Microsoft Edge will help you save even more money this shopping season

Microsoft has announced an upgrade for its web browser Edge that could help users identify the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The company has formed a new partnership with ecommerce platform Shopify, which will see millions more listings added to the database that serves the Microsoft Edge shopping tab.

According to a Microsoft blog post, the Edge shopping tab will now offer “more diverse products, better prices, and improved discovery of deals”. And on the other side of the equation, the 1.7 million Shopify sellers will enjoy a greater level of visibility for their products.

The integration will also benefit shoppers using the Microsoft Bing search engine and the company’s personalized news feed service, Microsoft Start.

Shopping on Microsoft Edge

The timing of the new Microsoft-Shopify partnership is no coincidence, with many shoppers looking to make purchases sooner rather than later to ensure supply chain disruption doesn’t leave them empty handed ahead of the holiday season.

With Black Friday now less than a month away, it’s also likely that retailers (and Shopify sellers) will begin to think about releasing a handful of early deals, which Edge should be better equipped to identify.

The deeper range of shopping listings also synergizes nicely with the Edge coupon feature, released earlier this year, that highlights any active discount codes for the current site in the URL bar.

In the blog post, Microsoft also hinted at future upgrades for Edge and its other web-based services, in a similar vein.

“This new integration of Shopify in Microsoft’s web experiences is just the beginning of some great new shopping enhancements we will be rolling out to provide thoughtful, convenient, and more secure experiences for shoppers,” explained the firm.

“We are excited to create new and meaningful connections between shops and shoppers for this season and beyond.”

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