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Advanced SystemCare Professional is a software suite that contains essential components for increasing computer performance, protecting private information, and blocking spyware.

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The user interface is very attractive and simple to follow. When you initiate the software, you will be able to immediately select the skin and preferred language.

The "Quick Care" module is able to clean, repair and optimize the computer. It scans for malware and other security threats, for invalid or incorrect registry entries and shortcuts, for activity history and surfing traces, as well as for unnecessary files that clutter your disk. By default, all these options are selected, but you can manually disable each one before scanning.

"Deep Care" performs a complete scan on your computer for malware removal, deep registry fixing, registry defragmentation, system and startup optimization, shortcut repairing, privacy sweeping as well as cleaning junk files, not to mention security defense, disk scan, vulnerability fix, and disk defrag.

The checkup is done pretty fast, and once it finishes, you can view details for each problem (including its priority), and set preferred action (no action, repair, ignore).

The "Toolbox" offers solutions for cleaning (uninstaller, disk cleaner, file shredder), optimizing (Smart RAM, startup manager, Smart Defrag, game booster), repairing (undelete, shortcut fixer, disk doctor, Win fix, IE helper), security (system explorer, security holes scanner, process manager, driver manager, malware detector which needs to be separately installed) and control (auto shutdown, disk explorer, system information, empty folder scanner, system control).

Finally, the "Turbo Boost" module helps you optimize and speed up the computer by following some simple steps - select boost mode (work or game mode), as well as disable unnecessary system services, non-Windows services, unnecessary background applications, and the window theme.

Additionally, the "Rescue Center" will allow you to create a system restore point, and turn everything back to Windows defaults. There's also a new security feature available, FaceID, which monitors your PC and recognizes unauthorized users via your webcam, proceeding to take screenshots, save the pictures, and send you notifications.

All in all, Advanced SystemCare Professional works very well, and it uses minimum memory resources. It definitely has powerful features you need to maintain and protect your system.

