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Going through an rollback that does not always get the thing properly done. Most of the things folder with no further try are left behind and database can get broken or nullity. However, there are specially designed apps like AVG PC TuneUp, formerly known as TuneUp Utilities, that help you wash the laptop for a little extra fillip in results.

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Right from the that, the app undergoes a “1-Click Maintenance” to scanner several regions of your Cpu for errors. Your database, broken shortcuts, initiatives, apps, as well as the the of your hard undelete that are but a few of the regions put under the scope.

It is not mandatory to go through the that mentioned above, with the likelihood to cancel it, but it is recommended that you don't, seeing how there'ora anything to lose but stuff folder. Once matters are detected, you gain use to a blacklist that points out the something and what document is causing it. Depending on your mechanism'ora heath the, the scanner and wash rules can take a few seconds up to several seconds.

When finally reaching the main door, you find all available toolkit cleverly stored in lid. The cupholder offers brief specifics on your Cpu results, heath and repairs kind, with the likelihood to trigger steps or switch between economic, standard or turbo kind.

Lid that follow give you the likelihood to manage venture initiatives or uninstall them, fix database, and even have your hard undelete that cleaned for a little extra free the, with the spill might showing you how much you can gain back.

What'ora more, you can fix known mechanism matters by choosing from a blacklist of available things that include important frontmost no longer being displayed, netbook and autocorrect not working, installer related matters and a bit more. In meantime, you can bring back deleted folder from nearly any disk gadget connected to your laptop, given it is not strongly damaged.

Advanced consumers will also feel at them using this apps, as there is a great proportion of highly configurable alternatives. All available things can be viewed and accessed from the “All Functions” folder. Furthermore, nearly all of them can further be customized from the setup entrees. Here you can also set the app to automatically keep your laptop wash while you're away, for moment.

On an ending piece, AVG PC TuneUp deserves, by far, to sit at the finalists the, not only for the chunk of toolkit it provides, but also for reliability. Nearly all regions can be customized to suit various wants, and the that this is made available grants both novices and experienced consumers quickly get accommodated. Wear hesitate to give it a try whether or not your Cpu shows signposts of softness.

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hey what's up guys jaden here and today i'm gonna be reviewing the program called avg PC tune-up as the name says it's a PCT and a program that in general makes your computer or your pc run better the link to the website in the description below the program is has its trial but it's sold for 25 pounds it's approximately at seven dollars its to be honest it's worth the money it's what the price i have used it for about three months now and it is it says everything that it does say and it does everything whether that it does see on the website so let's go into the program and see what it's all about i'm gonna be as quick and as fast as possible i can be and also in detail too first we'll start with maintenance maintenance runs through your computer in this folder in sections below the registry issues broken shortcuts system cache and logs browser better startup and shutdown and digs this fragmentation so it goes through orders and scans if there's a problem in any of the sections below you can also enable or disable some of this section by going to the settings right beside a maintenance button you can enable or disable them but to be honest i don't know why you would want to disable any of them because it helps this program helps you a lot abstain check as you can see I have it 90% tuned up I don't know why I can never get it sound represent oh hey next section is speed up first it maintains he does maintenance which we've covered in the first section next it does live optimization meaning it tries to look for optimization that can help make your PC or laptop run faster and smoother the next is it disables background programs which in turn makes a PC run faster and smoother going to the next it shutdown startup programs in other words it makes a PC instead of way faster or way quicker than it used to then last but not least is to absorber mode this I will come to in the last section next we go on to free up space what this does just like this speed up session is it searches for duplicate files that in particular really really helps me he searches for duplicate files and deletes one of them from all of them then it then goes to your system crashing logs and the leads that - as you can see f4 temple 1 5 clean keywords cleaned that's a hell lot of space and it also goes your browser better and cleans up the browser data that you don't need me now it does not clean up your saved passwords or the data that was in that I important to you from your browser like some people have some debtors and the Chrome browser that saves your passwords their bank account for missions and stuff like that this does not delete any of it and if it does in any chance I can tell you how to undo this the next session is fixed problems right now I have no issues remember and it fixes problems like your firewall might be disabled or antivirus me saying of general security you name it you know I'm talking about so it finds problems the UPC and bring them up to you and also aids and fixing them then the last what now this is all functions this has all the functions the program does but in detail so if you want to concentrate on one specific aspect you can go into it and fix it or customize it rather to your desire now we're going to talk about the computer mode which is here and we're gonna talk about economy mode this enables you as it says here to boost your battery life by turning off power so now it enables you to have it longer-lasting battery by reducing the performance of the PC by just a bit the next is turbo mode this boosts the performance of your computer it does this by disabling or closes on background tasks or focus on my own process of power on the program or application you are using and you can it has settings these settings are quite easy and simple to understand you can go through a ton of what you want to turn off and enable what you want to enable quite easy to understand I'm not going to go through this also quick mention the economy mode not must be turned on when your laptop has been disconnected from the power so once your laptop has been simple different power it automatically turns on economy mode meaning that you can gain battery time even when you do not realize that you are no more connected to power that's quite a cool feature then the last part which I never noticed till credible by the time ago was the rescue center this safely on removes any changes the image a position of media PC them might have a fast idea PC in a way you do not like or in a way that you do not see appropriate this really helps so that in case you do not know what you changed during all this you can simply go there and it automatically gives you tabs of every system change that went on now you can enable or disable what happened or what changed that's it that is AVG pieces you know it's an amazing program and I'd give it a 5 over 5 rating thank you for watching if this video helped and this video really filled you in understanding everyday pieces you know please make sure to LIKE and subscribe thank you very much


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