How to use Nvidia Broadcast to perfect your stream and videos

Once you know how to use Nvidia Broadcast to perfect your stream and videos, you’ll notice a clear improvement in your output, whether you’re hopping on a quick Zoom call or streaming games using OBS.

Nvidia Broadcast comes with a range of effects to improve your microphone, speakers and webcam, giving you noise cancellation, background blurring, auto-centering, and more effects all driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Best of all, this app is completely free and very simple to use. Unlike some apps that cram as many tools and features in as possible, Nvidia Broadcast focuses on the essentials, putting key effects within easy reach. It’s not a full-fledged video-editing suite, but if you just want some lightweight effects that instantly perk up your video and audio, it’s just the ticket.

Here, we’ll show you how to set up and use Nvidia Broadcast, including how to integrate it into other apps. Whether you’re video-conferencing, streaming, or something else, you’ll notice the improvement right away.

Tools and requirements

Quick steps

Step by step guide

In this example, we’re going to choose Noise removal. Click the toggle next to this option to enable it (simply picking an option from the menu doesn’t enable it without this toggle being switched on). Below this is a bar that lets you adjust the effect’s strength. Move it to your desired position. When you’re happy with the effect, click Add effect.

You can now add subsequent effects in the same way.

On the right-hand side, you can test your microphone with the effects applied to see how much difference they make.

If you want to get rid of an added effect, choose Remove this effect from the dropdown menu and it will be deleted automatically.

There are also a couple of beta features, which might be a little more unstable. These include a noise removal tool and one that simulates eye contact by making it appear you are looking directly into the camera, even when you are not.

As with the previous tabs, make sure you enable the toggle next to each effect you want to add, then click Add effect.

On the righthand side of the Camera tab is a live feed from your webcam. Beneath this, click the rotation button to flip your video horizontally, or click the camera icon to capture an image from the feed.

Final thoughts

Nvidia Broadcast is a simple, no-frills app that is very easy to use and tweak. Despite its unassuming appearance, though, it is full of handy tools that can quickly tune up your audio and video. It’s an ideal companion for both video-calling apps and streaming programs.

Of course, it’s not much use if you have an older Nvidia graphics card or one made by a different manufacturer. In that case, you might want to try one of the best video-conferencing apps or one of the best free streaming apps instead.

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