Box wants to make sure you really can work securely from anywhere

Box has unveiled a host of upgraded tools that it says will help boost productivity for remote workers across the globe.

At its BoxWorks 2022 event, the company revealed an all-new version of its Box Notes tool, allowing for real-time online collaboration and project management, no matter where everyone on your team is.

The cloud storage provider also revealed Canvas, a new beta tool for visual collaboration and whiteboarding, and Content Insights, a new analytics platform to track how content is accessed and consumed.

Box Notes and Canvas

First introduced in 2017, Box Notes has been given a significant overhaul, with the company saying an all-new technology engine makes it faster and more reliable than ever before when creating project plans, tracking recruitment progress, or even developing and reviewing code.

Going forward, Box Notes will include table of contents and divider lines to simplify content organization and navigation, call out boxes and enhanced typographical formatting for better content highlighting, code blocks for more technical use cases, in-line cursors so users can see edits in real-time, and enhanced table and image capabilities via a supposedly more intuitive interface allowing users to structure, format, and add content more easily.

Available now across web browser and mobile, Box Notes will also offer improved security and control capabilities, including granular permissions and access stats to make sure your business data remains safe.

Elsewhere, the company revealed more details on Box Canvas, which looks to offer improved visual collaboration from the initial whiteboarding stage right through to release.

Finally, expansions to Box Content Insights will let users get a clearer picture of content performance, making it easier to see which pieces are being accessed and interacted with the most, whether that be managers checking new procedures are being followed, or customers seeing which sales prospects have actually opened their proposal emails.

Box says that the new and improved tools will all be available at no extra cost to customers, a particular boon in the current economic turmoil.

“The current macroeconomic environment is forcing businesses worldwide to think about how they can do more with what they already have,” said Diego Dugatkin, Chief Product Officer at Box.

"That’s why we are adding more capabilities to the Box platform that meet today’s hybrid work demands. Building off of today’s announcements, customers can continue to expect new innovation from Box that helps to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT stack, while keeping their information secure."

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