How to use Facebook Messenger on desktop

Facebook Messenger is often associated with keeping in touch with friends and family while on the move, but it need not be limited to your phone. Being able to chat using your handset is definitely useful, but Messenger can also be used on your desktop computer or laptop. In fact, there are various ways in which you can access this ubiquitous chat tool.

Perhaps the most obvious method is to simply use the Facebook website where you'll find that Messenger chats can be accessed in the sidebar to the right. You may not be aware that there is also a dedicated Facebook Messenger website. Finally, you may prefer to install the Messenger app – and it's available for both Windows and macOS.

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The fact that it is possible to access Facebook Messenger on the desktop as well as mobile devices means that it's easy to keep in touch and keep the conversation flowing no matter if you're out and about, at home, or in the office. Chats are synchronized, so you'll not miss anything when you move from one device to another.

Facebook Messenger may be thought of primarily as a mobile app, but moving to the desktop does not mean making compromises or missing out on features. In some ways, chatting on the desktop version of Messenger will be better for many people, as it allows for the use of a full-sized keyboard. What are you waiting for? Jump in and try it out!

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