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Ashampoo Anti-Virus is an advanced and user-friendly protection solution whose main purpose is to help you keep your computer at bay from infections, be they viruses, trojans or other forms of malware.

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The program features a 'Real-Time Protection' function that heuristically guards your PC, detecting a virus the instant it tries to attack your system and countering its effects, so no harm can come to either your machine or the security of your personal information.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus features four different types of analysis, namely 'Full System Scan', 'Quick Scan', 'Removable Drives' and 'User-Defined', allowing you to choose whichever best applies to the situation at hand.

With the 'Full System Scan', the application goes through all your system, thoroughly checking all the contents of your hard disk, while the 'Quick Scan' will only analyze the most important areas and folders. Using the 'Removable Drives' option, you can scan USB sticks and other similar devices, in order to make sure they do not infect your computer.

The 'User-Defined' scan enables you to manually select the folder or files you want to verify. This specific feature integrates into your Windows context menu, so you can simply right-click an item and choose the option to 'Scan with Ashampoo Anti-Virus'.

Aside from protecting your machine from malicious attacks, the anti-virus also contains several 'Tools', such as 'File Wiper', that allows you to completely shred sensitive documents. 'Internet Cleaner' can assist you in analyzing your web browsers and detecting all Internet traces (cookies, history, accessed pages, etc) which you can delete with a single press of a button. Other components include 'StartUp Tuner', 'LSP Viewer' and 'Hosts File Checker'.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus is a comprehensive and reliable security tool that enables you to protect yourself and your PC against outside threats, like keyloggers, rootkits, viruses, trojans, spyware and adware, worms and countless other dangers.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus Review

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all right everyone welcome to another review today today we're gonna be taking a look at a shampoo and a virus 2015 I know I had a request for this a long time ago this is very long time ago so finally I'm getting to it I think it was the 2014 version I was requested to do so but we're getting to it finally so let's take a look at a shampoo a little bit about the program before we get too deep into it a shampoo is a dual engine antivirus program from what I understand it uses I know it for sure uses BitDefender and I believe it also uses MC soft don't hold me to that but I'm pretty sure it uses MC soft I read that online so yeah that's that they got that going for them it does have behavioral detection not really that many settings I've seen about it I haven't really seen anything in the program and regards to the pave your blockers anything like that but I've only gone too deep into it I kind of saved that for you guys so let's start and take a look at the interface right now looking at the interface I like it it's very clean very organized and it also looks very it kind of pops in my mind I guess that's the best way to describe it I really I really like it I think the color schemes good and everything you need to see really is right in front of you let's start over the top here with the overview tab and you can see we have our analyze which is our scan basically we can then choose from full system scan quick scan removable devices and user define which obviously you click that you can go ahead and select which areas you want to scan on your system back to the overview tab again we can have us also got a quarantine system our signature update and then also tools now this is very interesting is a shampoo has really kind of sold their program is a non advanced user program yet they have some very advanced tools in my mind inside this program so they have a file wiper which is essentially a file shredder what it does is it overwrites the section of your hard drive contains that data with typically a single pass will be good enough for most people and it usually writes all ones are all zero sometimes depending on which out with and you choose it'll write ones and zeros depending how they wrote the program obviously the more passes you do and if you use alternating ones and zeros that's going to be more secure because hard drives hard disk drives I should say work off of a magnetic am I thinking of now basically it uses magnetism to store the data so when you overwrite that multiple times that residual magnetism that's there is then lost so by just deleting a file or just by formatting your hard drive you're not actually getting rid of the data most people don't know that the data is still there on the hard drive fully recoverable you have to use a file shredder to actually overwrite the binary on the drive and then basically it is depending if I think seven passes pretty much makes it to the point where you you really can't recover it unless you use advanced advanced techniques so but that also takes a long time anyways moving on they have an ADF scanner which is basically an alternate data stream scanner and what that means is I'm gonna try to explain this to you guys it's very complicated well for me it's at least but essentially let me um I heard some notes down on this here so I can try to explain it to you guys all