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Ares is a lightweight app designed to facilitate the that its consumers stock details over the Online by providing them with a comprehensive kludge,  fast click mph and changes in documentation availability. It allows transactions following a simple principle: consumers get to click folder as long as they stock their own. Virtually any kind of what is accepted.

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mouths talung rebuildable tank so seem to have been seeing that more often the latter half of this year compared to the beginning of this year we've had the deadly flavor siren tooth without the Cthulhu hash - mouthed along RT which was actually a decent most along after ye before they ugly Marilyn most along after you which was a little bit too yearly yearly eerie and have also had the van de vie Berserker Anakin yeah and who a rebuildable tank from Anakin Anakin have stepped into the fray with something rather interesting this is the Anakin eighties ER es not the same Erie's that does the coils for me different Hades this is the Anakin Aries mouthed along our te and as a joint venture between fell basado you know hey folks boobs although that the reviewer over in the US and Demi they are known as the vaping Greek and they've come up but that's rather interesting a little fellow so it's time for an RT air of your and what looking at last Wednesday's Paul fast-tracked fraidy one of us as the Erie's mouthed along RTE from Anakin designed by Feld masado and vaping Greek vaping Greek is better known as Dmitry or Demi on Facebook so quick look at the packaging picture of the tank at the front you've got a scrubber layered I think now it's Dimitri's signature there Edie's most along are to you you've got fell beside to a signature there and of course out the back scratched check off the intesity duty pin event and all the rest of it let's pop this thing open you've got a little bit of art what yeah they just fell Bussard over there there's Dimitri over leo and if we pop this tab open you've get the tank sitting underneath so it's pop best tank out and pop that to one side underneath the plastic covering you've got all this stuff and here so and the packaging you've actually got a couple of little maker coils on here and here's the interesting part they've actually included wire not a lot but they've included enough wire to get you started to wane jur own coils and a lump of cotton this as a bloody good idea thumbs up to Anakin for including wire Danya and here you do of course have your spare glass this one's the slightly smoke effect glass the glass it comes by there's the clear glass as you can see a whole bunch of different colored awnings on here and then the other packaging and here you've got all the various types of tools you've got your little screwdriver here well tool and you've got your two coil Wayne systems you know I'm not gonna be using these because I've got a coil master pole thing that I use anyway but you've actually got two different winding systems on here if you don't have a coil master or one of those coiling jugs you can use these two little fellas and here to help you on your way to wayne jet on coil saw Anakin along with Dimitri and of course FAL basado have literally thought of everything even down to including a little tiny about a wire here to help you rebuild us on there we I wish more tight manufacturers thought about that actually the the brand-new person to the rebelled market actually includes stuff in the box that helps our brand-new Beldar on the real what our companies don't do that no see here we go we've got the Edie's mouth to lung tank let's have a close-up of a best thing at the top you do of course have your 510 mouthpiece which I'm not gonna drop and fall felling this push that to once a nurse got a slight top cap put your juice on there slide it back over again you do of course have your ear floor control which is down here so that's the airflow control on the side at least and as you can see the slowly opens up we have also got this thing here which is on this end remind you of anything it's the same type of ear floor that the digital either side in version 2 has separate hall all by itself so you can faint chin down or you've got the ring style off cyclops tail ear floor so they've lifted this off the digi flavour silent you've get the main chamber here it's a GTE style tank remains you of anything yes they've left it that's off of the digi flavor siren as well they've went for a GTA style deck so the whole deck has raised up halfway up the tank so there's less distance for the vapor to travel which means you don't lose as much flavor rather than having the deck down here at the bottom so let's crack that stone you open and see what's actually going on and side here first of all I like what they've done by their Co chamber right it reminds me a lot actually of the van de vie bazooka very very smooth dome going up there to concentrate the flavor on but unlike the Berserker thus air chamber and here as a lot more contained so it's concentrating the flavor and even more the glass of course does pop off for easy cleaning so this is the top end of the tank and here's the deck remains you of anything it reminds me of this airflow from the digi flavor siren version one practically copied from the digi flavor siren version one and the clamp system lefted from the digi flavor siren version two the eighties mouthed a long time should have been called the digi flavor siren mouthed a long time copied by Anakin that's what it should have been called because this reminds me an awful lot of the way this sirens been produced a couple of minor differences with us one though the airflow rang down here which which can be seen on the digi flavor siren version one the original one the sea airflow rings are little bit more smaller and the air holes are also a little bit more smaller to direct the air a little bit stronger against the base of the coil the clamp systems here have been shot and out compared to the digi flavour siren version two which are held beta test and come out