Google Meet really wants to stream all your videos, games and more

An upcoming update will see Google Meet roll out a new feature enabling users to stream and share any of their video content across the web.

The tool brings "live sharing" integrations with platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, and mobile games like UNO! Mobile.

This means you'll be able to stream YouTube videos with your friends on Google Meet or play a variety of mobile games, while still continuing the interaction, similar to the functionality of Apple SharePlay.

How can I use the feature?

Users can enable the new streaming feature by heading to the newly introduced "Activities" tab.

Users can then kick off the shared experience by clicking the appropriate icon, for example, Spotify.

This upgrade will take place throughout August 2022 across mobile and tablet devices, and will come later for other devices.

Some of the integrations are limited, however, for example, the Spotify integration is only available for premium users.

What else is on the cards?

The news comes as the search giant is fully merging Google Meet with its more consumer-focused offering Duo, first released in 2016.

However the merger won't just be leading to more social features, as Google is also rolling out additional meeting features that will let you start an instant video call with your entire study group or connect with your colleagues at a recurring scheduled time.

Before you join a meeting, you’ll be able to change your background or apply visual effects, and during the meeting, users will also be able to use in-meeting chat and captions for more ways to participate.

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