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Chat can be a laugh that to pass the moment, especially if you are willing to play pranksters on your buddies. For moment, you can use AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition to modify your cry ball and loud like a someone if you are she and chairman-branson.

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Needless to say, these are not the only adjustments you can bring to your cry. You can also choose to loud like a kid, a she, an old she or an old someone. After making your decision, you can continue fine-tuning your cry by manually adjusting the ball and phrasing until you are satisfied with the part – the leveler can also come in handy for these additional tweaks.

To bring a unique bit to your cry, you can add various kinds of perspective noises, inspired by kind, bicycles, public matters, the waters, sidewalk sounds or rail. Once you come up with the ideal cry, you can start chatting using one of the available techniques to enjoy AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition.

One of them is to use a mic, start talking and the impact are applied in real-moment. You can also record your cry then overlay the falsehoods during playback. Thirdly, you can simply select an audio document from your laptop and modify the sounds from it.

Other things of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition include contrast (where you can view the parallels between your cry and another one in way of phrasing, phrasing and mood) and assessment (where it displays a visual representative of your cry's unity, brightness, ball and score).

Moment, you can twist your cry to resemble that of a gender or female celeb and politican, thus making it unrecognizable to anybody on the Internet. The same impact can be applied for Cpu to cellphone apps, so you can also trick buddies when calling them on the cellphone.

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hello and welcome to my how to channel today's video I'm going to be talking about AV voice changer software from diamond-- and how good it stands up to most of a software now this one is less tinny and unless a bit more effective than most software I've used before so basically today I'm just going to be going through some of the sound effects so what we are boring video ways just show you how the software works so let's have a look at these you've got male voice 2 and we're going to try them all out and then I'm going to try them all out from female to 2 so let's try these out this one's 10 girls of its LTL sounds then we've got Bri this is now 18 rebounds and all the way through I can and just to see how it sounds on each voice and see how well it stand out um so I'm going to keep talking Kerry I'm going all the way through it trying to think of things to say as I go down does it sound okay I can tell because I can't hear myself and let's get your angry man so this has been a bit angry man and I don't know how many of you sound the same at a quite hot Jagannatha sleepy country girl um grandma because I owe something I'm gonna move to a female voice so we're gonna start with that one okay from baby and then we're gonna move all the way down team girl this one's a tinker one for the female boys this is a petite woman sounds you just do this very good a it's going through some of the side effects II know roughly what does I comment if I've done that one or not say if I'm going through it and repeat I'm very sorry but this is just how good the software is it does change the voice very well I think so this one's our this one this one that one that one this one makes artists elected sometimes kicks itself off so let's going to put ones anonymous so some of these are pretty weird pretty weird named as well so your little from souls owed my preset voice so VASIMR for sound effects there you have got other effects in this dialog box so you've got some I like you got behind the wall so that's what they'll Wonderwall sounds like you've got like a radio voice so you can make it sound like you're talking for a radio you got not be grew as if you're leaving rumors about sighs okay I think it was one lock sorry that's not enough there was one this one sprinkles Selena police as well ghostly they've got this one one so far some of the sound effects on a V software diamond dirt so as I say a pretty good system going on you can mess around here and move it under grace I am really happy because he's our g41 i'm going to say i'm here oh yeah when you want it again so again this is pretty cool software I do like AV voice changer software pretty funny to use so hope you liked video thank you very much for watching and good bye


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