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AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a compact tool designed to help you manage the space from your hard disk drive. The program offers you multiple wizards and tools for changing the parameters of your partitions.

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The way you divide your disk space into partitions is essential for optimizing the performance of your computer which is why you should carefully plan the disk usage when you install the hard drive for the first time.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you plan and calculate, the disk usage might change in time forcing you to make changes to the size of a partition in order to fit more programs or data. However, changing a partition when the disk includes important data is a more difficult task.

The Aomei Partition Assistant is designed to provide you with the essential tools required for changing the hard disk configuration. Thus, you can use the program to change the partition size, label or even format it.

Moreover, you are able to change the size of a partition by splitting it, merging it with another one or adding unallocated space. The Partition Copy tool is able to create a sector-by-sector replica when you need to transfer the content to another hard drive.

Besides the partition management tools, the application includes several wizards which enable you to migrate the operating system to a SSD or shrink the existing partitions in order to extend the one that needs more space.

If you need to configure multiple computers, Aomei Partition Assistant allows you to create a bootable disk that can be used on all the machines without having to install the program on each one.

When you want to make changes to the disk configuration you just need to specify the desired operations and apply the changes. The program displays a list of the actions and a time estimation before executing them.

Whether you need to merge, extend or create partitions AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition can be a useful tool.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition Review

