Apple significantly expanding its Creative Studios initiative - but you won't find the same classes everywhere

Apple is expanding its Today at Apple Creative Studios initiative, offering opportunities to underrepresented communities around the globe. The continuation of the project, which the company announced on Tuesday, marks its second year and it's coming to a variety of new cities around the world.

Today at Apple Creative Studios is returning to Chicago, Washington DC, New York, London, Paris, Beijing, and Bangkok. In addition, the program is coming to Nashville, Miami, Berlin, Milan, Taipei, Tokyo, and Sydney. The aim of the program is to foster creative education for those who may struggle to seek it at college or university.

Various classes are being pushed by Apple here, but not all of them will be available in every location. For example, an app design program will only be hosted at Apple Store branches in New York. Meanwhile, Art and Design courses will only run in Milan and Taipei.

The program is completely free to attend, but budding participants must first register their interest on the official Today at Apple website (opens in new tab).

The full list of courses offered by Today at Apple Creative Studios – and their designated locations – are as follows:

An Apple a day

In partnership with mentors from over 30 non-profit organizations, participants who attend the sessions will receive hands-on training, education, and guidance on the projects they'll be working on in each respective program.

Last year, the Today at Apple Creative Studios program could be considered a modest success, with, according to Apple, "over 400 young people" participating across the globe. One would hope that by doubling the number of represented cities, the tech giant can attract a greater number of creative minds to its initiative.

If Apple's creative program piques your interest, then you may want to get involved. Last year's projects were showcased across Apple's various media platforms, including Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Books.

While we do wish all five courses were being featured worldwide (after all, multiple Apple Stores exist in each of the represented regions), it's still a well-intentioned initiative that might kickstart the careers of future creative talents. Or at the very least, give them the spark or experience they need to get started on that path.

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