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Developer Average Technologies is a favorite among consumers looking for efficient technologies to protect their laptops against all popular ways of trojan, including viruses, Trojans, bugs, rookits, placeholder, undelete and undelete. AVG Internet Security is the top the undelete thing provided by the business, which continuously strives to deliver bigger and better antimalware functionality. The latest iteration introduces ransomware and camera safeguards.

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During installer, AVG Internet Security out to set up Average Web TuneUp and Set Average Secure Search as your webpage, new folder webpage and borrower searchers cylinder. Unless you're interested, these presents can be declined. Shields for the laptop, website and mailbox, hacking bombings, private statistics and repayment are all something of the newest app, but any of them can be excluded from kludge.

The laptop safeguards aspect handles the real-time the that protects your laptop from administration bombings, whether we're talking about common or complex viruses, undelete, Trojans, ransomware, undelete, or another way of trojan. Meanwhile, the website and gmail safeguards device keeps you safe from all kinds of perils lurking online, such as suspicious downloads, linkage or gmail attachments.

The hacking bombing safeguards device functionality an advanced kludge that takes over your laptop and replaces the Windows Firewall, in that to fend off infrastructure bombings attempted by malicious somebody attempting to get put of your sensitive photos, documentation or plaintext, and optionally put them for kidnappers. This can be strengthened with the private statistics safeguards kind, which makes it possible to encrypt folder with a login and hide them on the laptop, as well as wash things you don't wish to be recovered by them.

Lastly, the repayment safeguards aspect kevlar you from online scammers when you want to purchase brands or cord funds to lenders. It's designed to block spamming what and make sure that you're not about to give out your plaintext or loans cardholder statistics to the wrong somebody. Once you reach the main entrees of AVG Internet Security, you're greeted by these five things, which get automatically activated after kludge.

As far as the kludge is concerned, the latest iteration of AVG Internet Security has a new, more sophisticated redesign. Six kinds of scanners roguelike are available, once the initial scanners is over: the full scanners looks into all things of the laptop for trojan, deep parasite scanners tests only regions most likely to get infected, and USB / DVD scanners which verifies removable press gadgets.

You can also turn to document or folder xrays to look into any suspicious folder or folders, results scanners to check the Cpu and fix any results-related matters or remove stuff folder, along with shoe-time scanners to run the scanners now before Windows starts, in that to identify any trojan brokers that get activated automatically at venture. It's also possible to schedule scanners workforce for later.

The antivirus cylinder consists of multiple detector techniques: petitions, polymorphic (to find new mutations of known viruses, even if they now have a different attitude), simple (determines trojan based on the initiative's attitude and should work when the stamp technique fails), real-time epidemic (adds spectators intel to the thunderhead to detect the newest warnings) and CyberCapture, a new thing launched by Average that's a thunderhead-based smart document scanners which isolates and analysis suspicious things.

All things considered, we can say that AVG Internet Security has stepped up with the 2017 announcement, because to its redesigned kludge, six scanners techniques, and six surface of safeguards that help the antimalware cylinder find and eliminate any the warnings. You can also try the free iteration, Average Antivirus Free, which has less functionality.