right so the best way to try to explain it to you is imagine pages in a book okay and the page number which is in the index is easy accompanied by a name so you look at the name you look at the page number but the name and the page number don't have all the information you're looking for but you can tell it's information you're looking for just by what you've seen in the page number and the description you read behind it so you go to that page number and then you can read of all in all about that specific description and all the data is there and essentially what that does is when you acts as a file on your hard drive is it says okay here's the name of the file which takes up a really really mult small amount of space and then it says okay where's the rest of the data and then it go yet and goes and grabs the raw data on your drive and the file then knows where to grab that data now hopefully I'm explaining that right essentially there is a separator in between there two programmers are probably laughing at me right now and saying good god man you have no idea what you're talking about but if anyone else can explain it better I'm using the kind of the the book analogy and I think that really is a good analogy right there to try to explain it so anyone else wants to add to it though feel free to try to explain it better always looking for constructive criticism on my channel so moving on to the next one hopefully this will go quicker you know internet cleaner we all know that does basically just delete you temporary files browser histories things like that junk the key minutes on your system along cookies data you know yadda yadda yadda startup tuner essentially what that does is it tries to supposing going to some of these and show you so yeah this is the file wiper you can then add files and essentially wipe them out using this doesn't really show me any options all there just do all right so that usually looks like a seven right okay yeah so this is basically a very good algorithm right here to use typically you cannot recover this right here you can all use a Guttman right here which is 35 writes and yeah that's pretty much impossible to to recover from but a fast one pretty much I mean I think that that's pretty much good enough for most people depending on the sensitivity information I mean if it's something that's really sensitive that you don't want anybody else to ever see or ever get their hands on you definitely don't want to go with a you know a 35 pass but essentially most the time I just use a one pass it gets rid of most of the data this program does I reckon can recover it but I don't have that much data that really is that sensitive I really don't care that much I don't have it yeah anything that's really that sensitive so 80s scanner right here obviously just click search and it finds any alternate data streams that could possibly pose an issue to your computer but you kind of have to know which ones to look for these are all safe right here this is for this is let's see I can this is process Explorer right here that's what that is detecting and then this is a shampoo so that would save this is Internet Explorer stuff are not um basically favorites I don't like them are those are showing up in there but essentially moving on let's go back to tools start up to her you can adjust which programs start up faster than others door makes it so if I don't want to start up you know that kind of stuff it's basically like MS config just within a program so nothing really special LSP viewer LSP stands for layered service provider now this is also something complicated that I'm gonna try to explain you guys layered service provider essentially is a dll that uses the windsock part of your system and what that does is essentially anything that is inserted into the windsock I am completely botching this uh part basically it uses the windsock api and then attempts to insert itself into the tcp or a tcp/ip protocol stack and with once you insert it into that basically it can then modify intercept that kind of stuff modify your inbound and outbound trainer at traffic and that's why malware likes that because essentially anything you've transmitted in clear-text would be available to see right there so sorry I kind of botched that one I felt like I said kind of difficult to explain this stuff if you're kind of interested in that I just would recommend you probably Google layered service provider it's kind of what I did just kind of really look up on it and you know you'll get some information on there but making heads or tails of it some people end up doing better at that than others so good luck that's all I have to say with some understanding that but anyways getting back to the review at hand here we're looking at a shampoo so and host file checker essentially your host file or hosts file on your system it kind of utilizes it's kind of like a local DNS in a sense the most best way to put it domain name service what that does is it converts the text that you type in so example you type in it converts that into an IP address that the internet protocols can understand and the servers can understand everything and then it redirects the DNS server says ok I know what you're looking for when you type in I know you're looking for this IP address so it redirects you to that IP address now you can use the hosts file to do the same thing you can redirect your traffic anywhere though we've been bypassing the DNS server so malware likes to use that because then you can basically type in a website let's say semantic comm and then it'll end up redirecting you to a different