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we're gonna go ahead and review AO Mei technologies partition assistant standard edition now this program is very powerful if you're looking to make partitions on your hard drive or copy over your hard drive to another one making a direct copy and many many other useful tools I'm gonna show you here in a bit now this is the website here this is their website here where you can download it I will post a link on the description of the video for this webpage so you can download it now the standard edition that we're looking at this one is free all you got to do is click on the download on the green download button here it'll take you to this page and here you can go ahead and compare what the free one has compared to the the upgrade the professional and the server Edition but let's go ahead and review the freeware one I'm gonna click on the download freeware and then you click one more time here it's gonna take you to see net here and you got to click one more time where it says download and it will download the program once you download and install it this is what it looks like here it's very easy to use program I like the way they laid it out I like I love the shortcuts that have here on the left left hand side they have wizards and they have disk operations but on the very top you can uh let's start from the top here so and the top tabs up here in system you can reload discs or you can hit f5 to reload and you can also reload here let's say you just happen to plug in an external drive you can just hit the reload button here and it'll reload and pick it up under the disk you can copy disk wipe a hard disk hard drive you can do a surface test which is very really cool I'll show you guys this here in a bit you can rebuild the MBR on the hard drive you can delete partitions or delete all partitions convert em PR GPT and you can look at the properties of the current disk you have selected also there is once you select a disk you should be able to go to partition up here you can resize the partition split copy create you can delete format change the label wipe partition they have so many so many tools and most of these the tools are listed here on the side ready and you can change the language here or it's a settings or you can go to help and let's see what if you go to about you'll see what version you have five point six point three is the one we're reviewing right now and also they have tutorials you can click you can click on this tutorial button it'll take you to their website and from here you can look at all the tutorials here that change partition size copy disk of partition because this program can be confusing if you're a beginner and you don't know what partitioning is or you know what an MBR is and all that you can go to the tutorials there's an upgrade button also you can send them feedback and they also have a free backup software which I will make I will make a review on this ao Mei back back upper standard so at the end of the video there will be a link you guys you guys could check this out also alright guys so let's look at the wizards here you can extend a partition they have that wizard and extend the current system partition which the windows is installed and then you can select a partition and then you click Next then you go from there and right now it's loading and it found it can extend mts partition without losing data and restart computer and you just click Next and you can extend it that way I'm not gonna go ahead and do it because I mean I'm filming right now and it could really mess up the screen capture and I not doing right at that right now to my hard drive just showing you guys they have the disk copy wizard you can do it quickly or sector-by-sector anything that's quickly I really don't recommend I reckon I'm pretty sure it works good but sector-by-sector seems like the best choice even though it takes longer it'll make sure to do it right but I'm pretty sure they're quick version does it pretty quick also and does a good job also but I always like to do sector by sector it's just my choice but anyway first you select source disk that's what it's asking from right now now this 500 gig hard drive is my main hard drive that I'm using the 1.8 terabyte that you're seeing that's for storage I make lots and lots of videos on YouTube so this is where they're stored before I upload them so this is my main disc my main operating system disk and this is my storage disk so we're gonna if I wanted to copy over this disc to my storage disk well you choose the source I'm going to choose that one then you click Next and each choose your destination and then click Next now it's telling me it's gonna delete everything I don't want that from heat so I sorry guys I can't go further than this on the instant on how to do this I'm just gonna hit no here but that's that's easy guys you select the source select destination click Next and it'll start copying it over but I can't erase my data on this hard drive because that's where I have all of my YouTube videos and this YouTube video all right so that's the disc copy they have a partition copy wizard also where you can copy partitions over the same thing it's got the same setup here you can do a quick or you can do sector by sector you select sector by sector and here's the partitions you select which ones you want you click Next and it'll copy in them over same way alright guys and then let's take a look at migrate OS to SSD if you have a solid SSD stands for solid state drive it's the new drives that don't spin it's just like a giant flash drive in a way and this will help you migrate your current OS to a solid-state drive click Next to continue so it's got that option to do that I like this program it's got everything in one and it's free the standard edition is free alright and partition recovery wizard if you want to if you want to recover a partition you can use this most of the time you would grab your friend let's say your friend's hard drives the part or your hard drive the partition is not working I mean it's corrupt you take the hard drive out put it on another computer you load this program you select that hard drive you click Next and you choose faster full search you click Next and it'll start to search and recover your partition it'll try to recover it and try to fix it all right well what's really cool about this program it has NTFS to fat32 fat32 is a is an old file system that used to be like on Windows 98 I think Windows 2000 might have had it too but you can convert NTFS to fat32 or fat32 to NTFS you can do that also so it's got a converting wizard tool also there that's awesome you can make a bootable media and it'll make it as a Windows 8 operating system on your USB Drive and you can just boot off of it and you can create a simple one it's give you the options here create a simple one or you can create a one that has a desktop in Start menu another thing similar thing is they have a Windows to go tool where you can actually put Windows 8 on a USB Drive and take it with you anywhere you want and you'll have it you know anywhere you want which is awesome that's really really hot really really helpful guys and I gotta give credit to AO Mei for adding this feature because it makes life so much easier so all you got to do plug in a USB Drive make sure it's empty and you just hit proceed and it'll do it now you do need to select in Windows 8 installation file here so you have to have the ISO and I'm pretty sure you can download it from the Microsoft website you should be with a download Windows 8 they give it to you download it as an ISO file and then you just point to it when you click browse and it'll install it on your flash drive pretty cool guys really cool and here's this this copy it's the same thing it's a little I mean they're trying to add shortcuts here so this copy is the same thing as a disk copy wizard they have a delete all partitions so tool here wipe hard drive we already saw those up here on the disk when you click on the disk tab up here it's the same tools as we have here in disc operations now if you select a hard drive you can click on properties and see what it is for example this one's a 596 gig this two is 1.88 terabyte now one thing I really like about this program is the disk surface test you can do a quick check or you can do a full check but I ready I've already done a quick check on this hard drive here but when you click start it'll start searching as so right there and there goes it's still going now normal is green so so far everything is normal if it's red it means it's damaged and you might want to if you get a red dot in here I recommend you save all your files backup everything and get a new hard drive but thankfully everything's green I love this disk surface test I was looking for something like this I'm so glad I found this program now I can check my hard drives and make sure they're good but there we are everything's normal all my youtube videos that I have saved or good that's good alright so that's everything guys now this is this is the standard edition if you want more features you can click on the upgrade button and it'll show you what a a ome IPA partition assistant professional covers they can allocate free space one partition to another my gray OS from MBR to GPT disk to solid-state drive which is something that the one the standard edition to can't do migrate System beechwood drive between MBR and GPT disks convert system or data disc between NPR and many many more things convert dynamic discs to basic disk convert partition between primary and logical chunks partition type ID change serial number that's a very powerful tool right there changing the serial number on it and it looks like it costs forty four point one forty four dollars to upgrade it but the standard edition looks like it can do pretty much everything it's just if you're professional and want to change serial numbers and stuff like that that's when you go ahead and upgrade guys thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe like the video and stay tuned for many many more videos you


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