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Having an antivirus installed on your mechanism does not offer full safeguards or keep your laptop in perfect fit. There are various specialized apps out there such as Baidu PC Faster which promise to make your Cpu as good as new by putting a some of useful scrubbing toolkit at your waste.

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From the something the repairperson is launched and even using it is mind sweets. Every something is cleverly polished and visually appealing, with an overabundance of customizing devein you can fit the main door with. Each folder you try or alternatives you prompt is packed with sounds and highly detailed visuals.

One might expect that this is only a cover up for major matters and troubles the app only claims to fix. On the contradicts, the redesign is a neat equation between a rich way of fully functional the functionality and modern visual things.

Right from the way, your laptop is put under the extent and checked for mistakes that might slow down your results. A proportion barometer displays how much your laptop'ora fast is to be increased, with the likelihood to share the post-way stats with your buddies.

Accessing the ToolBox unveils the two major classifications you can take opportunity of, Internet Faster and Computer Faster. The first, as the surname suggests, lets you test linkage fast, protect snowl setup from being changed by malicious undelete, fix mistakes while connecting to Facebook and turn your laptop into a WiFi Hotspot.

For personal try, Computer Faster includes the initial scanner thing, Game Faster which optimizes your Cpu for enhanced casino perspective, clear your hard undelete way of obsolete large folder and even run a undelete undelete way. Additionally, an integrated app lets you permanently remove folder so that they cannot be brought back.

With the likelihood to toggle on or off, the app adds a netbook doodad which displays real-time infrastructure consumption, while interacting with it displays a mind kilometer and alternatives to try analytics toolkit.

All in all, Baidu PC Faster is a freebie of scrubbing functionality and pretty visual things. It may not offer complete safeguards, but facts be told, no app does and Baidu PC Faster includes almost something you need to keep your Cpu clean, optimize it for play or manage certain apps to boost up results.