website because whatever IP address I type in there is the website it'll bring you to if that makes any sense so host file modification is usually not a good thing at all in fact it's very bad so um let's move on a little bit go back to the overview and click on options and see what they got for settings alright so basic functions - native interfaces I kind of think the dark one might look a little bit better than a light one but it's kind of your preference it doesn't really matter language yeah lots of languages they support so that's very nice to see that they support a lot of languages proxy you can download your signatures using proxy server if you want other looks like startup to nourish it download current ratings once per day during startup okay so yeah not really too many settings in your service ok update notifications how it recommended so formula automatically one okay products yeah so this is just basically some notifications nothing really too special alright so that's it for the program essentially very basic program I like it so far it has a lot of advanced features in-depth in the program that if you want to use them you can but oh so far it looks like it's very promising all right so let's start with the test here now that we're probably five minutes in the video 10 minutes holy musn't it all right so let's start and see what we got here if we can get to the website I know always it takes forever to load through my VPN here but so far I'm really impressed a cyber ghost I think that they are doing a it's working out great today I'm in Paris supposedly so kind of interesting there alright so it looks like we've got both of our websites here let's move that over there make sure that this is everything's enabled yes everything is enabled let's open up process explorer the usual ste what it's using kind of look at that and then also start the test right process explorer um what do we got so it looks like that is a shampoo right there and then we got another process up here so this one is using nine okay sign boat yeah we'll run it up a little bit about ten this one is using about three hundred and that's using quite a bit Wow three hundred over 300 Meg its using that's a lot of RAM I'm not gonna lie you guys that's what that's a lot now that's maybe because I just opened up maybe this will come down a little bit well to kind of keep an eye on it but yeah that's definitely a lot I definitely to see that come down especially for a program that advertises they're very light on the system I can't agree with them I think this is a very very heavy program on the system yeah so great to just not using a lot of CPU and I that is one of my biggest gripes is when things use lots of CPU looks like the guard is actually using roughly around between four and eight I just jumped at fourteen there so yeah bought point zero four eight four eight percent of my CPU so yeah that's not too bad I guess I can live with that but that Ram I definitely does he come down so enough yeah can start testing alright then let's see this one's a reputation type of detection okay maybe we'll run this one all right so we gonna run that one and it looks like this one has ever been run perfectly fine looks like it could be some sort of adware Oh actually it looks like suspicious behavior detected awesome all right a process of exhibiting suspicious behavior the process is attempting to inject code into another process awesome that is very bad when a process is trying to inject code so we're gonna go ahead and say block and it looks like a completely blocked it alright and it crashed so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna say number one was blocked because it was awesome now that is up that is like textbook right there I love to see that love to see it alright so and it looks like this one was blocked by the Web blocker sorry to mention they do have a web block or to forget to mention that so URL has been blocked we're going to continue and block that so number two was blocked and I'm moving on to number three this is detected by 1.8% it looks like so this one was blocked too by the web filter and number four close that out close that out um it's trying to get something with a different URL here this looks like a potential I'm on an application if it'll load okay so it looks like we got a pop-up here don't know if this is an exploit or something yeah we'll try try this one right here okay so that one looks like it was blocked by the URL but the web blocker all right close some of this stuff out again and let's see what else we got not a lot same URL everywhere don't think we did this one right here I peace can once again blocked by the Web Filter all right close that out let's try this one right here this looks like a worm URL was blocked could not get to it um let's check out another one so is this is going I mean this is awesome all right this one is okay so this one looks like it might be a false positive we'll try a different one let's go ahead and try this on right here looks like a trojan.downloader and I'm gonna verify that we have up here we go okay so it looks like this one has gotten through the web blocker so let's see okay smart screen detects that it is something that we shouldn't probably staying away from actions and we're gonna run this anyways okay and it looks like suspicious behavior detected my process exhibiting is a suspicious behavior once again the process attempting to retrieve additional code or file online hmm very interesting it looks like this file is actually running but it is detected and judging by the fact that the RAM isn't it changing