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Everybody likes to take photos when on vacation, since this is one of the ways one gets to preserve memories for longer periods and relive the great times they had. This experience can be enhanced by adding image effects, bringing them a touch of style or simply turning them into artistic creations. Adobe Photoshop Elements can help in achieving all of these purposes.

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Due to the complexity of this application, it takes several minutes to download and install it, and even longer on older computers. Nevertheless, you should know that it does not offer you to download any third-party products. Once the setup is done, users get the chance to specify whether they want to organize or to edit their images.

The former option comes in handy for sorting one's pics, finding them on the computer and creating catalogs. Each image can be rated with just a click of the button and they can also be sent as email attachments, shared on Facebook, Flickr or YouTube, and even burned onto discs for backup or distribution.

The editing functionality supports a variety of actions, ranging from the basic ones like crop, rotate, straighten or sharpen, to the more elaborate ones: touch-up blemishes and scratches, fix keystone distortion or correct skin tones.

Adobe Photoshop Elements allows users to extract objects from multiple photos and combine them so as to obtain the ideal photo – in other words, one can get the best elements of several pics and generate a high-quality one.

Furthermore, the orientation can be changed with no distortion to the key objects, while you can modify the depth of field or apply dedicated effects, including line drawing, old fashioned photo, Orton effect or saturated slide film.

Designing virtual albums is also possible, as well as overlaying stylistic text or adding frames and masks, viewing metadata and editing it. Last but not least, you can view, in two side-by-side panels, the original image and the enhanced one.

CPU and memory usage is mostly low, yet it is important to keep in mind that Adobe Photoshop Elements might perform poorly on an older computer. The interface is modern and intuitive and we did not come across any errors, crashes or bugs in our tests.

To sum up, this is a complex and powerful piece of software which can help you in a large number of graphic editing situations, and it is all worth the money.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Review

