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BlueStacks App Player is an easy to use yet powerful software solution designed to run Android apps right on your Windows machine, with the help of a Google account.

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Boasting a very effective emulation engine, BlueStacks App Player impresses thanks to its user-friendly approach, making everything easy as pie for all types of users, be they beginners or with a bit more computer knowledge. It looks exactly like the mobile platform, with all the proper buttons incorporated in the main window.

Once installed, you are required to input your existing Google account or create a new one, so that you can gain access to the Play Store. Note that .NET Framework is required to make the application work, but it usually comes packed inside the Windows default set of features.

It is possible to download all games and apps available on Android from the Play Store, as well as play them with ease. You can navigate the Internet with the help of a built-in web browser, as well as check out your Twitter and Facebook account.

The app is available on a full-screen mode, while you can also make it smaller with just a click of the button. As stated above, the back, home and recent apps buttons are available, and help you easily browse through all the options offered with ease, and all installed items are going to create shortcuts in the Start screen (on Windows 8 and 8.1).

Loading times are very good and the program runs with absolutely no errors. Most of the games, galleries and apps can be controlled by mouse, just like you would do on your typical touchscreen mobile phone.

Aside from that, you can share an item on Facebook and Twitter with great ease, view the time in a corner, enable or disable notifications and access the settings panel. The latter is quite familiar, seeing its design is almost identical with the Android one, and lets you manage sound, apps and contacts, as well as set date and time, change keyboard options and language.

Another feature that's worth mentioning is the so-called Cloud Connect, a separate tool designed to allow users to automatically sync their apps, updates, photos and SMS from your Android phone to the PC.

In turn, you can also import items from your computer’s hard drive with just a click of the button, with the incorporated file browser.

This utility runs all Windows versions out there, without putting a strain on the computer’s performance. The response time is good and the interface is intuitive and quite familiar for those who already have an Android phone.

Overall, BlueStacks App Player is an effective piece of software that brings the flavor of Android apps on your computer.

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hi guys this is a myth add in this tutorial I will show you how you can run android games on your Windows computer ok guys so I'm on this website called BlueStacks calm and what it does is it you know this application allows you to run any Android apps on your on your Windows computer and also on it is available for Mac ok guys so in this tutorial I will show you how you can run apps android apps on your Windows computer ok guys so go ahead and click on download as you can see here a while a player is downloading check out if you like you can check out that and at the bottom left you know at the head my car you know browser window you can see it is install it is downloading and we need to wait a little bit ok so let it completes and I will come back ok guys i am back so go ahead where you have a downloaded this you know application the exe file i have downloaded on my desktop just you know i will add just run it by double clicking on that exe file and as you can see here installing bluestacks and welcome to BlueStacks and so much information you can read it here and you have to accept the terms in the license agreement so click on continue and BlueStacks are on best with the following enabled so you have to check you know these options and click on install as you can see here install progress copying files and we need to wait you can play guys any games on your Windows computer okay so this is really very great application at it's free application so you need not to pay and if anything for this as you can see here almost done a few more seconds remaining okay let me pause this video and a minute fish finishes I will come back as you can see you downloading or running data and verifying dependencies so it takes time a little bit so let me pause this video and I will come back when it completes okay guys hi guys I'm back so as you can see here i have installed this blue stack application and i can double-click and open it okay guys so as you can see you the BlueStacks a player for windows and you can add and guide you can search any app ok guys so suppose I want to play some game like clumsy bored let's try this it's asking me okay enable apps true so let me click on continue and let me click on if you have if you don't have you know Google account then you can create that by clicking on this new i have already and i canno i can fill in my email address and click on sign in okay let me click on next you can go to the full screen mode by clicking on this you know double you know monitor whatever and you have to enter your password again let me do that okay it's a it has you know sent me up you know code and I need to put in put it over here okay guys okay and click on verify and it takes a few minutes back up and restore okay let me click on next click on continue and guys you have to you know set up these things when you is when you install this blue stack application and you wanna download any game or apps android game or apps from Google Play okay not now if you like you can do that and I need to put it mine code over here and click on verify and it's logging in okay as you can see here one time setup all done ready to install apps App Store enabled apps sync enable okay let's go guys okay we keep me up to date click on accept and as you can see where I can see you know games over here or any application that you wanna Android application that you want to install it yeah on this software called BlueStacks and it's for we are doing you know for windows and we want to play that let's go check out some game over here okay let's search me out some game clumpsy pod let me try that and guys this is cool game if you if you like you can play that and click on install and click on accept as you can see you it is downloading clumsy bird and we need to wait a little bit it takes a while depending on your on your internet connection I don't have good internet connection right now I am in a hotel and I'm making this you know tutorial from that so bottom guys as you can see you a clumsy board i have installed this application and that you can uninstall also or you can click on open to play that ok how to play if you like you can you know read this tutorial just click on cross as you can see here and click on play to play that okay guys as you can see here we have this board over here we have to tap to continue and tap to fly as you can see here we can play know so that in this way you can play this cool be cool games on your Windows computer and as you can see here we have this window over here and here you can search application like I wanna you know source for any game like temple run and I have this temple run over here I just click that and it goes to the place troll and I can install that okay and I can start playing and I can come to home by clicking on this and you can install you know guys any application in this software and you can start playing ok guys so hope it helps and please rate comment and subscribe if you like this video till them by taking and I will catch you in my next videos thanks for watching


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