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hey guys welcome back today we're going to be looking at advanced system care 10.4 Pro if you've never used or downloaded this tool I highly recommend you do it right now it is free a link there on your screen there's also a link directly under this video if you click on it it'll take you to the page where you can download it for free now to start I want to make sure that it's understood that there are upgrades to this software which do cost because I know there's going to be a hundred people commenting you know where's the license key and all this so there are options to upgrade that will give you more features out of this tool but you do not have to purchase so with that said the links there on the screen download it once you download it you'll most likely see a screen like this if you do want to get the extra features out of this tool I highly recommend that you purchase it if it redirects you to this page where you can usually save anywhere from 50 to 75 percent of people what kind of promotion they got going on and when you do you can scroll down here and you can see the difference that upgrading and the features that it will allow you to do if you do upgrades you can see there are a ton of extra things that it will do for you if you upgrade and it's only a 15 bucks to do so so with that said let's jump in I'm going to show you just briefly around the software because if you download it for free you can kind of jump in it and I test it out for yourself and see what all it does but here on the tab for clean and optimizer some options that will allow you to simply just check them and you can run a scan on your computer and it will show you all the issues with it and it will automatically fix them for you so you click scan it's going to run through if it's the first time running through and if you have a lot of junk files on your computer this may take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to do normally after you've run it the first time and it fixes and and gets rid of all the junk files on your computer it doesn't take me as long to go through each time afterwards down here is a little check box where you can tick it to automatically fix it once it runs through the scan I'm going to go ahead and stop it right here you can see from the scan so far the security's good performance medium stability is medium as well and I can fix them by clicking this button it's going to go through and do that let's go ahead and go back let's go to the speedup tab and here turbo boost is on this allows me to obviously it allows my computer to perform at a better speed and better performance by releasing memory and allowing more of it to be free for other things that I'm currently doing on my computer so turn that one Hardware accelerate right here you can manage drivers to speed up your computer now this is a tool that comes included with this it's called driver booster 4.4 which can also be downloaded for free from the same website if you follow that link there that's on your screen or the one under the video it'll take you to this website where you can download this for free as well and it will allow you to update all of your drivers on your computer without you going out and searching for them so if you have issues with your audio your video your printer whatever it may be chances are it may have to do with your drivers and this will scan tell you what is out of date and allow you to update them now just like with advanced system care driver booster does have an update an option to upgrade where it will allow you to scan and have a lot more options for scanning it'll it'll be faster for downloading the drivers and you can look at it when you go there and check it out I'm not going to go over all the details but this is an amazing tool to have that is what I use anymore when I need to update my drivers so I don't have to go out and looking for them and speaking of that it looks like I got a few limits out dated right now okay so I'm going to close this and next we have deep optimization if I click on this it's going to tell me all items optimized are listed below you can restore them at any time as per your needs so it's just telling me what it's went through and already optimized for me the app and toolbar cleaner normally you would buy this as a separate tool this is included with advanced system care you can see it found 30 plugins and toolbars and what we can do here if we go to click check now it's going to open up another tool called the IObit Uninstaller and once again this is a separate tool that you'd normally have to purchase aside from this and this is kind of built in with advanced system care it's part of it there is a free version as well once again the link go to their website you can download it for free and just like all the other ones you can upgrade and most of these programs you can upgrade and after you purchase advanced system care itself you can add on all these other tools that I'm showing you and upgrade them to their full version and I think they're only like 5 bucks apiece to upgrade to so it's a crazy deal not to do it especially for what they do so here you can see this is the Iowa but uninstaller and what it does it allows you to go through here on your plugins as well as your program so whatever programs you have on your computer you can scan through here if you don't want them on there you tick the boxes click uninstall and unlike going through your windows control panel and your programs when you use this tool to uninstall anything on your computer it will completely eliminate it from your computer whereas if you go through windows control panel and your programs and uninstall it's going to leave files scattered throughout your hard drive and in the future that can build up and cause problems and conflicts with other files so that's why I use this tool because if I want to uninstall in something it uninstalls it completely and gets rid of every file attached to it so there's no pop-ups or anything left over that the software does to try to get me back to download whatever it is I just uninstalled so another great tool to download okay let's go to protect it does have a built-in antivirus program along with that you can see here I don't use this here because I don't have a camera on my desktop computer but if I had a laptop you could use this and you can read through these and see what they are real time protection against spyware protection against changing your homepage from search engines protection from malware anti tracking surfing protections and AD removal and window 10 reinforcement which helps you to avoid being hacked by trojans or hackers okay so we done speed up protect we done clean and optimize the toolbox here gives us a lot more options and we can see here these are the tools that I just went over the uninstaller and the booster there's two others there's a defrag I don't I did not purchase this program I don't use it the iobit malware fighter I do have it installed and it actively runs it actually uses the BitDefender database for everything that it does you can see down here the BitDefender engine which is recommended as one of those top antivirus programs out there and that's what's part of this and I think this cost me $5.99 after I purchased advanced system care then I downloaded this program for free the iobit malware fighter and then I upgraded it to the full version for about five bucks and so that's what I use for my malware protection does a really good job we can do system optimize startup manager if you cut programs that run when your computer starts up and it takes your computer forever to load you can run this you can go through here and disable a lot of these programs and it's going to allow your computer to boot up faster the same thing with browser start ups tells you different services here that are running when you boot your computer and schedule tasks that go along with it smart Ram this here just kind of shows you your memory and what's going on with it you can go in here and do some things with it we're going to get into it internet booster this allows you to tweak your internet services right now we have one gig Internet so I would click that and see I'm not using this I would be using this and I could go down here and click optimize TCP and it's going to optimize my internet to run the best and most efficient as it can based upon my internet speed and so there that's all it took I can optimize it for Internet Explorer Firefox Opera or edge ok there's an auto shutdown option I don't mess with that program deactivator it disables running programs according to your preference there's a registry defrag defrag system information a portable version it will create a portable version so you can put it on a flash drive and take with you security and repair window fix helps you analyze your Windows operating system and to fix problems Windows 10 it fixes problems within Windows 10 the PC transfer allows you to transfer data back and forth disk doctor performs an analysis of your disk drive there's an undelete tool so if you delete it stuff it helps you to recover them a file shredder so for something on your computer you want permanently deleted you can use this and you can set up default programs help you change operating system settings and so on like I said download this program it's free go in here and check out some of these tools I'm sure there's a lot of things in here you can use for your computer now there's a registry cleaner here now if I click on that I already have this tool so but you'll notice here it says Pro and then some of them says hot well if they're hot that just means that it's part of advanced system care but if it says pro it means you have to have the full version of advanced system care to use it and there's some other tools here now the Action Center is where you can buy these tools very cheap so driver booster I've already purchased you can see here latest version installed the malware fighter pro the smart defrag pro I can purchase it for three dollars and 99 cents right here so that's what I'm saying if you guys download advanced system care Pro upgrade when you have that chance as soon as you download it it's like 15 bucks and then once you do that you can come in here to this Action Center and and these should show up here if you hadn't download the free trials I'm download the free trials and then over here you're going to see where you can buy each of these for like 399 $4.99 each which is way cheaper than if you go directly to their website and purchase it so overall this is an amazing tool it is absolutely loaded with features that will help you to run and optimize your computer at its best performance so my recommendation definitely go get it I use it on both my computer's I have and I have not had any issues with it bogging down like a Computers it helps keep them clean helps them keep virus free protect them against malware and well we went through all that stuff's you guys know so that's my recommendation go check it out go download it if you don't want to buy it don't buy it just use the the free options available and download the other free versions of tools they have - and check them out and use them cause like I said they've got some amazing stuff there that I'm sure either way you can benefit from


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