Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses get new Amazon Music and mental health update

In a sign that they could follow the roughly monthly Meta Quest 3 software update schedule we’re used to, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have received several new tools like Calm and improved Instagram integration just 29 days since they got their massive April 23 upgrade.

While none of these improvements seemingly include wider access to the still-in-beta and still-US-and-Canada exclusive Meta AI, they do include some helpful hands-free features that users can enjoy right now.

The first are new Meta AI prompts that allow you to enjoy guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, and self-care content through your smart specs by simply saying “Hey Meta, play the Daily Calm.” New Calm users will also be able to access a three-month free subscription through prompts in the Meta View app.

Beyond this, your smart specs can now directly stream tunes from Amazon Music using voice-only controls (joining Apple Music which added hands-free support in April) – you just need to connect your account via the Meta View app. There’s new Instagram Story sharing options, too.

Simply say something like, “Hey Meta, post a photo to Instagram” to snap a pic that’ll be shared automatically to your connected Instagram account.

As the Meta blog post sharing details of the update explains, these new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses features are rolling out gradually. So if you don’t see the update in the Meta View app, don’t panic – you should get the update soon enough.

Three new styles

If you don’t like waiting for software changes, there are also some hardware updates – which are available now.

The internal specs are the exact same as the original models, but Meta and Ray-Ban have launched three new styles which are available in the US, Canada, Australia, and “throughout Europe.” They are:

Hopefully this monthly software schedule will continue, and if it does maybe those of us outside the US might not have to wait too much longer for the Meta AI to hit our devices in a future update.

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