with it come up with the F floor design but what you're basically looking at here as the basics of Adeje flava silent that's what you're looking at anyway what we're gonna do here there's a bit of pop a couple like well got a couple we're gonna pop one coil in us gives us a single it's a single coil after year after all I'm gonna put this in a geek beep thing I am using point four eight millimeter wire I'm using here I probably shouldn't have space to actually because those loop right yeah I shouldn't a space that okay I'm gonna have to rewind that hold on folks and keep forgetting this is a most a lung tank which means you don't have to space out the make it'll call you don't have to space out the micro coil for it to end so I'm gonna quickly get my point forty eight millimeter canfil here and we're gonna quickly waned a new coil here we go go with 9 raps that should do it so I'm not gonna space this out so we're looking at an actual true maker coil this time and what I'm looking for as a Philips head screwdriver so I'm gonna need this filler oh okay nice coil this thing up you right okay y'all thought that was easy enough because it's a clamp post style system you can't get much easier than this unless it's a dual pose velocity deck of course snap off the ends of the wire here and then what we're gonna do as first of all yeah I don't need to lift us up from the beasts a little bit so it's not touching the ear floor down here at the bottom just like that and then be bed that's coil I'm where's my to ease us nearly up give that a quick reek now I'm noticing a slight gap in the wound there so let's squeeze that together and give it a very quick pulse fire yeah gasps God perfect another eight okey cows coming out a little bit law was even for round about one room I should have put an extra wine in there but point eight successes coming out are I'll do me only thing left to do now is to whacker working this thing is very easy folks because as a GT style raised deck all you need to do is run some cotton down past that hole and have a little bit of cotton stuck in at the bottom so what I'm gonna do is slice off a little but cotton here I should do it pension to us this no no we need to do as to slice off just a little bit of cotton here do you want to leave a couple of centimetres that way it's enough to drop down in there and stick out down here see that little tough to cut and sticking out through the Beast that's what you're looking for cut that round about there level that up get the mg a carton and flip that out and then what we're going to do is to juice this cotton up to make it easier for the top Bale cap you have to slide over the dirt to slide over the cotton so they're just gonna soak this all up just like that geralt weasels and push that cotton down and to the groove you here we go you'll end up with something that looks like that the cotton tucked down to the groove and all we need to do now is get the top cap pop the tank over back wined at first until you hear that click that's the thread connection and then your winder or and that way you're not getting any cotton trapped and the threading finger and thumb just like that if you hit in if you feel any crunching is going on Barker off immediately keep byte winding it until you hear the click and then screw it on because that crunchiness is usually caught and trapped and side the threading so we're gonna do that here we go that's the tank all filled up pop the tank off slide open the top fill the tank up oops almost over fell were there and that is us ready go pop the mouthpiece on slide the top over wipe off any excess juice and there we go folks that's the eighties mouth to long tank designed by FL basado and Demetri the vaping geek produced by Anakin let's head up to the moon come we'll have a vape on this and I'll give you my final thoughts yes I'm a backup top looking at the Anakin it is wrong we don't Anakin Ares most along time the joint venture between fell basado the vaping Greek and of course I'm looking I've got it satin on top of the inert not anakin the aspire sky star new mod from air II a new mod this one from 80s no it's not from here these new butts the tank new mod from a spire very weel touchscreen Ernest stop getting used to anyway 16 watts and murhaf and there we go folks the Anakin Aries mouthed along rebuildable tank atomizer whatever thinker that's the Eisen the noise I'm gonna be blunt I don't like this tank the problem is the ear antique on the deck now they copied the berserker chamber they copied the airflow ring the control drag from the siren too they copied the clamp system from the siren too but they copied the airflow and take from the siren one now I don't know what made them do that because here's the problem the silent one when it was first released was a massive sailing tank for dodgy flavor and geek V and the reason it was a massive sailing tank is because at that time there was nothing else like as well made as good a flavour as that on the market at that price point we are talking about almost two years ago know the side and one wizard was originally fast well not not two years ago more like a year and a half ago to be honest the siren one was originally her in the shelves if you went out to try and buy a most along rebuildable tank that was not a clone that matched the flavor of the digi flavor side and one you have to spend ninety to a hundred quite Anarchy fun that's how good the durga flavor side and one was but the siren one had a bag a shoot with the deck not the way the coil was mounted but it was OE the ear was hitting the coil most along tanks have got an inherent problem with the way that the Rebell double side of mouthed along tanks work all coils whether it be your clapton coil whether it be by gas coils like that all coils need high pressure directed ear to at least the center of the coil to stop that coil from overcooking the flavorings before it gets vaporized as an inherent issue that almost along tanks have and you came across that knowing again with the digi flavor siren one because if you tighten the side and one airflow up to get a nice tight draw