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Developer Bitdefender specializes in powerful antivirus solutions to ensure round-the-clock PC security against threats, whether they originate from the Internet, local network or external devices. Its av products have been the top of the food chain for several years now, as ranked by consumers and professional researches alike.

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Its freshly released lineup is made by the same three anti-malware editions: Antivirus Plus, Internet Security and Total Security. In that order, each utility contains more security measures than the last.

Bitdefender Total Security is the complete package out of the three. The latest version comes with significant improvements concerning performance, enhanced security modules, a redesigned UI to fit the current standards, as well as new features made to simply the user's activity by eliminating intrusions and to ensure PC cleanup.

Quick, system, vulnerability and contextual scans are the user's choice when it comes to asking Bitdefender to look for malicious activity on the computer. However, that shouldn't really be a necessity in common scenarios, since the utility's real-time guard is extremely fast at detecting and eliminating infected files. Paired with Bitdefender's Autopilot mode that silently takes care of everything without bothering the user, events are not even noticed. On the other hand, they can be later examined in log files.

The av utility features optimized profiles specially designed for those times when users are working, playing or watching movies and do not want to get disturbed by the antivirus program, although it continues to do its job in the background while remaining light on system resources; their settings can be tweaked.

Bitdefender also brings its own firewall to the table, which gives advanced users the possibility of monitoring network-based activities conducted by programs and other users with access to the computer via LAN. Safebox keeps confidential files in a secured location online to access it from anywhere, Wallet gathers login credentials and wireless network keys in a password-protected vault, Safepay ensures secure online transactions, while Safego scans Facebook areas for malware-infected links.

Bitdefender is not the number one antivirus application for nothing. It delivers excellent virus detection ratio, has minimal impact on computer performance, becomes completely non-intrusive when commanded to, finishes scan jobs very fast, and its real-time guard is always on duty when the user is not paying attention. Coupled with the extra security measures, Bitdefender Total Security has powerful guns to ensure all-round PC security.

Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Review

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ladies and gentlemen welcome back to my channel after a considerable break today we are having a look at Bitdefender Total Security 2018 this is a replacement antivirus product for years I have been with Kaspersky and I decided to change to BitDefender opinion simply because one because of the news and things about and I'm not saying because of what's happened in the news recently that it's a bad product or anything like that I'm pretty sure that the product is basically sound for home use and everything like that just also because I wanted to try something different and on upgrade and reinstall of this machine this seemed like the better option and it's also cheaper so yeah and it's been recommended to me so yeah let's explore the features that it's got so this is the interface that you get to start with it is very simplistic it reminds me a bit of panda internet security from all those years ago you know that product that probably nobody ever uses anymore but the interface is a bit similar to that it's got this a very simplistic interface but it's got a lot of hidden features underneath comparing that to Kaspersky interface and other ones I'll pop up on the screen now for you you can see that there's actually quite a considerable difference so yeah let's have a look and see what there is so the big thing here obviously saying go device he's protected up to date and then there's an update now button pulls updates every hour from a server you can actually change the server where Paul's updates from so actually that's quite useful if you're downloading updates to a local server and then you want to pull it from there but you can just pull from the updates over here which is always nice there's a big button here that says autopilot and it's just got this basically it's designed so it doesn't pop up with silly notifications or anything like that unless it's really necessary if it's if it detects you're running a game it won't annoy you if you're watching a film it's supposed to be able to detect that not sure how that works with web-based video I guess if you're running a full screen video content in a web browser it will probably detect that but the autopilot feature is on I have not had an issue with it at all it just protects the machine I gather auto fire just live on I haven't needed to switch it off you can switch individual protection features off and piss around with them but the actual the auto pilot feature just lets them handle everything and it's kind nice so let's go have a look at the protection option first because that's obviously the main one actually it's just yeah it's just look at that um there is this that just pops out so you can see what they are that that's very simplistic you can't resize the window obviously so this is the resolution you get but on a 1080p screen that doesn't seem that bad I don't know if it resizes for 4k and for smaller screens I haven't got another machine to test this on there doesn't have a 1080p monitor so yeah let's go have a look so protection obviously you've got vulnerability scan and quick scan to start with nice light out protection has got so if it detects obviously a harmful app or something like that fire protection you gather and web protection so no detected attacks from the web which is nice if you go into here it brings you all the protection features up the antivirus obviously has a quick scanner system scan manage the scans a rescue environment if you need to pull yourself back out at the nasty and that's gonna go in a book isn't it at some point that price and to quarantine option anti-spam managed friends and manage spammers I think that works for a sort of outlook and things like that and block emails written in Asian characters Wow oh good that's racism there Thanks and yeah I think that's just basically integrates with your empty spam in sort of out looking stuff like that I've switched on but obviously I'll never really use it web protection if there's a thing they go so scan all of these different things obviously so search advisor which is a bit like cafe and every other search advisor it comes up in Google with a green tick check the link for you scan SSL protection against fraud and phishing and scan web traffic for malware so usual stuff obviously that means it can integrate into secure access but that's quite useful because sometimes files tend to download themselves especially people downloading from a email program it'll obviously download over HTTPS and secure ways and obviously that means that it can sometimes bypass antivirus but that's designed to do that firewall is obviously just a firewall and it's obviously got any applications on here and if you're on a public or home network and what you need to say your network adapters to again never really touched it it asks you at the start if it's a private or a public network or work net you just tell it and you can then tell it that all other networks a public or whatever but this is Ethernet it in this machine so it's never going to go anywhere else and it's never really gonna have Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi performance is terrible on it so it's just going to be Ethernet it in the entire time so that's fine vulnerability scan if you want a Wi-Fi security adviser quite useful if you have it on laptop or you're not quite sure about it so if you're using an old encryption method or key isn't strong enough illegal if it's on the default key or something like that or your SSID is not set to something custom it can tell you stuff like that vulnerability scan is just one of realities scans for the machine it's quite easy I once direct detection so threat defense it I think he's protecting itself and obviously ransomware protection because ransomware has become a big thing recently both of those are obviously switched on and everything like that the one thing I do have off is something called safe files this pro basically has you can set folders use your Documents folder your home folder on Windows is protected by default and it basically prevents follow sort of programs that you don't necessarily ask to save files to from modifying the files in that I found that really painful because I played a lot of games and it keeps false positive false positive in the games which basically means that fallout was failing to save preferences and fade save files beamng where I was installing mods and stuff like that it saves to the Documents folder it was just complaining blepharitis sent it was freezing games they actually froze the machine a few times you can obviously whitelist them but I've realized that like even fallout has its updater and then it's launcher and then the actual game you had to whitelist all three of them and things like that so I turned it off because I'd just sick of it thing even the sims it would crash the sims because obviously it writes every game for really rights to that so unless you wanna spend hours whitelisting every single time a game is installed I probably would switch that off if you unless you're really needing it then you can obviously switch it back on you can also take the Documents folder out of it so you can exclude the Documents folder which is also another option obviously then it'll prevent you writing to other files so you could do that but obviously the Documents folder is probably the one that's gonna be mainly hid anyway so you might want to just leave it off it's entirely up to you if you don't play games leave it on might as well so those are all the protection features and obviously you can just change settings and there's sort of different things in this usually mainly white listing and stuff like that and it just gets on with it itself you've then got this option here which basically is privacy so you've got a in you've got something called safe pay which launches a protected environment where you can a bit like Kaspersky safe money and various other ones whatever they offer I've only really use Kaspersky recently and