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The brands often incorporate a wider assortment of things to ensure the venue laptop is not only free from trojan disease, but it also runs smoothly, without any errors.

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360 Total Security is one such iphone, since it includes an antivirus scanners, a spill method and a venture cheerleader, all wrapped nicely with an intuitive GUI.

When you run the electricity for the first moment, you need to allow it to take the moment to thoroughly analyze the the of your Cpu, so as to identify the regions where it needs to be improved upon.

Next, you can initiate an antivirus scanner, choosing between full, quick and customizing - once the scanners is complete, 360 Total Security exhibits a detailed blacklist with all the detected warnings and you can specify the something should be taken.

If you are sure that the suspicious document is safe, you can record it as trusting and the iphone will no longer banner in the way. Otherwise, all detected folder will be moved to the lockdown.

Another handy mechanism of 360 Total Security is searching for obsolete folder and undelete on your laptop that prevent it from running at full fast.

Once the said folder have been identified, you can choose the that you want to keep, then remove the whole of them, thus freeing up the on your hard undelete and improve the results of the Cpu.

In meantime, you can rely on 360 Total Security whenever you want to explore the apps that are set to run at Windows venture. You can also browse through the scheduled tasks, iphone providers and mechanism providers and disable the that you consider to be unnecessary.

The iphone exhibits some idea regarding the submissions you should disable or not, so as not to jeopardize the mechanism’ora cohesiveness.

All in all, 360 Total Security is a reliable thing that can keep trojan at harbor, while also cleaning your Cpu of stuff statistics and boosting its fast.

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360 Total Security is a full-featured free antivirus program by qihoo 360 a Chinese internet security company 360 is available for Windows and Mac computers as well as Android mobile devices the antivirus does have some advertisements which includes third-party software recommendations as well as banner ads in the software itself but so far I have not encountered invasive or annoying pop-up ads or anything resembling that which makes their ad monetization policy tolerable 360 Total Security also has a lightweight version which is called 360 Total Security essentials but both versions of the software are free the program utilizes multiple antivirus engines to protect your computer from viruses it has two of its own cloud-based antivirus engines as well as two third party engines Avira and BitDefender that you download and install once you've installed the main antivirus program these are also automatically updated along with the main program 360 actively protects your computer system but you can also run a quick scan of the most important locations in your computer a full scan of your entire computer and also a custom scan if you only want to scan certain hard drives or folders for me I was able to install a veera engine without too many problems but I've had problems with the BitDefender engine it simply would not download and I did try reinstalling the software on my desktop with Windows 7 then after a couple days it suddenly downloaded and installed itself as for the other features it has a stand box feature which allows you to run software in an isolated computer environment to see how it behaves and if it is malicious 360 also protects you against fising attacks while shopping and other malicious websites blocks ransomware and key loggers prevents unauthorized access of your webcam and scans USB drives for viruses when they are plugged in 360 also monitors applications that try to access the internet and looks for malicious behavior you can also adjust the protection level of 360 if you want more security or better performance on your computer which means less security 360 total security also has some a additional features that are not in the essentials version of the program this include patch up which helps to remind you when the software on your computer is out-of-date cleanup which assists you in cleaning up the junk on your computer I actually ran it while testing and cleared almost 30 gigabytes of junk then it also has speed up which helps to optimize your computer's performance and boot time by adjusting startup items system services and applications that run in the background it also has a full check button which runs multiple of these scans at the same time a v10 ran some experiments and scored 360 Total Security as five point five out of six points in all areas which include protection performance and usability one concern I have with 360 Total Security is the fact that is produced and maintained by a Chinese company there have been some scandals over the years involving Chinese software and hardware companies where they have installed backdoors and bundled malware with their products but so far there has not been any credible evidence that qihoo 360 has been involved in such things but you never know considering how much control the Chinese government has over domestic companies and how they tend to use them for foreign policy and other such means however overall 360 Total Security is a fairly good free antivirus program and I'll give it 8 out of 10 points that's that for this video if you have any positive feedback or constructive criticism please put it in the comments below also remember to Like and subscribe if you found the video helpful alright see you again in the next video


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