from it the flavor actually started to decrease because what was happening was the cap on the ear antique on the deck with the little holes punched through it which is what this is God was not directing the airflow like a high jet stream of air flow to the actual underside of the coil itself it's a low pressure air coming in from the actual airflow control ring and because it's a low pressure you're not doing you're not doing that as a mouth to long draw because it's a low pressure coming and you've got to convert it to high pressure coming out underneath the coil and the digit leave aside and one doesn't do that so the tighter you had that airflow control ring the more the flavor went down because the more the coil was over cooking the e-liquid and the flavoring before it got to the vapor and stage it was essentially boiling the flavored off that's basically what it was doing so that's why a lot of people with the deadly flavor siren to not siren to side and one ran that tank with at least three air holes open on the airflow control to get a bit more pressure coming from the subsystem going on and here and thus tanks copied that same system but they got the chamber from the bazooka the airflow control lengthen the deadly flavor siren - and the clamp system from the deadly flavor siren - but they handicapped the tank by using the deck air antique from the siren one this tank cannot compete with the van de vie Berserker the Cthulhu Hostin mouthed along on more importantly thus the deadly flavor siren - and I've had the same coils and all four of those tanks including the deadly flavor siren one for a quick test and thus was matching the siren one matching the cyan one just feign but when it comes to the new generation of mouthed along rebuildable tanks like this and like the Berserker that doesn't come anywhere neither nowhere neither at all and it's all to do not with the airflow control ring here not with the air chamber here but the ear antique underneath the coil and I am very surprised fell mesial doing the vaping doesn't catch on that I am very surprised they didn't catch or not the Ares is a big wasted opportunity from Anakin it's a massive wasted opportunity and they could have done something different with the tank something new tips aggress the whole most along rebuildable tank thing farther on in the industry but all Anakin and fell and Dimitri have basically dead has cloned the Dungy flavor siren one that G flavor siren - and VanDerveer berserker that's essentially what they've done they've taken the cherry pack parts from all - of up from two of those tanks and rule the and to the one tank and made the big mistake of copying the ENT from the side and one which is hobbling the flavor unless and it's not just me that's saying that there's a whole lot of other yuki review are saying the exact same thing in social media the flavor from this as laterally muted compared to the DJ flavah silent version to but if you pick the stank up against the side and one that tastes fine because the Silent One is using the same low pressure deck here and take that thus tanks using but the stank along with the side and one as nowhere and the same league as the speller or even the van de vie Berserker and the van de vie bizarre come any sorry guys I don't like that stank I really don't like that stank not so much the fact that and they can have basically copied a whole bunch of other tanks and all that and the one design but it's the mistake they made of lifting the airflow and takes s them on the deck from the siren one any mouthed along tank reviewer could tell you that that system for the digi flavor Silent One cannot compete against any mouthed along tank currently on the market because the air pressure hitting the coil as to law but Anakin decided to go with it what do I know I don't design tanks folks I just review them but there we go folks that was a look at the Anakin eighties mouthed along this review is gonna get me in so much trouble but I've got to be honest I've got to be honest I don't like the tank if you are interested in buying it for whatever reason the basic price I've got veep of DNE over in the United States right now and they've got it out of stock because it looks as if the thing stole sharper no V pub dne are selling it for $35.99 you'll be getting it for an equivalent price here in the United Kingdom for about twenty seven twenty seven twenty eight bone yeah by a siren to buy a van de vie Berserker got to be honest folks I've got to be honest f:v had went were the eighties if they had went with a single pan hole underneath the center of the coil or if they were gonna copy the side and to deck and the side and to airflow control rank just go fill hog and copy the siren to fill air system and a line of three holes all pan holes going the entire length of the coil that coupled with the air chamber from the van de vie bazooka I'll guarantee you the stank would have beaten the Berserker and beaten the siren too but the earrin take on the deck has left and from the siren one and it's muted the Flav of something bad comparing it to all the other mouthed along rebuildable tanks out there on the market because the pressure petting the coil is far too long and it's cooking off the flavor before it vaporizes I honestly don't know what they were thinking when they came up with the designer that says a massive wasted opportunity when it comes to this particular tank anyway I'm gonna shut up now because I'm already in enough trouble with Anakin and fell and veep and Gleek and everyone else but I've got to be honest folks got to be honest anyway big thanks to Anakin for sending the Erie's most along tank over 40 review fer bunny turn like we've seen give a thumbs up don't they below the video over the you've got the latest review no matter what are you watching the channel on the day I know you've got the elitist Sunday what's up vlog and they'll down the law over there dude give me home the paint again us clucking that to subscribe to the channel as always folks thanks for watching and yeah have a good one


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