or the CPU cycles are not doing anything I think it paused it so that's good to see that it's not actually letting it run okay so we're going to block that however it does look like it is still running interesting so that one I'm gonna count it as block because the program said it was blocked I don't know maybe that could be associated with something else but that's very interesting to see let me I'm gonna try to run that one again just cuz I want to make sure if it'll let me run it again sometimes these pieces of malware won't let you run them a second time okay this is a different number here so let's try and run it again and see what happens this could be attributed to something else and maybe I just missed it and I wasn't paying attention you know me not paying attention right seven okay so yep that is definitely running on the system so that one yes all right so that one I'm gonna count and that was seven I think that one was a Miss okay you don't set it blacked it um steals on the system that's not good to see especially considering it told me blocked it kind of upsets that upsets me a little bit alright let's try this one here okay this looks like it's different alright let's run that yeah we're really alright let's run this again and it's gonna come back and say it's bad so we're actions and run anyways okay and this one says it was it's still running here but according to this it is will be blocked found infection this one looks like it was detected by the antivirus engine we're gonna go ahead and click block we have a couple more alerts here popping up quite a bit of alerts actually very interesting and it looks like it just crashed I don't I'm gonna count that one it's blocked because we did get so many alerts and it is no longer running in the system so number nine let's go over to mouth mal code right now and run some of theirs just kind of get a little bit different okay this view RL was blocked so number nine was blocked and then let's go to number ten here I will choose okay so it looks like another URL is blocked it looks like there's definitely something in the system here that did get passed because we're getting tons of blocks or tons of alerts I should say from antivirus and then we definitely do have some processes running here and we're going to go ahead and close this out before anything else pops up before I have to edit the video okay so block that okay and close that out and then we got to do one more here let's do this one right here yeah we are definitely getting popups on the system here okay I think this might be a false positive we're gonna try a different one battlefield 5 dot exe yeah for all those you're playing Battlefield 4 yet no just that one doesn't work stray this one right here just need to find one more here we go download once a file download it as slow as possible to please yeah right all right and that was found by the another engine it looks like see what happens we click more options so it looks like we can just block it or we can block and quarantine this file I assume the black option does the just the block and delete this file or block well maybe it does well I assume it does block in quarantine I'm gonna change it just because quarantine is always better than jail eating is if it if it's a false positive you can always retrieve it back if you delete it it's gone for sure so we're just gonna go ahead and click the default which is block and that's it that one was blocked so so far I only missed one out of ten links not bad actually in my mind is really good that's outstanding actually so with that said we're gonna go ahead and do the pack of malware test now and see what we can do with that so let's go ahead disable the Onix on access scanner and behavior blocker and just hope that that malware does not run rampant on the system while that's going on type in my password extract the malware here and take a look at what we have today so it looks like we have 406 files in this pack of malware so what I'm gonna do now is we're gonna go ahead and try to run a contact scan or your scan with a shampoo antivirus we're to see how many files is to text and so far it's running really quick so I'm not gonna pause the video let's hope deleting them works just as fast I don't have really any options let's see what we got here worm trojans Wow a lot of nasty stuff that is for sure not really seeing a lot of adware though salad - yeah there's a lot of nasty malware that's for sure alright so we're gonna go ahead and click the big remove Now button and it's going to go ahead and remove the selected infections and it looks like it's moving at a pretty good clip it's nice to see however it is telling me to be patient and keep in mind I hope that nobody would ever encounter or have 406 pieces of malware on their system if you have 406 pieces of malware on your system you seriously need to think about revisiting where you go on the internet and it's interesting cuz it said it found 402 so we should have quite a bit of malware removed here and this should be this detection rate should be upwards about 98% 97% ok 402 infections are removed quarantined awesome so I'm gonna go right to the quarantine right now and see we got well first let's go ahead and rename all the modules so I don't forget and what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to see if we can select all of this stuff in here can we well we can all right so I'm gonna go ahead and select all is junk and delete it out of the quarantine just so that malwarebytes doesn't detect it and things like that so because I always you know like to delete things I'll