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Adobe Captivate is an authoring method developed to create and maintain salaam-learning construction, including classes, undelete protests and moot, as well as lectures and trivia.

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It started off as a simple touchscreen tape app called Flashcam back in the time, which gradually evolved into a professional design for interactive what. Creating salaam-learning lectures is easy and does not require advanced laptop understanding, being able to deliver a streamlined and enjoyable perspective for the learner.

The user-friendly kludge allows for personalized work, while the dishes hold the most of the undelete’s functionality, remaining however, easy to navigate through.

Classes and protests can be started from scratch, but there’s also a likelihood to importation PowerPoint slides, as well as rotoscope, things and various kinds of multimedia.

Interactivity can be achieved via the automatic touchscreen recapture and the coupler tape alternatives, but YouTube clips, trivia and play can also be integrated within the construction.

In that to attract learners, you can make us of the generous template and things collector that include a wide assortment of layouts, typefaces, tastes and backgrounds. Also, things are customizable, for a more personalized glance and feel.

Moreover, what can be better organized via the multilevel the of material, which makes the lectures easier to browse. Subsequently, the Aggregator thing combines multiple components into a single way, in that to gain cohesiveness.

E-learning construction, no something if in strides or in their final government, can be published online on thunderhead and be made accessible from virtually anywhere, via netbook laptops, notebooks, smart handset, pills and even iOS gadgets.

On an ending piece, Adobe Captivate is a smart salaam-learning assistant, with so many alternatives for tape, streamlining and publisher what that it stands almost no competitors on today’s undelete price.