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hi I'm George Pearson and in this Photoshop Elements versus Photoshop CC video we'll be looking at some of the similarities and differences between the two programs now if you enjoy this video make sure you click the like button and also subscribe to my channel if you want to learn more about Photoshop or Photoshop Elements take a look at my complete training which are fine on Amazon and the link for that is in the description okay let's get to it let's say these two programs compare here's Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop CC back in the background here now there are a lot of differences and also a lot of similarities obviously we have similar menus across the top similar toolbars here on the left hand side most of the tools are very similar as will if you've learned how to edit in Photoshop Elements you'll have no problem at all switching over to photoshop they're really very very similar if you have learned in Photoshop you will most likely find Photoshop Elements a bit limiting the main thing you can think of here is that elements is the consumer-level program and Photoshop in the background there is a professional level program if you're working professionally I'd recommend that you use Photoshop and not elements although there are reasons to use elements even if you are a professional I personally use it all the time so there's a very very good program it's one of my favorites actually I really love Photoshop Elements but most of my professional work is done in Adobe Photoshop ok let's take a look at Photoshop and see what are some of the differences from elements let's just put that right there and we'll switch over there we go okay as I said there's really just a lot more inside of Adobe Photoshop it's a much more advanced program a lot more to it this is a few examples there are a few more tools over here on the left hand side in the tool panel including right down here we have the pen tool which allows you to draw and work with vector graphics and the Select and drugs click tool here for working with paths figure graphic paths you can't do that in elements so you have the ability to work with taps along with the pads of course over here there is a paths panel when you've made a path you can work with the panel over here right to the left here are the paths we have channels you can work in separate channels inside of Photoshop but not in Photoshop Elements so it has the ability to working channels right now this image is in RGB and this shows one of the other main differences here and that is that Photoshop Elements right here always works in RGB mode if you go up here to image come down to mode so see we have RGB we can go lower than this index which is your gif images in your png-8 grayscale and bitmap but that's as far as up as it goes we're working in 8 bits per channel that's your only option right there 8 bits per channel let's go back over to photoshop and we take a look at mode over here which is in the top up here there is RGB everything in here is basically the same there's also a duotone mode not a big deal but beyond RGB you can also work in CMYK lab color and multi-channel now the most important one here for professionals is the CMYK color this is your color separation mode so if you are working for a professionally printed output you know you're designing magazines things like that they're going to be printed on a4 color printing press you have to be working in CMYK color mode so you can't do that over in elements but you can do it here in the full version of Adobe Photoshop so they have this additional mode very very important and this is one of the main reasons right here why if you're working professionally you probably want to be working here in Adobe Photoshop notice also down below we have 8 bits per channel or 16 or 32 so there are more channels available in here if you have to use those most people never really bother with this oh it's not that important even most professional work is still in 8 bits per channel but you do have that option to go higher if you need to so those are some some big differences right there it's just a more advanced program let's look at the menus up here a few more additional things one of the great menus here is the type menu again if you're working professionally and you're doing magazine layouts articles anything that involves a lot of text and printing then having the type menu this access to direct access to type is very very useful so again something which is far more important if you're working professionally if you're doing a lot of work with typography you can do things like turning your spacing between your letters do that kind of fun stuff here which you can't do over in Adobe Photoshop Elements so very useful ability in here there are a few more filters in here the vanishing point filter is kind of fun a few things like that there's a Camera Raw filter right in here you can open your images up in Camera Raw over inside of elements and do a lot of Camera Raw stuff and that is a great tool this is a more advanced version at the same time there's also a 3d section you can actually can work with actual 3d shapes and work in an actual 3d environment and change your camera's change your lighting and light 3d objects and apply textures onto those objects things that you can't even dream of over in Photoshop Elements so there is this 3d something else down below here also bring this up it's the timeline this is an area that allows you to work with animation and video you actually can do some video editing here inside of Photoshop it's not great but you can do a lot there it is quite a bit of capability here if you're creative with it personally I prefer a regular video editing program to what's involved here in Photoshop but sometimes there are tools in here that you don't have in a video editing program because we have all the great image editing tools 3d tools things like that so you can do some fancy stuff in here which you may not be able to do over in a regular video editing program that's what that is used for so it has this timeline or video editing ability let's just take a fast look here at the window menu and you can get an idea of how much is available here inside of Adobe Photoshop just loads of stuff let's switch back over to elements for a minute here we are here's elements and let's take a look at that window menu there you go you see how much shorter this is the Photoshop menu went clear to the bottom of the page the utmost menu is just this long nor near as much stuff available now if you've been following me on YouTube you can see how much you actually can - inside of elements it's a phenomenally powerful program and you know if you know what you're doing you PEX with it a little bit it's a very great tool if you don't have to be working for a CMYK output if you're doing things for your own use or you know small business use or if you're working for the Internet for the web views Photoshop Elements is a great program they do everything that you need and the cost of course is lower and also the simplicity is much greater making it very very easy to use let's go back to photoshop again just for a minute here so you know lots of additional tools in here we have the additional menus pen tools we have our image modes up here which are more advanced but if you look around you see if there are some things missing in here as well there are some things that are common inside of elements which you don't have over here in Photoshop so my personal recommendation really is to have both programs and use the best parts of both programs let's now switch back over to elements and take a look at some of the things over there which elements has in Photoshop doesn't you know just switch over here we go now some of the things in here we have different editing modes up here we have the e live which is a link to online content from Adobe there's lots of additional content in here lots of little sections for additional training some additional videos are in here some how-to tutorials some ideas are in here it's an interesting place to kind of look through to get inspiration and we don't have a live over there in Photoshop CC we have the quick mode in here the quick editing mode and this allows you to very quickly do some vast changes we have all of our adjustments here smart fix exposure lighting color balance sharpen a lot of quick things you can do onto a an image in here and using some real basic tool so it's a real quick way to do some fast stuff without having to spend a lot of time playing around with settings real - if you're in a hurry we don't have any quick mode over in Photoshop CC there's the guided mode which has all kinds of neat little helps that will walk you through step-by-step different processes how to adjust your brightness contrast correct skin tone there's color guided modes black and white fun edits like the out-of-bounds trick over here kind of effects collage thing photo text you know text inside of photos and photos out of text picture sticks now I've already done demonstrations on how