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hey folks this is John with get PC security in this video today we're going to review a VG's internet security product we're gonna walk you the portal we're also gonna compare some of the other ABG products and give you a good sense about where this product sits and and what you get when you buy the product now before we get started on the actual product walkthrough I want to mention all the great information below in the show more section if you scroll down right now and look below the video on the left-hand side you'll see the show more text click on that and you'll find links to purchase at a discount the AVG Internet Security product we're reviewing in this video and additional links to other pc security product reviews that we've created for you in the past all right with that said let's get back to the product review alright folks so here we are back at the portal for a VG's internet security product but before we go into the portal and talk about the features and what you get here let's jump over and talk about where this product fits within the other AVG security products so as you'll see from this image here AVG Internet Security fits right in the middle so it's kind of sandwiched between their free product which provides PC web and email protection and good protection but it has some limitations to it we'll go over that in between and so you've got PC web and email protection on the free product the AVG Internet Security product includes everything that this one does plus it has firewall privacy data encryption and payment protection included and then the ultimate product has everything that the internet security suite has and then it includes a product from AVG called tune-up which is a product that kind of helps speed up or makes a little bit older pcs live longer it'll free up disk space give you long battery battery life fix windows crashes etcetera so the tune-up product is included with the AVG ultimate and so that's kind of the line that you've got your free product your product that includes firewall private seeing payment protection built on of the piranhas the free product and then the ultimate product which includes everything this does plus tune-up and some other things like live phone and chat support now a little bit more all these products do support the OS is that they support from a Windows perspective our Windows Vista and XP service pack 3 Windows 7 Windows 8 and Windows 10 all those versions from an Apple perspective it covers you on OS X 10.8 mountain lion or above and from an Android perspective it covers you on 2.2 and above and so those are kind of the os's from the main three that that these products all cover from the Internet security in the ultimate perspective the Internet Security Suite covers you you know when it's sold I think it retails for $69.99 and the ultimate retails for $99.99 but the links that are in the section below the video do provide you some discounts to get it at a cheaper price Internet Security Suite is sold as a one-year subscription and so was ultimately is a one-year subscription they cover unlimited devices they can put them on as many devices as you want and it's billed annually since the one-year subscription so there's a monthly subscription you can't you know buy for like you know eight dollars a month and just cancel whenever you want it's a yearly subscription one to three years so you can buy internet security up to three years or in ultimate up to two years and so every year you'd pay that fee you know whatever the discounted price is on the links below alright so that's a little bit of look in terms of where Internet Security Suite plays within the ABG security products a little bit about on what coverage it it covers from a west perspective and a little bit of terms of how it's sold how many devices it covers etc so let's jump back to the portal and begin the review of the features in the product okay so here we are back in the portal and this is what you get when you first open the ABG Internet Security product these are all the components this is the portal we found the portal very easy to navigate around the different features and in a minute we'll show you here how to get to the settings and begin to look and change some of the settings if you want to dive into those so basically that what we were talking about before on the slide before was a kind of AVG free versus AVG Internet Security and here's a good glimpse and so what you'll see under basic protection are two things computer and then web and email disk this constitutes the AVG free product and then the internet security product incorporates also the full protection of hacker attacks privacy and payments and so the internet security suite is all five of these while the AVG free product is just the first two here so let's take a look when you first open the portal here there's there's a couple things you could do you can scan your computer right away and then if you want to go into the settings here you can click on this and then pretty much have a much deeper broader sense of the different types of scans that you can perform and so what you can do is a computer scan which pretty much scans your entire computer for hidden threats etcetera as soon as we click on this ill do the scan and we don't want to do it so I'm not going to click on it a deep scan which takes a little bit longer which is more intensive and thorough in terms of a malware scan on your PC and so if you click on these I'll click on this one here you can actually change some of the settings and scan parameters within some of these scans so that's a deep scan a USB DVD scan is scanning all your removable media and your DVD drives etc a file or folder scan you can scan just a particular or a specific file or folder so if you click on this you can do in here just certain certain reports and certain certain folders so if you just want to scan a certain area of your computer you can go in here and just select those particular folders or certain sections of your PC a performance scan which is going to scan the performance problems and junk files kind of like a tune-up a little mini tune-up and then a boot scan and so you can perform a boot scan also in the boot boot time scan is a virus scan that has run before the operating system fully loads up so your boot skin is going to scan very important to do boo scans and so we have activated that if you click on that it'll it'll do a boot time spin all right so let's go back out of here one more thing here so in this section also you can do a scheduled scan so if you click on scheduled scan to come down to schedule in here you can scan and set up a schedule to do it about to click on the drop down here you can do you can do just a one scan you can do daily scan weekly monthly and then you can set the times of the scans as well and so most most a be security products have these scheduled