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When in need of a professional DJ software, one recommendation is Traktor, a powerful solution for both novice and advanced users. Traktor’s engine enables DJs to mix and combine tracks while allowing for live performances in a comfortable, stress-free manner.

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With an easy installation process, Traktor deploys itself silently on your computer and in a decent amount of time. When launching the application, a Setup Wizard prompts users to make the necessary accommodations. This first step lets you configure basic audio and MIDI settings and resets all the other preferences to their default values.

Traktor’s interface has a professional, elegant look, with all the features accessible from the main window. Professional DJs should not find it hard to learn how to use it, although beginners could spend quite an amount of time untangling its features and behavior. The rich documentation section provides extended help manuals to ease the process of understanding the software usage.

Traktor boasts a friendly environment, with stylish multi-color pads and TruWave colored waveforms to ensure a stimulating visual experience. It comes with a maximum of 4 playback decks, up to 32 effects to give your mixes a personal touch, a four channel mixer and sample decks for live remixing.

Traktor also includes a wide set of original loops and sounds: drum, bass, percussion, house, techno or trance to name a few. It also allows users to grab loops from the currently playing track and save it in a special library, while the Loop Recorder enables to record live loops from single or multiple channels.

Traktor makes the DJ experience worthwhile, by encasing the powerful engine that any professional turntablist needs to create original content. The intuitive interface, together with the state-of-the art mixing technology provides all the means that DJs needs to spin.