to do this kind of stuff you know manually and you can do this of course in Photoshop but this our little walkthroughs which will help you with the pull process and saves you a lot of time so it's again real interesting special effects stuff no special edits now here is one the frame creator which allows you to create custom frames and this leads us back to the expert mode over here something else which you don't have in Photoshop CC is the graphics section over here you don't have any of these backgrounds this whole background set right there you can automatically add backgrounds to an image you don't have these frames that's what that custom frame thing was about over there on the guided edits you don't have all these frames to use you don't have any of these graphics in here you have some shapes I'll show you where those are in just a second you do have shapes there a little bit you know different way of approaching these and working with these so these you kind of have in both programs and as all these text effects you don't have any of these over in Adobe Photoshop CC we also have this effects section in here State of photos glowing effects monotone color effects painting panel seasons textures vintage you don't have any of this over in Adobe Photoshop CC if all these filters in there now these are our filters that are working with you know taken from the filter menu up here you have the filters in both programs you actually have more filters adder over into the Photoshop CC list but all the basic filters are available in both but you don't have this easy access panel over here pre-sold so it's but easier to work with us there's more help more guidance here inside of Photoshop Elements which can make it much faster to do to do work also on our Styles over here we have all these fancy built in styles bevels complex styles in here drop shadows glass buttons image effects clothes photo effects strokes the Wow chrome the round neon you've actually seen me use a lot of these over in my Photoshop Elements video projects on YouTube so they're real real powerful tools in here and again helps that can help you go through now I can recreate a lot of this look because I wanted to take the time over in Adobe Photoshop CC but why bother when you have all that built in here just real fast quick and add an effect so it's a real great time saver as well again one of the reasons why I personally use both programs and I'll use the parts of each program that it's best at I'll probably finish things up over in Photoshop but I'll do a lot of work over here as well because of all of these additional options and here the graphics in particular let's go back and just take a look at something else on this and select to our layers right now click on the background image layer in here and let's bring up our layer style here we go here's our style settings you see here with the layer Styles we have quite a few things we have drop shadows size distance and opacity glows in or outer glows have bevels now it's a soft level you can do a hard bevel by starting off with one of your styles and then bringing in a SAN and adjusting the size there and Stroke with you know inside outside not a whole lot options in here inside outside or centered so we do have some of these real basic options you can do a lot with these styles let's take a look back over at Photoshop again we bring up that same menu in here bring up our layer Styles there's our layer there our layer styles and let's bring up blending options in here and we'll take a look at double and emboss there we go here's the layer style the sub bevel emboss has a lot of stuff available in here we have our style inner outer we have our technique you can adjust depth size and softness this part here is pretty much the same as you have over there in elements but then there's all this shading stuff down below here you can add a lot to the effect they're going for so we have our bevel in here stroke we have that as well again more options in here than we had over there we have blending mode options for instance there's an inner shadow again more options here we can adjust the contour or the shape of the shadow same thing with our outer glow we have a satin effect down here color overlay gradient overlay pattern overlay I tend to use these a lot when I'm working in Photoshop and of course the drop shadow down below even with the drop shadow in here we can adjust the contour of the drop shadow change the shape of the drop shadow now a lot of this kind of stuff here this an over up on the bevels in here a lot of the shape changes this is the kind of stuff that you see back over in elements if you are going to styles in here and you're looking at your bevels these different kind of bevels in here these are things that are you can build easily over there in Photoshop CC but here you have to use these small selections so again not as much power or control there kind of list a brief overview a brief look at the two different programs and the differences between them and here's my recommendations if you are working just for internet use then you probably only need to have Photoshop Elements if you need a lot of real fancy effects a lot of real creative control then you're going to want to have the foot shop CC because it gives you all those additional tools if you are working with text a lot then you really want to be using Photoshop because of the type menu up here and it's much more advanced ability to work with text and type so you want to have Photoshop for that if you are working for a professional printing output you know printing for magazines anything that is going to be using a four color printing press professional for color printing press then you're going to want to have or work with Adobe Photoshop CC because it has that CMYK color mode right there so again if you're working professionally you really want to be using Photoshop CC but even then as I have said I like both programs and I use both programs all the time and I'll use them for their strengths and you can easily do that one thing I hadn't mentioned here but they both work with the same file format I actually have the same file open here in both programs so they work with the same file format to kind of share the format so you can easily do some of your work in one program close it down open it up in the other program and do more of your work over there in the other program so you can work with both programs even on the same project they're really not that expensive anyway yeah I think the Photoshop Elements right now is running about a hundred and twenty or so if it's if you get the elements and the Premiere Elements video editing program which is a great editor for video as well the combine is about 120 hundred 30 somewhere in there it's not that expensive but you pay it once and then use it as long as you want to have that program two three four years when you want to upgrade you then pay again for the upgrade the difference with Photoshop CC is that this is on a subscription basis and you pay on a monthly or yearly basis the least expensive way I know up getting Photoshop CC on this description is to get their combined photo photography set or photography program which includes Photoshop CC and Photoshop Lightroom right now it's version 6 has been version 6 for a few years now but it's those two and it's about $10 a month on the subscription that's really not that it's comparable to the cost of getting Photoshop Elements if you pay for it every single year if you upgrade it every single year you might as well just go for Photoshop CC with that subscription it's basically the same cost but there you go that's a look at the two different programs and at some of the benefits of each of the different programs might want to use one or the other now again my personal preference I like them both for different reasons and I use them both continually some parts I prefer over in elements some parts I prefer over end Photoshop CC so there you go that's a look at Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop CC and finally a good way to get a good feeling for how these two programs are similar and different is just to watch the videos on my youtube channel I have quite a few videos actually where I do the same project in the two different programs I'll usually separate those by a month or so so I'm not doing back-to-back projects exactly the same - so things aren't getting boring in there but you can find a lot of different training tutorials that I've done over there where I do the same project in the two different programs and you see the plusses and minuses between those different programs there so there you go again that's a look at Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop CC thank you for watching my video I hope you found it useful if you like this video click on the like button below to let others know you can click the subscribe button so you don't miss any of my videos in the future and frequently uploading new training videos don't forget to check out my website at houck aguru Zeng com


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