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Adobe Fireworks is a versatile web-design platform aiming to assist developers and designers in the making of prototype websites and application interfaces for Windows systems and mobile devices all together.

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In simpler words, it is a graphic editor that focuses on creating, modifying and improving web graphics. It does all that without coding, and provides users with a selection of tools that are able to deliver 3D graphics and dynamic content for the web inside Windows OS or tablets and smartphones.

One of Fireworks’ most cherished features is the possibility to design prototypes for mobile devices. The pixel-precise rendering, together with the all improved CSS support and the jQuery Mobile theme skin abilities make it a wise choice for programmers concentrating on mobile development.

You can work with layers, which in this application are hierarchical – each layer depends on another. An advantage of this feature is that it improves workflow in complex projects that include a large number of layers.

Drawing and designing is considerably eased by the smart guides, which act like rulers and are excellent visual aids for image composition.

With a better compression rate than Photoshop, Fireworks is the master of image optimization. It reduces the size of photos, while keeping their quality at a decent level, fit for web design. The integration with Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop makes it easy to import and export between all of these Adobe products without effort.

Since Fireworks is aimed at professionals, it requires a somewhat rich knowledge on web design. Beginners can rely on the tons of "Getting Started" tutorials given by highly trained web designers, which are very long, but accurate and easy to follow.

All in all, Adobe Fireworks is quite impressive both in appearance and functionality. The versatile blend of vector and image tools, together with the speed and the improved responsiveness offer the program one of the highest ratings in its category. The computer’s performance is not affected.

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hey this is my clock with email web consulting thanks for checking out this tutorial I'm going to walk you through how to use the the pen tool and some of the vector tools in fireworks to create really cool illustrations in an illustration that we're going to use is this illustration here I jumped over to Mahalo comm and I saw this illustration if you jump over to Mahalo comm and scroll all the way down to there footer they have this really cool illustration at the bottom and their footer and you've probably seen things illustrations like this on different sites and I'm going to show you how you can easily create these type of illustrations using the vector tools in fireworks and the pen tool input in particular so I'm going to do first off is take a screenshot of this and paste it into my fireworks campus I'm going to crop this portion out just to use as a reference okay so the first thing you're going to do we're going to create this mountain this little hill in the back Green Hill so go ahead and grab your your pen tool and you're going to want to click here and to get a straight line you want to hold your Shift key down and what that does it gives you a straight line then you click again here and at this point now you want to then click and drag okay now your your pin tool you release it then your pin tool will have this little curved line attached to it now you want to come over here click and drag again and you can do it again click here and drag and then so you have three humps and then the last hump or the last you want to close it you want to click the the entry point so you want to click it and drag it again okay so you should end up with a shape like this and now with your subselection tool which is the pointer next to the your default pointer you can come over here click on points in your object and sort of drag them and manipulate them to how you wish how you want them okay so that's that's a nice technique to have so there's our first hill and now I want to get my paint tool and I want to select that a color let's do this we're going to do a gradient I believe it's a gradient yeah so gradient you have and you have a dark green at the bottom so like green at top so now you going to with this object selected ctrl C copy ctrl V and so you want to just copy that object and you want to flip it horizontally flip it horizontally take your scaling tool and just scale it down a little bit slightly take your paint tool you can select this second green he'll give it a different shape that's our second mountain so now we wanted then you can do alt you can you can drag this click the Alt key and it creates another copy so you can copy the object flip it horizontally and then we're going to create the third heel so scale it down okay so that's our third heel so it's as you can see it's it's looking pretty good at this point let's go ahead and get get the rectangle tool we're going to create the water effect so just draw a rectangle at the bottom here you can send it to the back take your paint color tool and you're going to select this highlight color there and then this color there okay so so there's our water effect and you can probably darken the water a little bit I'm going to be a little bit more tropical so okay so that's the water effect now let's go ahead and do the clouds I'm going to show you this is a cool cool easy way to replicate these clouds go over here and select your little ellipse tool so you can draw a circle draw a circle here you want to then holding your Alt key you move the object and it creates a another object and I just want to do this a few times you make it a little bit larger so what I'm doing I'm creating a bunch of circles just a bunch of little circles okay and so here here are all my circles now what you want to do oops what you want to do is you want to select all your circles and then come over here to modify combine paths and you want to do a union so that does it creates a little a Union you know it unifies all the circles into one object and now you have cloud effect so go over to your paint tool select this shade of blue and then white so there's a linear effect blue to white and now that creates the cloud effect and then from there well here's our cloud and we want to create that bigger cloud so I just alt drag and then just scale so I'm scaling the same cloud that I just created so it's basically just repeating objects that I've created and what you can do so that they look a little different you can just flip this horizontally so you haven't a different cloud effect so track this one over here scale it up a little and that's that okay so let's take a look at our reference image so now let's go ahead and create the the Sun I'm going to create the Sun so just get the circle tool create a big circle you're going to one to feather the edges a little bit to about 20 take your paint tool and just copy that Sun color there select the filter and give it a rate do you want to give it a radio effect but you want to have the effect going from dark to light dark to white so and then just turn the opacity down on that now you don't want to do that that looks that's about right so then just send that to the back so there's our Sun and now as you see the cloud that sort of seeped through the Sun sort of a transparent right there I'm going to grab our cloud here go back into the filter and in our gradient filter just select this top box here and turn the opacity down to zero and that gives you that transparent effect similar to that Google so what I'm going to do is break this video up into two parts so if this one sets video ends just check the part two and I'm going to wrap it up and show you how to do the reflections in and things like that and the palm tree so all right so now we'll stop this now but turning I just turn to the next video and I'll show you how to how to wrap this up alright see you then bye


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