How to remove unwanted apps using BCUninstaller

Uninstalling software from Windows can be a pain, but it’s much easier once you know how to remove unwanted apps using BCUninstaller. This powerful app is great for newbies and power users alike, and gives you comprehensive controls for removing almost any app or process you want from Microsoft’s operating system.

As well as that, it can penetrate the murky depths of Windows 11 and uncover leftover remnants from previous uninstallations – files that weren’t properly purged, registry keys that can be removed, and much more. It’s that kind of thoroughness that you won’t get with the basic remover found inside Windows’ Settings app.

It does all this without charging a penny, as it is completely free to use from start to finish. Considering everything it can do, that’s great news for Windows users.

So, whether you’re sick of losing space to unfinished uninstallations or just want a better way to remove unnecessary apps from your PC, BCUninstaller is the way to go. Here’s how you use it.

Tools and requirements

Quick steps

Step by step guide

In the lower-right corner is a legend showing you what each color means.

If an app is missing an uninstaller (or its uninstaller has become corrupted), it will be shown in gray. This often prevents affected apps from being uninstalled in the normal way, but BCUninstaller can still remove them.

A red highlight means the app still has remnants on your drive, even after being uninstalled. BCUninstaller can remove these if you like.

If any apps that you want to remove are open, BCUninstaller will prompt you to close them. After that, you’ll see a suggestion to create a restore point, as well as some settings that will be applied to the application process. You can prevent your PC from shutting down or restarting during the process, for example, or have BCUninstaller kill quiet uninstallers that have become stuck.

Once everything looks good, click Continue, then Begin Uninstallation.

Final thoughts

BCUninstaller can look intimidating, but most of its advanced features can be ignored if you’re not a power user. If you simply want to remove some apps in a more thorough way than Windows’ own Settings app, it does a great job. Just be sure not to remove something if you don’t know exactly what it is or does.

If you are a power user, then you’ll find a ton of handy extras contained within BCUninstaller. From filtering options and registry entry removers to deep access to leftovers and remnants from previous uninstallations, there is a lot here that can help clean up your PC and free up valuable space.

Either way, you’re likely to get much better results than if you stick to the default Windows app remover. Considering BCUninstaller is completely free, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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