they don't matter I mean go ahead and use them it might be fun for you it you know it's about the ease and experience and how fun it is to do it it's not gonna be necessarily about the final product so eat your heart out have as much fun with you wanna but if you want to get those professional touches on there Mike nice titles and some good transitions and do those kind of things they are there they are available but they're not necessarily as efficient and easy to use as say Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro so that's kind of the thing you need to weigh out if you are there choosing between those two but really if you're thinking about premiere and you're thinking about leasing it and paying the money a monthly to do it and you can afford that it's probably what you should do but if you're not making money from it it's probably hard to justify and then buying Final Cut Pro 10 for almost twice as much money as ultimate here well you probably better get twice up I'm not a use for it and you might not actually get that so last but not least what's our recommendation it's a great value if you are in the who this is for list if you are in that list absolutely this is the software for you it's it's not hard to use it's not hard to install there's lots and lots of things to do with it you can do just about any kind of video editing you want with it it just might not do it as easily as efficiently and more as robustly as the other softwares from Adobe and Apple so there's our review of Pinnacle Studio 19 ultimate if you'd like to buy Pinnacle Studio 18 ultimate and help support us make videos like these there's a link in the description go ahead and click it you can buy it as well there's gonna be Adobe Premiere Pro CC link and a link for Final Cut Pro 10 as well as always like share and comment we want to know what you think if you like this shirt well there's a link for that as well you can buy it as well I'm Chris from video maker and until next time keep doing the hard work that you do well bye


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