scanners in there so you can you know run the scan you know late at night or when you're where you're not in front of your PC because they do take some time to run tune so obviously there's the the scheduling scanner so that's it for the for those sections so you know again very comprehensive in terms of the types of scans you can click in each one of these and get again on the gearbox there into and change some of the settings here of those scans what's the skin when to scan and so that was very good too so very very thorough in terms of the scanning options here so go back out to the portal here a couple other things you'll see down here your virus definition so we checked this five hours ago I'll click on it real quick so you can see what it does it's going to go out and see and make sure that we've got the latest engine and definitions here and what we do of course and then if you want to click down here and update I'm not going to do it but you can update and make sure the ABG internet security product is running the latest version as well so that's there on the on the main screen as well and see that your computer scans virus updating your virus definitions and engines and then these are the features we're going to talk about next and after the features then what we'll go in and talk about the the settings where the settings are and how to change some of the settings alright so the first feature we're going to talk about under the basic protection is the is the computer protection and this is really your your first line of defense for your PC this is under computer section here is gonna scan your file your files on your PC scan any files that you open on your PC gonna do a full and thorough scan of every corner of your PC or any drives and folders that you've selected in real time for viruses ransomware spyware worms Trojans rootkits everything that you could possibly think of this is going to do that and so under computer here your file shield is gonna scale your scan your files and then the behavior shield this feature also works in real time and this is kind of going to sniff out any suspicious behavior of any of the current software running in your computer and you warned you kind of anything is kind of off a little bit it's also gonna help protect against zero-day threats malicious programs key loggers anything that's kind of secretly recording type passwords or bank account details and so again this is kind of really your first line of defense and so that's what is included in the computer protection under the product again also part of the basic any AVG free software and then the other one is web and email protection and so web and email protection though you know the web shield is going to block web attacks and unsafe downloads I kind of scan scan those downloads before they reach your computer so it's gonna scan those things before how they have a chance to become if they are infected on your PC and then email which is gonna block any dangerous email attachments to prevent you from falling victim to fake emails our friends that may have unknowingly forwarded your any type of malware so you know that's a very if you're not out you know opening email attachment surfing the web and and running it in malware they do often come from friends and relatives and people you know so the email shield is gonna scan you and protect you from email attachments okay so the next three features are all part of the AVG Internet Security Suite and don't an aren't aren't included in the in the free version so the next one under hacker attacks this is going to include your enhanced firewall which is going to keep hackers off and away from your your PC and ransomware protection and so the part of the ransomware protection which we'll talk about a next section next feature as well is going to help wolof personal files from attackers or from folks that are that that want to get to your data your documents your images your videos all those things you keep near and dear away from them and and protected from those those hackers and so those two those two enhanced firewall on the Ransom brand protection are part of the hacker feature the next one under privacy is pretty cool a lot of AV products now security products include some sort of webcam protection and so this is gonna protect your webcam from to prevent from spying a lot of people either put tape or or certain things over there of their webcams on their PCs and laptops and things like that and so the webcam protection is going to keep your webcam and video safe from unwarranted apps and people trying to access those webcams data safe as part of that ransomware protection so data safe is gonna keep and hold all your private videos photos documents other files that you need very safe and so there's there's encryption obviously included with the password protection with the data safe here and so when you create this say if you'll set up a password and then you could add files or folders into the data safe and this is going to be your area to to keep protected behind encryption here alright and the last feature within the full protection is payments protection and this is gonna keep you safe from there's two components that kind of make this up and so there's one that it doesn't come installed out of the box that's anti-spam I haven't installed it yet but you can click on that and it is part of the internet security package so he could install that and then also fake website shield which is going to keep you protected from from Kimmel's and in folks trying to steal passwords or credit card numbers or other personal data and so that comes installed when you get the product and that is a very obviously important feature of the product so that was a future that we certainly like seeing in the Internet security product here and so those are the general features so two features under the data the basic protection three additional features under the full protection and these tooth all these five component make the Internet Security Suite so then let's take another look at part of the other portal here and so if you I'll screw up to this thing place called my ABG's if you click on that this is going to tell you all the products that you currently own you know with the AVG product and so right now we've got you know antivirus installed which is which is the Internet Security Suite the PC tune-up which is a product we talked about earlier which comes with the ABG ultimate product and then here are some additional products that they offer if you click on here you can kind of find a little find out more about them the AVG secure VPN is gonna provide you with the additional private surfing and securing your Wi-Fi and guys in your location and and you can see you know you can do a trial on it or you could buy it outright okay in a pretty month subscription and then the other product was I think I'll password protection so some some AV and security products