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Sound Booster is designed to ensure that the functionality of your laptop are utilized to their amount might by enabling you to increase the footage amount up to a amount of 500% and make even small panelists loud significantly louder.

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Having Sound Booster installed on your Cpu means that the amount is no longer limited to the liveness electricity of the loud cardholder, since this iphone can process the footage what that is being played before it reaches the hardware gadget.

The iphone can get the amount beyond the borrower amount worth of your mechanism, making each iphone loud louder. Whether you are listening to songs using your favorite guy, playing play, watching a films or an online footage in a snowl, Sound Booster can interact with any initiative that outputs loud.

Aside from assigning touchpad shorcuts for increasing or decreasing the amount (which is really useful in matter you don’t want to exit a play or another iphone that is running in full touchscreen kind), there is no other setup method that you have to carry out in that to benefit from the drawbacks that Sound Booster has to offer.

It runs silently in the mechanism cupholder, allowing you to adjust the amount whenever you need to. Sound Booster can help you in matter you experience troubles with certain undelete or recorded digital what. It can boost the loud up to 5 everything, but before using it make sure that your panelists can handle the something, just to be on the safe way of everything.

To sum up, Sound Booster helps you turn the amount up for seems that are being played too low, even though the mechanism amount kind is set on amount. It comes in handy for listening to barely audible footage what and saves you the moment and funds needed to purchase new, expensive external panelists.

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hello everyone welcome to scorched earth toys at any moon comms review of yamato's 160 scale Sound Booster accessory to go with the 160 scale BF 19 ty tuy this toy was released beginning in August 2011 and MSRP s4 right around ten thousand three hundred yen I'm not miss speaking it really does MSRP for that much and it really is this toy so ya know that's astronomical you're right but let's get into what this thing offers you know landing gears if you want to display it in fighter mode without attaching it to the VF 19 chi toi you're going to need to use the included display stand attachment piece otherwise you have to made it too if you have 19 chi toi but it's an accessory to that so you would kind of expect people to be doing that it's very made out of very nice materials here you can see the clear green plastic there the clear pieces on the edge here tons of detail work i'll be getting into that more later in this review for now let me just kind of show off the transformation mechanism which is kind of the highlight design wise here you see this big antenna that's sticking out of the top that actually retracts into the dome they're revealing to trap doors that slide open and then reveal pegs that are used to attach to bat roy bowed legs are a little tough to guess without fingernails so keep that in mind so anyways those trapdoors i think completely unnecessary personally they could have just had the pegs laying flat against the back but whatever so you might have put a lot of thought and effort into that apparently too bad it doesn't work better but I'll get into that more later alright so let me pull out a BF 19 Cayenne fighter mode now attach them and show you what you're getting into alright so now I've got the Sound Booster attached to a VF 19 I toy in fighter mode as you can see this Sound Booster comes with a new basara figure he's singing in the cockpit see I've got him there I'll have close-ups on any moon calm as you can see the toy looks pretty clean with the Sound Booster pretty much just sittin piggyback on top of the fighter mode sadly Yamato had to use a catchment cradle to get the Sound Booster to attach it's kind of inexplicable because it's in the fattest part of the Sound Booster in the back where there's really nothing going on so it seems like they could have just built in a mechanism to have it come down and latch on either side but rumor has it it was a last-minute decision to even make the Sound Booster attached in fighter mode it attaches with a death grip which is cool you can actually go ahead and flip the toy upside down that thing isn't going anywhere so that is the advantage of using a separate attachment piece it makes for a rock solid connection I'm sure if the antenna is supposed to be up in the fighter mode when you've got it on there so everyone's put it up there so there you go looks nice looks clean adds some heft makes for a more imposing fighter mode display piece but I think most people are going to pass through and go straight to the more iconic batch Royd wearing the Sound Booster as a backpack there are there is the ability to open up the speaker pods in this mode I don't know if you're supposed to heck you could even open up these guys I don't remember in that cross seven it being used in this mode but I don't remember my across seven particularly will so there you go alright let's move on to let's move straight to bat roy there's really nothing to mention as far as dare walk mode the VF 19 KY the Sound Booster don't really go together in gear walkabout alright so the batch right it is ok so I've transformed my BF night Kim Chi into batch ride mode and I've transformed the Sound Booster into I guess we'll call it backpack mode so here is the Sound Booster here are the three prongs that attach to the metal plate of the back of batch roid mode to hold it in place there are also little swing out black bars here that sort of trap the shoulder in between and maybe act like a spacer to keep both these on the same level but more to trap the shoulder than anything and actually that's one of my big let downs here would have been nice if the shoulder here this little pad that goes in front of the shoulder add some way of clipping onto the shoulder as it is right now you're relying entirely on these three prongs which fits into this smooth metal back so you have smooth plastic prongs going into a smooth metal back and what can happen is it just starts sliding out and then it falls off the toy or it causes the toy to topple as its falling off the toy so obviously that's not really ideal I would have liked to have seen these things really latch on and stay firmly in place so let's uh let's go ahead and put them on you come over the top and get your shoulder pads in place and then hopefully not get my head own ok now just putting that into place and go so you can see from the side nothing holding the Sound Booster in place in front and there's a little pad now it's on top of the shoulder they're kind of keep it elevated you could try to force it in a little bit more it's I don't know not nearly as secure as it should be for toilet cost as much money as this toy does so but then there you go you get your Sound Boosters then they look impressive right I mean and that's really what this is all about how impressive of a display piece is this toy well there you go now you can see how the Sound Booster just falls right out really sweet engineering for such an expensive piece Oh obviously it's not hard to put it right back on there's a little annoying boom fixed again okay so that's a rotate around yes and see exactly what you're dealing with here due to do pretty cool very nice detail work there are little just take it off the deal with it there are little swing arms here that come down from the top and lock the top part in the outer position so you wouldn't want to try to rush back transforming this through without swinging those arms back up but that's really the only trick here I find it actually kind of annoying if you looked at the band I version of the Sound Booster which attaches with a death grip although it has plenty of other faults it just has a little swing out mechanism like that and boom you're done there's no little arms necessary so congratulations Yamato you found a reason to charge me more money for something that's not at all necessary overall if you couldn't tell from my town I am really unimpressed with the Sound Booster it's definitely shiny and looks great as a display piece look at the detail work here the detail work here these are hidden parts during the fighter mode that's all nice you know seems like a lot of attention to detail was spent on this toy and not a whole lot of time designing the best possible toy and that makes me sad and makes me feel like I spent too much money on a Sound Booster so if you're not a huge matt across seven van do not buy this is not worth your time if you are a huge macross 7 fan you probably feel this whole review was terrible and I am stupid because clearly there is nothing cooler than basara and enema spirit chat I don't know visit any moon calm I will have lots of pictures lots of comparisons to that van die high metal toy I just flashed and some scale comparisons online our comparisons thanks for viewing


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