the cafe but we will gloss over that one and obviously they go you can add to secure wallet information and obviously messing around stuff like file vaults which is a way of putting files securely into a folder that's encrypted that only only you can access through a bit defender so if you want to save like your naked photos or whatever you can put them in there and it's the obviously design that the computer gets nicked or something like that you have to go through a bit defender to decrypt them which is obviously if it's using a proprietary encryption method one who's going to be a pain to recover if you can't remember the password but it's also gonna be easy to keep it safe it's also got file shredder which you can actually access from the context menu for example if I get this Wi-Fi connect and put it on the elephant's bottom there's a very sort of selection here so you can scam a bit defend it to scan it you can file shred or you can BitDefender File Vault you can create file vault from it and then do everything like that which is quite cool I haven't tested the file shredder I don't need you to shred anything but assume it just gets the date or over writes it but to be fair on SSDs and modern stuff don't necessarily even need a file shredder just obviously read rights extra there is a parental advisor which means you can configure the your environment for your children to make it safe which is quite nice so obviously they can you have a limited account or a standard account in the same machine you can prevent them using the Internet at certain days or stuff like that and it's actually quite a nice idea under here is the tools so you've got one-click optimizer start obama anti-theft and disk cleanup I hate the source I don't mind the anti-theft already sure that's going to be an issue for a desktop but startup optimized when one click optimizes and disk cleanup so especially third-party once I don't tend to use it does bug me sometimes going you record save points or you could save three turns off your time if you disable to these apps and this is mainly for machines that have slow running hard disks that if you can delay the startup or stack up the startup of apps it will obviously make your machine run faster this machine has an MDOT 2 SSD in it for boot drive and it opens to a desktop in five seconds from cold I don't need an optimizer to it wouldn't make it any faster realistically it's a pointless feature for me but it is that if you need it which is the main thing this is the activity so web protection for blocking dangerous websites file protection and any files it's found that protection anything and it's basically quite a nice little thing to have the event obviously got Theta this is where the application blocking happened so it tells you that they go beam energy drive attempt to change file protected folder and you can do that sort of thing so you can turn it on and off if you need to but I'm just gonna mark them always read because that's annoying this one here I'm not going to show you because it's got personal account details on it but there is a nice little feature which I'll show you in a minute and then obviously you've got the Settings app for general just not on the protection setting so you can display the security widget which I don't use that's annoying notifying my security port is available malware panda family service scan and obviously on you can turn on and off the special offers please turn them off even if you've bought the program you still get offers for stuff and you're like why it's you don't need to market to me I've bought into your product for a year or two years I don't need that marketing there's some advanced stuff in here like using proxies if you need that and enormous uses reports I hate that because it does uploads files randomly I don't need that slow it off Internet is scanning the host file is also very useful to make sure there's the update stuff so you can choose the update generation and the server I'm gonna blank that server out because that's a privacy and I think so I'll make that updating process is silent which is nice postpone reboot is on which is useful profiles this is where you can actually change different profiles so you can have they go like a work profile so boost email protection eliminates system shutdown eliminates interruptions and limits background activity where you watch movies and you can turn these on and off and have them on automatically which is quite nice so you can choose and chop and change but to be fair just leaving autopilot on I have no issue either so now I'm gonna go and show you a lovely little feature so this is something called BitDefender central which i think was mentioned actually in the program and basically what it means is is that when you sign up for BitDefender new by bitdefender you're told to set up an online account and register your product keys through that and for example i've got two of five devices of abled here and i can install it on mobile ante on Mac or on Windows as I currently have and basically this gives you an overall activity of all of your devices now the advantage of this is is if you go to my devices you can basically pick a device that's currently online for example my laptop which is online somewhere else I can click that and it will give me information about that device so it will tell me that it's safe there's no threats or anything like that but the amazing thing is I can do all of the stuff I'd normally do in the program remotely so for example I can run a particular scan so I can run scans I can do a quick or a full scan and you can run the optimizer stuff too basically they go so your last boot time and stuff like that and you can optimize to start up but you can anti-theft it and do a vulnerability scan so you can do all the basic tasks on the web which to me makes so much more sense because this is perfect for this is basically a cut-down version of the ministry's panel for normal use for a enterprise stuff and it basically is very useful for someone like me who in a house full of four or five different machines can actually install BitDefender on them all and just remotely manage them all up from up here or from my phone from wherever in the world I can particularly see this being useful if you run it on a server and you have a server anti-virus and it means that you can just remotely scan the server from a coffee shop wherever and you can get a result back about the scan which is quite a nice idea from here you can also customize your um parental advisory so you can actually basically because of the parental advisory is so in-depth you can see the time spent online where they visited and their child or your interest so you can see what they've been browsing and their social behavior so you can sort pick up messages and stuff like that it's kind of very big brother-ish but it is a is an effective tool for monitoring them and blocking them when they can do that so you can add a profile or for a certain user account and then start monitoring them remotely which is also quite useful there is some other stuff about premium services which is about tech assist and stuff like that obviously here where it says my subscriptions is where you would just go in and pay for more subscriptions basically like that you can have multiple ones if needed but yeah it's a nice little online thing it's quite simplistic but it's very nice to manage I can manage any of the machines that I have I'm currently on - I'm gonna put it on a few more Sonne so I can remotely manage them from anywhere in the world which is quite nice and yeah so thanks for watching guys that is a review on or an overview I should say off BitDefender total security the 2018 one I hope you found this useful and actually how nice it is to have this all sort of integration and stuff like that I'm not sure if anyone actually offers the sort of central page that these guys currently do but it's a very useful feature so thanks for watching guys and yeah I will catch you in the next video


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