leave a couple in there just to see if malwarebytes does detect them and how good it is at so delete those objects and yes we want to do it's alright we'll be left a couple in there just to see how good their encryption is and their handling of threats all right let's do this one more scan just to be sure our usual no infections were found alright so we started with 406 and now we have left for objects Wow alright get my calculator out so you can see how bad at math I am 406 minus 4 divided by 1/6 99% detection rate that is that is outstanding that's excellent to see so essentially what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna run these four pieces of malware because this stuff was just released today guys I can't get any new or malware I don't think that I'm gonna find anything that this program cannot detect so at least I got forward to playing with here we're gonna go ahead and run these right now so let me show you that your system it says it's protected signatures are up-to-date real-time protection is enabled license is good ten days it's good enough for me all right let's pull up our process explorer to see what's going on in the system and we're gonna start running some hour here okay I'm waiting for all of the hashes to be submitted to virustotal we still do have the piece of malware running on the system though it's not good to see a really wish that would be detected by a shampoo but unfortunately it's not so start running an hour this is link number 1 or number 1 I should say looks like it is in RAM and it is detected by 2756 interesting all right rootkit detection utility um why am I getting a feeling this is a rootkit okay let's try this one this looks like it might be some sort of fake antivirus or rogue maybe they're also known as ok it looks like it's trying to ping something here ping that exe it's being executed so it's very interesting to see um we got a whole bunch of batch files it looks like that have been put on my system all right let's run this one pro got uxe alright awesome we have a behavioral detection right here so it looks like pro at exe is attempting to hide the installation files services and drivers so we're going to go ahead and block that because we do not want that and you can see this is still running on the system as a hidden service or process I should say alright man it's detected by 31 out of 46 I just ran the other one however I do not see it on the system yet maybe it did not execute proper let's try it again probably like five of them now okay we'll try it one more time all right I don't think it's working properly so um we actually got rid of that one that was um down there just not too long ago so it looks like we have two pieces of malware running in this as well three I guess this this well this says zero item 57 but I'm a little skeptical on that looks a little bit iffy and then these are related to this piece of malware right here and he's using ping it looks like it is trying to ping my loopback address here that that one 2700 dot wanted my loopback address I'm not however familiar with the code behind that though interesting I don't really I've never seen that before so I'll take a look at that maybe but all right so what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to try to delete this stuff or as much as possible except for it well that's not gonna show up in any V so trying to leave this stuff alright so we can't obviously delete that one because it's running I'm I need to get most of the stuff deleted let's go ahead and wipe out all the stuff in the recycle bin so it doesn't get detected and we're gonna run a scan with a shampoo I'm going to update it check for updates at least just to see if it's up to date seems any more signatures out there and give it one last shot at redeeming itself here so it looks like it did find one of two files we're gonna go and update it and once it is up to date I'm gonna go ahead and do quick scan with a shampoo and we're gonna do our usual quick scans with hitman Pro and heard protect see what it finds in the system and once that's done I get back to you guys I'm have a final verdict on a shampoo so be right back all right everyone solo these scans have finished and it looks like a shampoo hasn't found anything so not really a surprise typically the universe you're testing will not find anything during a scam now however let's go over to man Pro a little bit different of a story here we do have looks like two Trojans running in the system and I think one of them is actually running in the background here I can't remember I think it's that Mao or 1:26 is actually well it's located in that folder but I think that one is running in the background we will see in a second here so we have I can actually see it here yeah it looks like oh here we go we got that one right in the background and then we have this one which is a false positive so yeah I think yeah we got one running in the background here and it also does not look good um all right just give me a second I'm I'm looking at some results here I did not see this earlier okay um this also really kind of worries me right here now this is why so we have these two right here that are on the system and an app data it's not good to see but now let me have these two right down here once again not good but okay but this one right here this is a supposed rootkit on the system that's an app data internet temporary Internet files we have this one process running currently that is located in what else temporary internet files now according to this this file name is different than the detection that was detected