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Adobe Presenter is intended to enhance the interface of PowerPoint, providing a complete start of toolkit ready to assist you in creating captivating lectures that really have an effect on the goal viewers.

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Mainly designed for the educational climate, Adobe Presenter allows you to completely transform a monotonous announcement into a worth-remembering, interactive footage perspective. Once installed, it can be accessed using the newly created folder in PowerPoint.

One of its most interesting interface is the footage and footage tape mechanism. Provided your laptop is equipped properly, you can record sort and add them to each tumble, thus avoiding awkward pauses. Also, the app is capable of simultaneously capturing camera rivers and touchscreen what, but also providing footage strengthening and formatting interface to improve the output quality.

Adobe Presenter bundles a variate collector of sequences that can be inserted into a tumble to create a specific scenery, as well as expressive human storyline that can visually transmit things and dreams to make the what more understandable. Moreover, you can make the announcement more interactive by adding trivia, poll and games.

The integrated 'Theme Editor' presents you full grip over the thing of your swings, enabling you to customize hues, the perspective perception, typefaces and their amount and so on.

Additionally, it brings new things to the the. To be more specific, it allows the insert of detailed details what (such as the surname, a pictures, a business emblem and call statistics) about the newsreader, as well as a dedicated nav frontmost with tumble venturing interface that can display the what of your announcement in a structured kind.

Final brands can be exported in PDF or Flash way (SWF) and then embedded into a website or published to Adobe Connect.

As far as interface is concerned, there is anything more that you could ask for from Adobe Presenter. With its comprehensive thing deal, it assists both novices and experienced consumers in creating what that, combined with good announcement abilities, can really evoke the desire of the viewers.

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hello this is a tutorial on Adobe Presenter 94 your recorded PowerPoint presentations as assignment 3 do in a week had a little trouble getting this all installed and running on my Mac I'm so if you have a PC hopefully it works better for you you want to go download Adobe Presenter 9 you'll need your need to create Adobe account if you don't have one if you do sign in you can download it what I did this is actually downloaded at downloader so I'll so I had to download download or install the downloader then I could download Adobe Presenter 9 which then i installed Adobe Presenter 9 once you do all that hopefully it works for you once you install that it should put into PowerPoint a tab and that tab then has various kind of features for windows powerpoint for microsoft office that you can use to record narrations for slides as well as animate other things within it I'm you can establish themes for yourself if you want you can also preview your presentation I'm publish it which I'll go over here in this talk so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to open a presentation and it's a regular PowerPoint presentation so forth if you have notes feel free to type in notes about your talk down here you know I tend to find it helpful to have a little notes to remind me what to say if not just to read in case I'm getting nervous so once you kind of do that for each slide go and write as you might do it everything else um you can record audio for each slide by clicking this am audio record button which is different than the video record that would actually record video which if you want to add your face you can they'll give you this little microphone test and say okay and then opens up the power point in its play mode um you want to continue the trial that you've downloaded for free the free trial then you can see you have your little recorder button here I'm you can click this notes so this takes your script that you typed up for each slide and shows you here on the slide on you can then click this little button and record your narration about the top so if I click this it starts to go it's recording everything I'm saying now so I can stop I can hit play yes it starts to go it's recording everything I'm saying comes like this was completed for the building jail edition I'll stop I'll go back a slide which you do by clicking here go back the first slam gonna discard what I record cuz I didn't like it so I'm click discard are you sure one to cancel changes major in this session yes because i already have audio recorded so i'll buy that for you little by one of a talk introduce some mark we did for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory ok so it does that it plays so you can see for each slide that says 17 and a half seconds 30 4.2 seconds so forth about a minute so it goes through each slide I've recorded audio for each slide of this presentation um when you're all done I think you just click Save and you'll be done with it you exit back out goes back into PowerPoint you can always preview on everything for some reason Esther enough for me but i'll publish so when you click the publish button what i want you to do is to click on the adobe PDF you can change your settings here this just has various things I happen to have created a profile for myself I'm on here you can specify a server to publish it to which it won't point I did have but then you can change your audio source you can set appearance and so forth but these settings are you know you should just be able to loop um you could also have an auto play when it starts if you want or you just have it go so I'm so once you get that setup you can choose your then project destination which it just has my Adobe presentations right we're just going to save and so when you're done you can click publish um it already exists cuz I've already done this so I'm going to say no I don't want to replace it because it's already there but you can publish it publishes it takes a little bit so now let's open I I'm going to close this and hopefully here we will be able to open this window a little bit so I can click on this thing and they're here is the position you see there's little gadget here from Adobe on to the side so if I click play introduce some work we did for the national renewable energy laboratory with harsh on homes and the Durham school artificial here in construction management so there is my adobe PDF recorded with Adobe Presenter 9 so this is what I'm expecting you to do is pretty straightforward um not too complicated so review this if you have questions let me know I'm happy to help thank you very much


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