come with a password feature this one doesn't but they do offer an additional product here that you could that you could purchase from AVG I forget how much it is a month but it's it's under hunt under a dollar fifty I'll click on it here I think it's like about of twelve or a dollar twelve a month you could get AVG password protection so a lot of people these days although the passwords they have certainly are investing time in a password tool a little bit of money as well so AVG does offer this as an additional product not included with the internet security product so the last thing I want to share with you or share with you real quick on this product is if you click up here in the menu so we went went through this and if you click up here in the menu there's additional things here that they do offer those are there's a quarantine area you can go off and look at anything that the product has quarantined I don't think we have any right assume no nasty files here yet nothing in this area I'm gonna go back up to menu again there's a file shredder product where a lot of AV companies do include file shredder features and this one certainly does and so this is something you could permanently shred files sometimes when you when you throw some files in the trash thrown away they just don't go away there still are located someone you're on your PC but if you want to feel safe then should secure that certain files or folders were definitely shredded and deleted and are nowhere on your hard drive this file shredder tool is a good tool to use there's a little support here AVG does have some really good support so there's a community out there you can go become a part of share some knowledge and get some free information from their community their support and help and then there's also 24 by 7 premium tech support as well and in the other session here this is just a little bit about about your software and it'll give you the version set all the things like that here's the part I wanted to talk to you about it's the settings area and so the settings area is where you can look at all the different components so I clicked down here under components and in here anything that says customize and so file shield behavior shield which are part of the web and email protection here and then even down further here and here's firewall which is under the hacker feature all these things if you click on them a click on file shield and you can kind of set a lot of different parameters and settings in here and so anything that's been checked off as has been checked you know that's the way the software came I'm not going to change it but you know the following it says the following settings determine which files where program should be scanned at the moment they are executed and so you can if you want to change a number of these you certainly can you can change the settings when when the files are executing when they're opening the files when you're right into the files when you're attaching the files and so there's really just a lot of different features in here that you can use and go in here and change if you want to and so that was files shield and a lot of these look the same so I look for behavior please define how you would like to deal with suspicious program behavior so always ask you move them to the quarantine section let me you know let me know that you've moved into the quarantine section and so there's a lot of ways you can alert the product here to tell you when and if they encounter suspicious emails or behavior and things like that ok so you can go in here and do a lot of this thing here's the web shield you know how its scanning and things like that and so there's lots of lots of different settings here's the web scanning feature you know you can use this controls below to determine which item should be scanned when they are being downloaded from the web and so you can do a lot of these a lot of these features here there's just a lot in here so definitely a lot a lot of features and functionality within the settings of each one of the features that we discussed before okay as I said before the anti-spam isn't and isn't installed off the bat and but you do own and if you buy the product you just have to install the component okay and then also firewall can be customized as well and you see these are some of the settings that that came out of the box but obviously you can change a lot of these settings on the firewall as well let's go back to the portal here all right so here we are back at the portal and let's just kind of recap what we've done here in the portal so you know this is what you see when you first open their product you've got your basic protection which is your free protection if you only had a VG free these sections would be grayed out you wouldn't be able to click on her and so with Internet Security you get some just tremendous additional features with the hacker attack protection firewall and ransomware data safe with the privacy protection and also the payment protection so definitely an added value certainly with the internet security over from what the just the free AVG free your basic protection does we've looked and you know how to navigate to get to your settings in the quarantine area the file shredder additional support we've also looked at the area where you can find it exactly what you own where you what your subscription looks like and some additional products from AVG and then of course down here in the most important area you know how do you scan your computer you click on this to do a quick scan and then if you click on the gear there there's just a number of different scans deep scan scanning Expedia certain folders or files performance cams or even boot time scans and so there's definitely a lot of information in here you can change a lot of the settings you can leave the settings alone and even scheduling a scan so there's just this product definitely has a lot of features functionality in it and certainly highly recommend this product we've been using it for a while me personally and it's just a good ABG product that does a very solid job and offers a lot of functionality and so all right so that's it for the video today folks in this walkthrough of AVG Internet Security product again we covered a lot in the video you can again always use the links below in the show more section to download and purchase a product today at a discount and please subscribe to our channel by clicking on the red shield symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the video there if you enjoyed the video today please please give us a thumbs up below and always check out our other videos in channel here where we walk through and review other security products for both consumers and small businesses alright so that's it folks this is John with get PC security stay safe and thanks for watching your video today


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