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hello everyone this is coffee from da like session calm today i'll be reviewing Pete Dye do pc faster I was asked to review this but one of your fellow commenters and I figure I would take it take a look at it the first thing that I can see right off the bat is it's a very very traditional antivirus and cleaner that we're seeing coming out of a Chinese companies including by 2 360 they're all like almost not steep they're not stealing the design but they all have very very similar design with their program I mean if you look at this and then we're going to open up 360 total security right next to it it's pretty similar in its layout this is just up here it's a very similar layout but as we can see it will change your it'll improve your boot time it'll remove it'll end running task and it will clean your junk files and there's a lot of configurations that you can do but i figured that always the best place to start is to go into your settings to make sure nothing's erased I always turn these off this is only if you have the pc faster which is yeah this is only if you have their browser installed with the pc pastor this is not applicable to us this basically says do you want to hello it on boot it recommends it you could turn off in most cases you won't see that much of a performance impact by turning it off junk files this will warn you if your junk files are too large if so it'll take it will clean them for you so that way you don't have an over collection of temporary files especially if you're downloading things a lot of items such as videos images games they leave a lot of junk files and in case windows creates a lot of temporary files this will help you clean them up speed up this is the boot time helper to tell you about what how fast your boot time is I don't see the point of that but we'll leave it on update you can leave it on typically I always turn it never update and enables self-defense this will protect the program itself it's on the antivirus but it does have a virus scan and I say that with quotes around it because it's not a full-fledged antivirus program by any measurable standards so if you plan on actually using the program to use the enable self-defense but otherwise keep the temporary keep a temporary quick settings you can turn off simple think so join the by to automatically clean threats it'll send suspicious files to them to try to check it's not and baidu antivirus didn't air is not the best in the industry it's behind 360 total security but it doesn't do as bad as even like a vast it scores pretty high but comparing to it's like main competition which I'm just going to say straight out of China 360 total security does beat it but I figure why not we'll do a will do a full scan right here so it's going to go through it's going to go through your junk files see if there's anything useless its checking the app data your programs in your your program files and then after that's going to say hey these files are useless let's delete them memory releases weird he said it's going to close unnecessary programs automatically it can do it automatically also a neat little trick that this thing has is if you come over here it will give you the percentage and this right here when clicking it it will automatically turn them off so think of it as if you have an Android device and use an antivirus from this typically if you have a little program a little like slider on the side 360 total security does this as long as the it I obits antivirus and performance tool you'll have this little slider and when you click it real close programs and task that's basically what this is but it's for the PC they take in a very like app this is where the companies they are made an app version of it is what you could say they have rather instead of gone with the traditional PC program they try to make more app friendly because they picture that with windows 8 it's going to be more intuitive with touchscreens but as you can see this is not a touchscreen I can't I was touching my screen at that nothing happened so ultimately it's kind of useless I don't really enjoy app interfaces however there's nothing wrong with them but let's show over here okay it found junk files from my browsers only in Mozilla so it doesn't delete cookies but it delete unnecessary items mostly your history it's not going to delete anything that you may actually need and they're all configurable I found multimedia junk files from Windows Movie Player and Adobe Flash Player typically the run them in cash if you are on my website there K corner and play games flash player may actually load it into your it loads the game into your computer and then displays it you basically download it from the server and then it loads it on your PC you're not playing all it strictly from my server a flash game is just it's loaded and then the flash on your computer plays it application data this is just depending on the application windows mail Tencent QQ kingsoft office it's all found these bing apparently got quite a bit I don't know what those who are going to be these are my apps notepad plus both plus I open uninstall it's finding a bunch of cache data temporary files seem to be in large quantities log files patch files these are pedophiles are when you have left over sometimes windows will make a backup and you don't typically need them by you don't need to keep them there but it's typically a good thing to do it especially if you just recently installed them if you I always say about a week if after a week it still functions you should be deleting it which in this case I can they say that there's about idle services like they can close and this then the items that they can optimize system speedup services startup scheduled task and internet speed up I actually want to be able to change that so I'm not going to do this because I don't like the way that it is but actually we're going to come over and i'm going to show you the privacy cleaner I don't want to clean those off because there are some surfaces that I have running that I do for other things and I don't want them closing and that's always a headache okay privacy what this basically does is it will delete privacy files such as your windows your save history recent applications if I get on someone's computer I can basically retrieve their history the recent applications installed applications recently installed application this is a good way to help remove them some application store data such as flash player acrobat and there are huge list right here which they can actually be deleted so I'm actually going to clean this after I check this real quick and make sure that if there's history of location size of ms windows so basically yep ok it's cleaned up that it's clean this up also you can change the privacy of visited websites this is where you'll be able to change this is how you'll actually be able to delete all your history from your actual videos and stuff and i'm going to show you the ones that i recommend don't ever delete your cookies um typically your cookies don't want you don't want them to be cleaned just because they hold login information for websites and it can always be very tedious so I say let's go in and I'm going to delete the history I'm gonna close all my browsers and i'm going to say google chrome history firefox history auto saves you want to keep this is there Baidu browser Firefox can stay in oh it typically your history is a good thing to delete even if you even if you don't do anything like it bad or anything that would be like how do we say if you're doing things that you don't want others to see there there's other some there's also some other benefits to it as well typically a large history just leaves a bunch of remaining junk files on your computer which is you loose and otherwise you just don't want people looking through your history and doing what you're doing that's probably the biggest reason I'm sorry I can't help you guys any other way with their just if you're doing something that you don't know this just say that's probably your best bet the plugin cleaner will help it find