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The BitTorrent people is growing up at a fast percentage, so every single electricity that addresses its consumers is very likely to succeed in matter it’s really worth a way.

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This is also the matter of Bit Che, a small electricity designed to make out of stream searching an extremely easy and effortless something. The whole iphone relies on simplicity, starting with installer and ending with its kludge.

The kludge way takes only a few minutes and requires small attempts on the someone way. The kludge is very clean and someone friendly, built with dishes to help you easily navigate through its frontmost.

The consumption of Bit Che does not have to be explained in a tutorial, because the iphone is extremely intuitive. Just kind the webpages you want and get the findings in a few minutes. The undelete iphone also returns stream specs, such as amount, statistics of seeders, leechers, rate and reason.

Double clicking on the findings will open a bloop door in which the iphone exhibits stream specifics, but you can also save the stream and start the scroll (you must have a stream customers installed for this) or open the reason webpage.

The setup entrees is basic and you might not even need it since the whole initiative works so well, but you could have a glance in there if you wish to change the attitude of a double scroll in the searchers findings shoebox, specify the maximum proportion of findings per reason, as well as set up connections.

Overall, Bit Che is a must have method if you work with streams on a regular way. Its main way is to save you the problems of performing searchers within the snowl, by providing the likelihood to find streams in a rich dedicated database.

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yes this is tyson maybe i defy here and today i'm going to do a tutorial on how to download torrents easily from the internet without going to the website and searching for utorrent in each and every torrent site so i am going to make a torah a torrent search easy and fast so let's get started it's a software which i am going to show you and the software is called bit j b-i-t-c-h e so it's a soft it's a very small software hardly 11 and a half megabytes mb i will show you the options or file options a language exit preferences show script there's nothing much actually you don't have to do anything in those options you have a big search bar here just go to the search bar and sort something for instance I'll search Batman and then I then you can click on search and you can see at the bottom here that it's making Corrections and it's going through all these torrent sites that's bittorrent com btjunkie BTW mon h33t isohunt mininova the pirate bay and what tons of is going through tons of websites and searching for results for batman whatever results forever you have typed and look at this you get these many torrents so fast so it it's in the descending order so you the torrent which has the highest number of seats will Cup will come at the beginning and then it will go down reducing 20 so the first one will be the best one so that you can see the size here the Cedars leechers ratio and even the source so this one is come from btjunkie this is a good torrent site then torrentportal btjunkie torrent tracker and lots of websites so i will choose the first one and then you just have to right-click and if you want you can open the torrent or you can save the torrent file as so i recommend you save the torrent file as and it'll it will just save downloading Batman The Dark Knight requesting I just cancel it because I don't want to download it it just downloads the small torrent file not the whole torrent just the small torrent file that's around five to 10 kb i guess so then you just it will save it wherever you want you can save it wherever you want probably on your desktop just to open the file and you can download it with your torrent software i use utorrent so so utorrent is a really awesome torrent downloader so this was it guys this was my video on bit chair that's a torrent finder so for a torrent finding software which makes finding torrents easier on the internet so you don't have to go through each site individually to find your torrents if you click this button you can even see your history or you can clear your search history and thanks for watching guys please check out my other videos please comment rate and subscribe and thanks for watching


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January 15, 2019, Denis think:

salamat sa inyo para sa patch Bit Che

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thanks for the patch for Bit Che

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