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AIDA64 Extreme is an advanced system diagnostics utility that gathers important information on the computer's hardware and software configuration. It also lets users test the capabilities of the memory, CPU and FPU by running complex benchmarks. Suffice it to say, this tool is designed for advanced PC users.

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The setup procedure is fast and simple. AIDA64 is wrapped in a user-friendly interface with a neatly organized layout, where all information on PC components is broken down into separate categories. It is rather vast and covers general areas of the PC such as overlock, sensors and power management.

Detailed info can be obtained when it comes to the motherboard (e.g. CPU, chipset, BIOS), operating system (e.g. processes, system drivers, DLL files), server (e.g. shares, local and global groups), display (e.g. GPU, multi-monitor support, OpenGL), multimedia (e.g. audio and video codecs), storage (e.g. physical and optical drives), network (e.g. routes, IE cookies), DirectX, devices (e.g. input, printers), software (e.g. autostart entries, scheduled tasks, file types), security (e.g. firewall, antivirus), configuration (e.g. event logs, system files and folders), and database (e.g. BDE and ODBC drivers).

When it comes to testing the memory, CPU and FPU, AIDA64 analyzes the processor, CPU clock, motherboard, chipset and RAM to rank the computer in a list with other systems by comparison, based on hardware configuration. Information from any selected areas or all of them can be exported to reports for closer examination and safekeeping.

As far as AIDA64 Extreme configuration is concerned, it is possible to switch to another UI language, change the layout order, point out the output folder for creating reports, enable email notifications when performing benchmarks, filter event logs, add custom components to the list to keep an eye on, and much more.

During benchmarks, AIDA64 Extreme obviously puts a strain on CPU and RAM. However, it uses low resources otherwise. It has a good response time and worked well throughout our evaluation, without triggering the OS to hang, crash or pop up error messages. Those interested in extra features may look into AIDA64 Engineer, AIDA64 Business Edition and AIDA64 Network Audit.