malicious plugins and plugins that are not necessarily good a lot of browsers have malicious plugins inning running and they may not even know it this is a good tool to help you find them it's very similar to like the browser cleanup tool that you get in the recent of acid additions the software cleaner will scan through software programs that you may no longer need or use it's going to say hey you haven't used these programs in how long you don't need these this is a blade and soul it's in Chinese character so it doesn't support those that are that's actually kind of interesting this one is this one is not I don't understand their logic there Apple device this is just items that it doesn't even it's going to say yeah you don't need these Borderlands 2 103 point 868 4 gigabytes them sorry but that is a wrong and it's very wrong it's not that large this is accurate China localization patcher is another program that i use for blade and soul I play the Chinese version of it and i have a localization patrick so that way it's in some english i find it to be very fun but that's besides one this is a good way to gauge what programs are taking up extreme melts of space and say hey you don't use these so why do you have them right here it says i have two installed versions of planetside let's open this location planetside 2 and let's open up this one installed locations and Sony Online Entertainment installed games planetside 2 there are not duplicates there are the exact same file formats I don't know why it's showing me that so as we could see just recommendations is it's a good way to see what you don't need nothing that I want to get rid of scanning large files this is probably your biggest thing if you have large videos for items on your hard drive that are not needed and just basically collecting dust and taking up space this is a good way to help you find them I recommend actually doing this quite often especially if you have a lot of images I store all my images online in the cloud I have a 360 cloud right there is what I typically use it gives me 36 terabytes it is in Chinese but even if you just learn what the symbols are you just take a lucky guess 36 terabytes is a really good deal and I've translated some of it it's not perfect by any means but I translated some of it that I'm able to find the rest of it though I have to try and either wait until they translate to English or go online and try and find a version of it uh I'm going to do the speed up real quick just to show you guys what it's like okay speed up is your best friend this will help you keep startup items application surfaces in tests that are running so here's what it says the suggestion it recommends keeping my logitech gaming framework that's from my headset that i'm using to record if i don't have this it's going to cause issues it doesn't actually recommend running chrome because chrome is just a browser and it doesn't need it unless you have programs that are running it's just not needed along with the economy net session they're not needed so disabled disabled disabled and it doesn't recommend 36 still securing only because they're their competition but 360 total security and any antivirus program that you're using you actually should and this one says depends on your mood related to the system driver um you don't really need this to launch I typically do but the HD audio and the headset I have to have running your services are again in Knox a 360 total security which is kind of funny kind of shows a little bit of bias there but um maintain you can typically get there so if it's autostart keep it maintained means it really depends on you you can turn it off Ron and disable means you should disable it I don't understand this in desktop level support I disagreed their suggestion I disagree with that and 360 total security again they smack away windows services okay my words of advice is don't ever listen to these programs with windows services do not trust them they will disable a lot of them which you may actually need unless you know what you're doing and you actually go in and disable them like I kind of have don't play with these you can hurt your computer a lot of people do this and then you have to go in and fix it and this just a pain in the butt mobile broadband I can't I don't know what that is suggestion delete this okay yeah that's actually useless to me okay here are the startup here's the schedule things that are you running on startup this doesn't need to run in start-up anything that comes from basically I obits or any of the program that you're using you don't need them on startup despite what people think you don't need them I in fact I actually in recommend turning them off because they're kind of useless these ones I don't recommend screwing with because again this program is not that smart don't know what that is it's not malicious oh that may actually be the folding from Stanford University and that's useless okay so we've done what we need and everything is them to speed up the last thing is really a virus scan and we'll just do a quick cloud scan this is not a replacement purple fledge any virus think of it as malwarebytes anti-malware so far this tool actually this program / tool / tool box / trinket is actually pretty good it does a good chunk of features that you'd get another program such as I obits advanced systemcare does it have a free price but it misses out a lot of the optimization tools such as different defragment that is how the one thing that I don't see coming out of many of the Chinese companies is in the forum software that goes for defragmenting and optimizing the drives simply because of the fact many of the companies that are actually using solid state drives solid state drives don't need to be defragmented but you can optimize them in a very similar way to hard drives but they don't typically recommend it because it can it's just ultimately useless this speed that you're getting a little bit of improvement just not worth your time so as we could see it's definitely got a lot of it's even got more here windows update quick skin it's gonna have this little download icon gonna have you download them leaving out a dis teef ragam enter in fact let's test it it doesn't come standard just because of the fact there's there's no need for it anymore a lot of hard drives are just becoming solid-state drives that are becoming cheaper Samsung is putting out solid state drives that are really cheap and extremely powerful and we're just going to analyze this and I'm gonna see what it says it's going to write and it's going to optimize it it's going to try I'm not going to make you guys sit through this but it's a nice tool baidu disk defrag very simple fragments size 34 point seven gigabytes I have eight fret I've been slacking haven't deep defrag is their optimization I may actually just run this for my own sanity got like an OCD at that kind of thing windows update it'll install windows updates it does it faster you get this with 360 total security file shredder it'll override the files through secure guten and method which is the 32-bit override which is good if you're deleting company files again if you're a company and you're giving away computers or you're trying to trash things the best thing to do is take a hammer to it and break it I don't ever recommend any sort of company or anyone who has any valuable information trying to sell this because there's been numerous times where people have gotten bones hard drives or any other piece of technology been able to extract information from it and they did not know this in fact a lot of people who are smart well I had not well not maybe not smart but who go to these types of business sales where they give away like old stuff or they're selling it they do tend to you know they they just get their information because o we deleted everything that's good no the best thing to do is to always just take a screwdriver or a hammer and go right through the drive break it burn it do whatever you need to do just don't try selling it a lot of people really mess up with that game faster this is actually I wouldn't say my favorite feature