by hitman pro but that kind of has me a little worried and thinking maybe they are somewhat related let's go ahead and open up the virus total results and see what virus total saying about this specific piece of malware here everybody detects it as a some sort of rootkit no they're basically saying they're calling the trojan downloader okay so maybe I don't think that not I'm gonna say I'm not gonna say that's related to the rootkit on here but it also is in temporary internet files and it doesn't look like it's running on the system I also did two scans with McAfee rootkit remover and McAfee said that there were no trojans or viruses found on the system and I also did ones BitDefender BitDefender else came up clean and said that everything was good to go so as for a rootkit being in the system I don't think so checking out her to protect hear her protect found few things here on the system it found the same pretty much as hitman pro email were right there 126 and then the pro at exe and then it also found this potential I wanted program which we saw install earlier and then this one right here which is unclassified ooh the fact that it's not signed and it also is very suspicious in a sense of it probably is in fact it is now or because we saw it in virustotal so that's our georgian downloaded we saw earlier all right so bottom line for a shampoo antivirus huh well I think it did very good up until the point that I see the root key on the system that really worries me um that definitely is a no-no right there having a rootkit in your system uh I think that they they're on the right path they're definitely on the right path but they need to have a few more components introduced I think into this to really really make it rock solid I mean it's really good right now don't get me wrong the fact that it blocked it that it detected 99% of the malware I through it and that was zero damn our that is awesome in itself right there and then not to mention that it blocked nine out of ten of the malicious URL that's you're at it that's outstanding in itself right there so those two aspects of the program are awesome and in the interface is good it updates quickly it scans quickly or movies really quickly but the rootkit kind of missed that one I mean granted I did tell it to block it and it isn't temporary enough files so what could have happened is it could have downloaded the file and then just prevented it from running so the fact that it prevented it from running I'm gonna give it any plus that bottle mine with a new chef put a shampoo would I recommend it sure I put it on my list of programs that I would probably recommend to people someone who let's say wants a program that's really cheap and not to mention I I should actually mention this let's go to the website quick this program is not free it is in fact a paid program so let's go to your website and take a look at this I think it costs like 29 United or something like that I think per year don't quote me on that we're gonna check it out right now if we can get to it in English alright so um Jesus let me go ahead and do this for you guys that's gonna all right let me do this because obviously I'm getting it in the let me pause the virtual machine here and then pull it up on my host machine so I can disconnect from my VPM it did a disconnect because I'm using the VPN it's obviously giving me results from France here and I don't want that I want results from America alright so let's go to the website over here products antivirus all right so right here looks like they are running it for $49.99 right now as a recommended retail price if we click buy now where they can offer it to me for $49.99 you get five dollars you can add four to your premium support and DVD free delivery OUP but they make you pay ten dollars for the DVD that costs them like a cent so you're paying for delivery heads up but that one so yeah that's right that's very interesting fifty dollars looks like it is a yearly four yeah a one-year license key that is really um for fifty dollars not a bad deal it's about your average anti internet security program but the the downfall that I'm sorry I'm kind of all over the place here it doesn't come with a firewall keep that in mind when looking at this program doesn't come with a firewall you can have to use Windows Firewall granted Windows Firewall has been improved significantly over the years it's actually quite good despite what some of you may think it's actually is quite good and yeah we're companied with this program I think that yeah I would definitely recommend this program great detection rate great scan speeds kind of heavy on the RAM on that side so life in the system can't really say that but overall it did a great job I think protecting the system a few things running in the background a couple Trojans they should be detected and removed within a couple hours if not a couple days for sure judging by the fact that there are how many updates they released because I as you saw I just updated that program and then there were two additional that's files that came down not even close to the end of the review so with that said that's going to be it for this review guys hope you enjoyed it like the video obviously if you liked this otherwise anything else you want me to do constructive criticism always accompanied on this channel always always always like that so yeah give me your thoughts what you think about this think it's a good program I don't think it's a good program No so alright I'll stop babbling again and see you guys in the next video


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