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overclocking stress testing benchmarking if any of these words sound familiar to you if you're a PC enthusiast or just love tweaking your hardware you probably want to check out this tool this is Leo from fall Critic and today we'll be taking a look at aida64 xtreme this product comes well packed and a 16 megabyte installer and when you open up the user interface you're greeted with this old fashioned but very functional GUI so we have two ways of navigating this UI it's not a one-way navigation so if you're more of a menu kind of person you can use the menu on the left and you can use the arrows and you can navigate to whatever section you want if you're more of an icon person and you like a bigger display of the different components then you can use the right-hand side user interface which is basically your traditional Windows Explorer icon type interface and once again you can navigate it either way so let's get to the users of this program first of all if you are a regular user you probably won't be using most of the functionality that comes along with this however this is a great tool to get information about your system so if you want to find out more about your hardware you can go into any of the categories like for example let's say we want to find out more about our computer we can just go into summary and it tells us everything about all the hardware components that we have over here our audio adapter our video adapter our CPU and you can even go into much more detail if you want you can get more product information and you can even update your drivers over here so if you want to check for drivers for all your hardware components they have that setting over here and you can also check for BIOS updates which is very useful but to be honest the software is not really targeted towards the everyday user it is meant more for PC enthusiasts and system administrators so if you are a system administrator this provides a very easy access to a lot of things or tools that you will need on a regular basis for example if you go into Network it brings up Windows Network internet routes browser history all this stuff if you go into storage it shows you the windows storage logical drives physical drives your smart data you know all sorts of things and it's very well organized so you can get to anything you want very quickly this is absolutely wonderful for system administrators very easy access to some of the common things that you're going to need in the motherboard section you can take a look at all the details stuff about your CPU for example what instruction sets it supports the cache and the different locations your l1 l2 l3 cache the package type much more than just you know what CPU you have so if you're a Hardware control freak or something of that nature you will love this program it is very detailed and in-depth and as you can see it gives us really nice stats about all our different hardware for example our memory you can take a look at our BIOS over here and it's not very easy to get all this information without the software now talking about navigation you can use back for word go up refresh and you can even add your favorites for quick access now getting into some of the tools that this product comes with or the actual functionality of this product this is primarily a stress testing utility now you might be wondering what is stress testing so let me just give you a quick overview of what that actually means so in case you're a PC enthusiast and you like overclocking your system or changing different Hardware parameters you want to find out if those settings that you change to are stable because if they're not maybe someday you'll be working with your computer and all of a sudden something may crash so in order to make sure that your computer is perfectly operational and that everything is perfectly stable and reliable you need to stress test it which means take the hardware to its limits and keep it there for a while in order to make sure that it is performing optimally so in order to stress test we can go into tools and click on system stability test and as you can see it has different options it can stress your CPU your cache system memory GPU whatever you want even your disks and below it has really nice graphs for temperature so you can monitor the temperatures while your system is being stressed to make sure if your overclock or whatever is stable or not and if the temperatures are within the safe limits it also has graphs for cooling fans so you can see your fan curve over here and how your fan behaves at different temperatures the RPMs and it always has the CPU usage at the bottom so you can compare the two you can take a look at your voltages your clocks and these statistics if you click on CPU ID it's going to give you the information about your CPU here you can check your overclock settings and you can save them to into text file or something so that you can refer to them afterwards you can do that with pretty much everything you do with the software you can save the results as a text file or as a log somewhere else so let's start stress testing as you can see when we start these stability tests the CPU is immediately maxed out if we go into task manager we're going to see that right now the CPU is at 100% load and why would you want to do that enthusiasts probably understand but for the everyday consumer I'm going to elaborate so if your CPU is able to run at 100% load for let's say 24 hours or a very long time you can be reasonably assured that your settings are working correctly and that your system is going to work reliably in the configuration so that's why we do the whole stress testing thing if you're not changing your hardware parameters if you're not into overclocking if you're not doing anything you probably won't need to do this but a lot of us do like to do it so that is how it works with this tool and once you've led this run for a while what you want to do is you want to come back and check if it's still running or if it is crashed or if your system has shut down if any of that has happened it means your settings are not stable and you need to maybe lower your clocks or change some settings again but if the system is perfectly operational and the stress test is continuing after let's say 24 hours you can be reasonably certain that your system is not going to crash on you while you're doing some intensive tasks so now we'll stop the stress test you can save the graphs and results for future reference as I mentioned earlier now part from stress testing you can also run different benchmarks you can run benchmarks on your disks you can check the Diagnostics for your monitor you can even benchmark your cache and memory so let's just go ahead and do a disk benchmark first you need to read their quick overview and then you can check out the different benchmark options that they have you can do a complete read test you can do a linear retest random read test these are different ways of testing the performance of your hard drive and comparing it with other products to know how your DRI stacks up and if it's performing optimally or if you want an improvement so this is used to compare different drives different Hardware so we're just going to go ahead and do a retest we are using an SSD so it should be pretty quick once you're ready and you selected the drive that you want to perform the test on you just need to click on start and now it's going to run all the different read tests and it's going to give you the data rate at which it was done as you can see our linear read was performed at 962 megabytes per second that's really fast and you can compare this data to other drives if you want and that'll give you an idea of how your hardware compares to some of the other stuff out there once the benchmark is complete of course he can take a look at the results but we're just gonna go ahead and stop it if you want to safety results you can save it as a PNG file now this tool does come with some additional bells and whistles like you can do some PC backup and it comes with a report wizard that allows you to create a report for your PC and it has links to its forums contact and there's a lot of information online if you want to do that now let's take a look at their preferences here you can choose your language your general settings you can check for updates you can decide what to view when 8 o 64 starts you can show it in the control panel load it during startup display the splash screen if you want minimize it to system tray all that type of stuff then you have some layout options some stability options now if you're a hardware enthusiast you probably might want to take a look at these it's very detailed and very customizable now in Hardware monitoring you can decide how to how you want the temperatures to be shown and whether or not you want to measure the disk temperatures as well you can select the update frequency for each of these so that you can decide the exact interval after which the sensor data is refreshed so right now it's set to like three and five milliseconds you can even change the icons if you want there's an on-screen panel too and you can choose exactly what you want to show there so lots of fancy stuff and you can have a desktop gadget if you want once again as I said a very detailed and customizable program so that's my overview of AIDA64 Extreme as I said this is a great tool for overclockers and hardware enthusiasts I hope you enjoyed this video do you like it if you did and subscribe to our channel for more and don't forget to check out the written review at WWF all credit calm this is your host Leo signing out


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