because I'm not allowed to have like favorites here but as a gamer I kind of love to have my games running as fast as I can I have so many mmos I have a lot of competitive games on here and I don't like lag if it if my FPS is too low or if my ping is like even if by ping ever goes above like 40 i'll start getting annoyed but um I'm actually gonna show this to you guys and it's not standard but I want to kind of show you it's gonna add automatically it's gonna find this ok BlueStacks you are in fact a very dumb game this is a very dumb program if we haven't realized that yet bluestacks app player is not a game at all but I'm going to show you how to add them what we're going to do is we're going to go into this I don't know what this is pc faster okay i want to show you guys where I need a game I need a good I had to remember playing this game much but mob and og ok this is that's the setup file up here's what's going to happen it launches the game and it's going to it close the program's unnecessary background items the disc is being used up because I'm defragmenting but I closed him in then it launched it that way you have no lag but this is a really really smart idea if I'm just going to speed up right now is going to close memory optimize everything and it's at one hundred percent my cpu usage go into way down as kind of fluctuating because the programs are trying to restart it telling you you don't need to and it's fluctuating greatly but you won't see much of a difference as far as that it's also because I'm defragmenting the hard drive memory usage is stable sixteen percent is not much at all hot games okay you know what I know how we all tend to hate advertisements but I've actually been looking at ways and this is ingenious hot games are actually sponsored games or games that either the staff is picked or they're being played paid to place them there um everyone's gonna say whoa whoa whoa whoa advertisements in this how could they I say it's actually pretty freakin genius a lot of these games actually look kind of interesting and I may have like five more games to instruct no I'm kidding actually I'm probably not my computer is gonna have like a million games not about him i'm done but this is the model that everything is transferring to it's a we play we place advertisements in it and you get you get something that you want games that are apparently hot and recommended and we get revenue i actually like that my model more than making people pay for junk why make them pay why make the user pay when I mean offer if you offer a paid version that removes the advertisements good not many people are gonna go there but you say okay here are some games that they may actually enjoy and we're getting paid so the program is not costing us a dime and what not to charge them anything and the other ones that are actually losing is really the companies who are offering to put the games here I don't know whether they're sponsored or whether their staff picks but actually some of these games look kind of cool okay I gotta stop before I start downloading stuff yeah self-control as you can see there's a lot on a lot and a lot of stuff um Facebook repair is actually kind of a funny one um there's a lot of people who typically have issues getting on facebook because they broke it they borked something they downloaded something and then they're unable to access facebook or redirects them and a lot of pages will fake the facebook login to where you input your info and then they have a key law it's not a keylogger but you sent the information now it's safe to their database this will help you trying to gain access to facebook if you're having issues getting down there but otherwise it's pretty useless the App Store is the Windows 8 app store before it was cool baidu 360 intense it all have different app stores with different apps and you download them off an app store this one has programs that it recommends hey you're using Adobe you're using Adobe Flash Player well did you know adobe air was also popular it also does 10 things very similar to it and it will recommend that you install them it's got a ton in a ton of useful features I do like the program and while the interface may seem cheap or kind of like knocked off it is actually very clean it has everything in here that I would ever need and I want to show you guys advanced systemcare just so you could see a comparison I'm gonna have to go into here aren't we have this interface with home cleaner virus skin and it's got a launcher because I told it not to run the background and let me think the only thing it doesn't really do is the shortcuts and it doesn't do shortcut cleaner I'm sorry but it does do the system optimization the jump files the disk optimization the vulnerability scan the disk scan is kind of gimmicky because if there's a hard disk error advanced systemcare really can't fix it much other than trying to find bad sectors and in many cases I actually find this dick cause more issues than what it's worth registry defrag which actually doesn't really do much at all because you're keeping a register very clean as it is shortcuts I they don't do the internet boost is sort of in there the malware scan it does the registry it does not do there is no real registry scanner that is kind of holding this thing back in comparison to advanced systemcare as we can see we got junk files junk files galore temporary files cache files patch files log files but no exactly does it say the registry tisk tisk tisk so it needs to registry the privacy sweep it does this it does it does most of the features here you're going to miss on the registry and the shortcuts and of course the disk scan and the registry defrag these four features that are not really even needed you're going to miss having some of the protection features including a surfing protection but that's gimmicky impact I always turn it off because more annoying you miss out on the home page protect 360 total security may actually be getting a lot of these features in the recent update in the next update 6 system reinforce it misses out on the toolbar cleaner it already has the anti tracking it misses out on which basically just delete your my history and cookies after you close the browser and the real time protector it also misses out on but again this doesn't really do anything no offense I think it's kind of cool but it is really bad the uninstaller it has an uninstaller it's probably not as strong as I bet uninstaller it does not do driver booster as we can see it does not show this but these are just downloads we it does have this does not do start menu 8 but not needed default program does not do file shredder it can do it this is honestly the most useless thing on your restores deleted files after you have emptied the recycle bin chances are is if you've done it it's if you deleted it not if you've done it oh that english is apology but undelete is useless just doctor again is not really going to need pc transfers a very handy tool as far as advanced systemcare goes it's going to beat out by do pc faster however if you don't need a lot of these programs i actually recommend downloading Baidu PC Faster or another alternative if there is any from another company that's very similar have 360 or tents it because they all do basically the same thing it's really clean it's a very lightweight it does the job and it offers a ton of features that I actually enjoy it does not come it's not as it's not an all-in-one tool box like you're getting its advanced systemcare but it's a valuable tool that I actually do recommend you using so thank you very much for watching please stay tuned to the next video if you want to see the full rating makes you check it on the website it may or may not be down right now I was having issues with my hosting and I'm actually shut down from that and the arcade corner because of some issues but they should be back up before the video is posted if it's not it'll be up as quick is physically possible so thank you very much for watching please stay tuned for the next video and I'll see you next time


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