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welcome DJ tech tools and golden back for a rare video and lately I've been playing a lot of mobile gigs or small gigs where I don't want to bring my full Club setup and switching back and forth between a lot of different controllers wondering what is the best all-in-one controller for Traktor the S to the s4 the s5 or the s8 in this video I'll tell you in my opinion what is the best of the bunch and the pros and cons and values of each first we have the s4 this was the very very first controller brought out by Native Instruments full disclosure I was also heavily involved in the design for this controller but I promise you I'll give you honest review will it be my favorite I don't know might be surprised after wait till the end of the video to find out the s4 is a great controller for anyone that requires jog wheels and full tempo range faders it's great for that some of the pros some of the things that you will really like about this are the full-length fur traders they're very silky smooth that they work great and these jog wheels which are amazing for pitch bending seeking not so great for scratching and of course a lot of fun before a sex trick just mirrors it a little cold in here now other pros for the s4 it's the most affordable four channel controller out there at only $4.99 it's the only one with dedicated loop recorder controls and it stood the test of time even after five years this controller is still one of the best selling if not the best selling all-in-one tracker controller on the market some of the cons of the s4 first of all it requires a dedicated power supply if you want to have full illumination on your controller and full volume out of the headphones speaking of which that's the other downside of the s4 controller the headphone volume is a bit low so if you're in a bar or you playing at home you're not going to care but if you're at a club a lot of bigger DJ's and myself included have experienced that the headphone volume on this particular sound card which is also in the s2 a little quiet they're going to have a hard time hearing yourself over big speakers all around bottom line this controller is the only choice for anyone that needs all four faders and jog wheels for scratching and temple range if you're playing sort of open format or hip-hop style mixing in Traktor this is probably your best choice by far next and I brought out the s2 which was sort of a simpler more condensed version of the ideas in the s4 they took away two channels stripped out some of the screens from the extra displays a lot of additional features made it very very simple smaller and a lot more affordable through the pros of the s2 it's the most affordable of the group at only $2.99 I've seen these things on eBay for as little as 200 bucks it's the most portable it's very compact very light and it works really well with just a US base you don't need to bring a power supply just a single USB connected your computer it'll also run off an iPad or iPod ok the cons of the s2 like the s4 the headphone jacks are a little bit quiet they're also in the front which in the end I didn't like as much I originally thought this is a good idea didn't turn out to be so bright headphone volumes are a little bit low the loop displays are missing really miss those on the s4 you have loop displays that tell you the length of the loop that's activated kind of a bummer not to have those when you're DJing live while you can turn up the levels on deck C and D using the center knob it's not terribly useful so if you're really playing with more than two decks the s2 starts to fall down at that point bottom line if you're on a budget and you're only mixing two decks or just getting started with tractor I think the s2 is an amazing amazing controller for beginners because it's affordable portable and really easy to use and understand a couple years later after the s2 and I brought out the big boy the essay which can double as your chest press or shoulder press if you want lots of value for your money all joking aside it is pretty heavy and it is pretty big the s8 is the granddaddy of all the controllers it gives you every feature in Traktor on a control surface sort of the Cadillac model you've got your faders for stem decks you've got your tractor scratch remote you've got dedicated filters you've got replaceable faders everything you want but all those features come at a price it's bigger it's heavier and it's the most expensive of the bunch at $1,200 this was also Native Instruments first major redesign it was kind of almost a hiccup in the design process the s8 departed radically from the s2 and s8 for example moving brows and loop up away from their original positions and now over here it also associated loop with the display rather than dedicated loop numbers little things like that where they kind of changed the fundamental workflows of the controller and in my opinion not totally for the better so what are the pros of the s8 first of all these two big giant screens are great for stem and remix tech control you have a lot of visibility a lot of customizability they look great and they give you a lot of insight into what's happening in your mix right next to your mixer which is phenomenal that kind of integration I don't have to go over here to the computer to figure out what's going on I can stay right here at the controller the sound card was the first big step up in the s8 and the s5 we got a new sound card from the s2 and s4 roughly the same quality but much louder outputs on the headphones and better output options on the back of the controllers including balanced XLR outputs you've got full eight faders for all stems this is when stem decks were launched and if you've got a stem deck running on this deck you have dedicated filter and fader controls for each part of that song which I personally found to be absolutely critical if you really want to use that technology to its full benefit what are the cons of the s8 there's a few obviously it's big heavy expensive and the design breaks many of the workflows that I came to love and I think many of you did as well with the s2 and the s4 also too large for your average backpack or even a dedicated bag it's quite large for just thrown on your back it is great as a Cadillac model to leave in the home if you want controls for everything and that's what this controller is great for if you're an avid tracker user and you've got stems you've got remix decks you're rockin all four decks fading baselines out fading vocals out this honestly is the only option for you if you're really using stems this is the controller for you you can see what's happening you have dedicated controls for those stems and you have dedicated controls for every other feature and tractor right underneath your fingertips finally we have the control s5 in which and I seem to take all the knowledge from the previous three controllers and integrate it into one clean but pretty robust controller very similar to the s4 in fact it's the exact same size and format you've got four decks and two switchable decks on the side what they learn from the s8 was to put the good sound cards in there and managed to get the screens in as well but at a more affordable price what I really like is that they brought some of the workflow stuff back from the s4 that seemed to be working really well for example dedicated brows knob and loop right above all your functions with a dedicated loop display really really liked those they also left the cue mix and the cue volume knobs on top of the controller and managed to keep the interface and the overall design really clean and really simple similar to the s2 the pros of the s5 are dedicated filtered knobs and buttons on each deck now cleared headphones XLR outputs dedicated brows knobs on each side and moving the cue mix and cue volume on top of the controller instead of the front these are all as compared to the s4 because those are the two controllers you're probably comparing with each other the cons of course are no clear way to adjust tempo per track you only have this master tempo knob which works fine but really is based off the sync model which is more appropriate for electronic DJing then say the open format hip-hop style if you're playing that style of music you're probably going to miss the dedicated pitch faders that are on the s4 and you're certainly going to miss the jog wheels the stem control although present honestly is not that great you just really need those dedicated filters and faders to truly be able to use stems because you want to be able to drop in or out each of the elements in the song at will without going through different menus and fiddling with some of these knobs not super practical for stem use but for electronic for decks Mick the s5 is perfect so who's this one good for foredeck electronic deejays that are mostly using sync are going to love it it's got everything you need full visibility into each deck all the basic essential controls you need and for full channels of mixing including gain EQ and filter all in a nice very cleanly labeled and cleanly spaced mixer without a lot of clutter if you don't need jog wheels it's got everything you need basically it gets you the stuff you want four decks full mixing all the bells and whistles but without the price of the s8 this thing comes in at $6.99 on average give or take depending on sales currently going on all right so wrap up who's the winner what's the best all-in-one DJ controller for tractor by Native Instruments there's four options there can only be one winner first of all of course this is my opinion this is my experience and I do have a lot of experience I've been taking a lot of these controllers all four of them out to different gigs trying the s4 China yes to China s5 trying the s8 and really got a good sense of which one was truly practical for being my go-to controller for mobile gigs like my yoga stuff little bars or maybe a friend's house party you know for the bigger stuff if I go to a club full disclosure I'm still using a traditional mixer with a pair of ex ones next to it but if I just want to grab something go and play a simple set my go-to controller without a doubt is the s5 again it takes everything is it and I seem to learn from all the previous controllers and puts it into one simple cleaning interface the big things for me here are the dedicated filter on/off switches in a club it's really big you don't know if the filters slightly off slightly down you might end up losing half of your low-end and not even realizing it also having the Q volume and Q mix on top really made it practical for live mixing use especially if you're mixing in headphones which I often do the outputs being XLR and the headphones being loud finally made this thing actually usable in a slightly larger venue I wouldn't take it to a huge club but if I really need to hear myself those two are required for it being practical in that context I do miss the jog wheels and the tempo faders I got to be honest with you but I'm willing to give those up in exchange for the screens the bigger dedicated cue buttons and all the new features that are on this controller in which case I think s5 is the best balance of new features and old workflow at a decent price thanks for watching I hope you found this video helpful if you did please subscribe like it share with your friends or just use the information to get yourself the right controller for you all of these will work they're all great controllers that work for different contexts we hope that you'll support DJ tech tools with your dollars should you decide to buy any of them in our store which is dedicated to four and only about digital DJ @ DJ tech tools


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