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hi guys in this video we're gonna talk some more about the changes that are occurring in Adobe Captivate 9 yes captivate 9 is now out and life so I've got an example of a responsive design course here but what really I'm focusing on in this video is some changes to the quiz questions also to to reviewing quiz questions and one final feature and that is LMS preview so let's take a look at this course I've put together very simple course on learning about Canada I have an introduction slide and then I have some knowledge and then I have what's called a knowledge check now some of you might be familiar with knowledge checks but this is actually now a feature in Adobe Captivate 9 so when you go into the quiz drop-down menu you now have the option not only for question slides random question slides which has to do with question pooling pretest question slides which are different they they work in a block unto themselves and of course they're usually at the beginning of a of a course but knowledge check slides are different knowledge check slides do not contribute to your final quiz score they don't lock when you've completed them so in other words if a learner lands on this knowledge check they can complete it and if they return there later they go back and try to look at that knowledge check question again they can answer it a second time a third time fourth time whatever and of course they also have the advantage of being placed anywhere in the course in fact you can even put a knowledge check after the quiz results slide which I'll show you later in this course you can recognize a knowledge check by the little graduation cap I guess I would describe it as in the bottom right here corner of your filmstrip but otherwise in any in any other way they're much like question slides and they won't be part of the review process so if you are a learner who's completing a count of a course and you want to review your quiz you're just going to see those quiz questions this is completely separate from quiz questions I've been doing of course or using knowledge checks for many years and it's simply been you know I've had to actually modify my quiz results slide so that they don't see that these quiz questions are technically no different than any other question quiz questions so really good news for me because I use these guys a lot and then of course in my course here I have a little bit more information and then a final quiz now there's a couple things I'm going to show you here let's run through this course and I'll highlight some of the changes as we go through it so just preview this will do the entire project so learning about Canada want to learn about Ken you've come to the right place so let's hit our next button their basics of Canada some information about where it's located its relationship to the United States and so on hit next again here and we come to our first knowledge check question so what is unique about the border between Canada and the United States so it is the world's longest land border it has a 20 foot concrete walls from coast to coast it is entirely unprotected so anyone who knows anything about Canada knows that answer B and C are incorrect but let's answer it wrong anyway and see how that goes so we're just gonna hit submit here try again okay that's not correct it's entirely unprotected try again yeah we'll try one more obviously we're gonna get this wrong incorrect let's go back and review so what I've done is I've set it up and this is the great part of knowledge check questions is you can set them up so that if the user gets them wrong it returns you back to the slide where you can get some remedial learning at this point so now I can learn properly all right it is the world's largest land border so I can hit next I'm back at the knowledge check the gain it's not locked I can answer this question as many times as I wish so I'm gonna answer it correctly this time it is the world's largest or sorry longest land border submit correct yep I get to move on so again some this is in geography I don't know why it's called that Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy queen elizabeth ii is the current head of state the capital is ottawa and they're two official languages english and french so now we're gonna do a final quiz and what we're gonna see here is pretty standard you know i don't think you're seeing anything that's surprising which of the following are the official languages of Canada you know maybe it's Canadian I would think you know being Canada and I think they speak French there as well so we'll hit submit oh that's incorrect okay and which is the which city is the capital of Canada I think it's Moose Jaw I'm pretty sure that click anywhere president okay I didn't get that one right either who is the current head of state while clearly it's President Barack Obama so I'll hit submit and oh so I failed I didn't do so well I've taken one attempt so let's review that quiz and see maybe where I went wrong now this is where one of the new features of captivate 9 has come into place now you notice earlier I had a submit button in a Clear button when I visited these questions fights and now I have a backhand next button and what's great about this is that those weren't visible when I was taking the quiz so when in the past when we would use a back and skip button sometimes users would get confused as to whether I click Submit to submit my answer or whether I click Next to submit my answers so now it's clear so clearly okay well what did I do wrong here oh I should have selected English not Canadian that's not correct here and let's go forward here which City oh I said Moose Jaw Ottawa and obviously it's Queen Elizabeth the second so now I'm back to the quiz results slide and of course I can continue and this brings me now to another knowledge check question again as I mentioned earlier knowledge check questions can exist beyond the quiz results page so here I just have a simple one where how do you rate this online course I think it's pretty good I think it's good I won't say it's great and submit and then of course that exits for me back to back to the course here so that covers off some some really great advantages I want to show you one other thing that's really I think exciting about captivate 9 and one of the things that I've always challenged I've been challenged with is when you get to the stage where you're just about ready to publish the final version of your adobe captivate project you want to test it in an LMS and to do this normally when you work within an organization as an instructional designer you would publish the course and take the SCORM file or the tin-can file or whatever package file you have and then bring it over to your LMS coordinator to upload to the LMS and then you log in and you test it and then of course you know you might find some problems you have to re-upload it again no more now of course you have a great option available to you and if you you can access it just from the preview drop-down icon I'm gonna click this here and you'll see it's an option to preview your course in SCORM cloud so adobe has made arrangements with the folks over at SCORM cloud to allow them and their users of Adobe Captivate software to upload files to SCORM cloud for testing purposes you're not going to lose any information it's all the privacy you don't need to worry about that all of your content will be deleted before you know once you exit and I'll show you the process here so I've clicked on that it's generating my file and it will be uploading to the SCORM cloud site you'll see it's a very simple progress bar on this LMS preview window and once the project is uploaded to SCORM cloud we'll get to see a preview of it it's preparing the course and in a moment we'll see it here so this LMS preview in SCORM cloud will also give you an opportunity to test responsive design as well so I'm just going to scroll this down a little bit here and we'll click Next Next again will answer our question this time we'll do it correctly again this is a knowledge check so it's not that crucial that I get that correct it's not contributing to my score a little bit more knowledge and parted on me here and of course French and English are the two official languages of Canada and Ottawa is the capital of Canada current head of state is queen elizabeth ii and i've passed the quiz that's great news and of course i can see the log information that's communicating back and forth between SCORM cloud and of course me running this particular course I can download those logs which may be useful for me if I'm troubleshooting why a course is working or not working but then once I'm finished I of course can close the window and this will bring me to a new window that you'll see it's relaunched the preview so again I can test it again I can do multiple attempts to try different scenarios passing failing answering this question one way or another way and that works fine I also can get the results and this will give me an actual results page where I've got a summary of everything that transpired here so I won't explain all the details suffice it to say is that you can actually download this and there of course is help icons next to each section that help explain what each of these pieces of information is to you and how important it is and what what it basically is indicating at the bottom here of course are the actual interaction data points for your course so again we've got these three questions which of the following are the official languages of Canada which is the capital of Canada and current head of state and it's see it shows you what the correct responses were what the learner responded to so again you can run through all these scenarios and make sure your course is totally functioning well I'm going to close this window and it returns me here now if I click on close what will happen now is it will delete all this information from SCORM cloud so you don't again have to worry about confidentiality or anything like that obviously there are certain organizations that you know may include sensitive information in their online courses so again none of that is being retained by SCORM cloud or Adobe so nothing there for you to worry about so I don't know about you guys but I'm really excited about these changes in Adobe Captivate 9 a lot of my course design will fit better with this new software so I'm really looking forward to designing my next course in captivate 9 guys if you like the videos that I'm producing for you I encourage you to subscribe to my channel and if you thought this video was ok go ahead and give me a thumbs up


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