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BlueVoda is a nifty tool that you can use to create and design websites by using the drag and drop technique. It's useful even if you have little or no experience at all.

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Upon initiating the website builder, you have three choices: start a new project, open an existing one, or watch video tutorials. Unfortunately, video tutorials were not available in our case, and we couldn't find any predefined templates to look into and play with.

The user interface may seem overwhelming at first for beginners, but take your time and get to know the product.

You can add HTML, scripts, inline frames, layers, ActiveX, Java, Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, RealPlayer, YouTube, or other types of objects.

Double clicking each one of them allows you to edit it. For example, you can write a custom HTML code (or import a ready-made text file), add a YouTube link of your preferred size (and enable the display of related videos), and so on.

From the design perspective, you can insert and customize banners, rollover images, ad banner rotator images, galleries, guest books, RSS feeds, menu bars, and others.

In addition, BlueVoda comes with a free FTP client called Blue FTP. It basically allows you to connect only to VodaHost's servers (too bad it's this limited), and publish your work.

The program uses little CPU and memory resources. Besides the video tutorials and templates, we couldn't access the community form, customer support, and control panel, for some reason.

All in all, if you don't plan on learning a programming or scripting language that is necessary for building a website, then BlueVoda can get you what you need.

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okay in this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to create a very simple website with blue vote a website builder first thing we need to do is create a test folder on the desktop and then you need to put all your stuff now it's gonna be on that website of course we have the test site logo here map to the location nvidia and AMD logo and the menu so people can navigate around your website next we need to click on the shortcut blue bow to open a new blank page and as you can see i have the grid on which of course you always need a grid but if you don't want it on and go to view and click on grid you can turn that on or off first thing we need to do is we need to go up here to the top and click on the image button insert the logo there put it up there at the top and if you don't want to use that one it's both the same but you could also go up to insert and down to image in this case we're not gonna put anything there yet instead we're gonna come down here to the left I'm gonna put in a gallery here and double click on that I'm gonna add a local map local map there you see it's a little thumbnail which is fine a center that the browser next we're gonna go I'm over here to the left and put in a flash object as you can see that button there I'm gonna insert that and we're gonna browse over to that menu that I showed you or earlier double click on that insert it and make a little bit bigger here it does not look like much right now but here in a minute I'll show you what this is gonna look like we're gonna go to page properties here and the label this as test page or just tests I'm gonna censor everything in the browser the page width is 800 and the page height this 600 which is just fine we need to go over to over here to mate a tags I'm gonna put in test page I'm gonna go down to author and it's gonna be no body and cuz of course I'm not gonna give my name away even though all of you know who I am anyways in the page description test web site we don't need to change the scroll bars of the page transitions or anything like that so we'd keep that the same okay now we're gonna go to back to page properties into the background we're gonna change the background to black and the text to white I push that now we're gonna come up here to the top and go to preview preview the website I need to make that a little bit wider but other than that that's what that looks like you can also come down here to the local map and click on it and it will expand it that was the purpose of the gallery you could also put multiple images in that gallery and you could click on any one of those and it would expand it okay next you need to make that a little bit wider and once again Center it in the browser now we're gonna save this page as home page to okay next step is we need to go back to page properties and we're going to change it to white again the background and the text of black again okay now what we need to do its we need to cut this and we need to insert two images again in this case we need to go back to the test folder here on there we go I'm gonna put Invidia in and your Center this in the browser and we're going to insert AMD here there you go now what we're gonna do with these pictures is we're going to link them to Nvidia's website and AMD's we just need to right-click on these and go to properties click on link HTT whatever that is slash slash whatever ww-what picture am i doing Nvidia and vidya dot-com there now that's links when people click on that that's where it'll take them now we're gonna do the same with the AMD wwm decom there we go and now those are linked and we're going to put in a tax I think come up here to text drop this down here type in first we need to go up here and change that yeah actually that wood doesn't need to be white links wait a second now this needs to be white this needs to be black there now we're gonna do is we're also gonna make that bigger we're gonna come here right-click over the what we just covered over there I'm gonna make it bold we're also gonna do that again we're gonna go to front and make it 22 on the size well we're not get that's fine out is Center at center that now we're gonna go to page properties we're gonna call this one links test made of tags this page we're just gonna add links to that and change the background to black and that white we're gonna save this one as links to and we can preview that as you can see we have that there the buttons got links and we can click on AMD there it'll take us to AMD's website pretty simple there now what we need to do this is the fun part we need to take page HTML right-click select all and copy that we're gonna go to notepad and paste it into notepad save as you need to go to desktop and test the folder that all your stuff is in we need to save as type as all files when I type this in as links dot HTML and I have to have HTML and all files selected or else it won't be a web page let it just be a text document save that so that's good there save that page again now we need to open the home page we created a moment earlier and we need two page HTML select all copy that go to notepad and paste it save as files now with the home page you always call it index.html you can name it something else but it's much easier if you just call it index and we need to save that I don't think I saved that number yes I did I did save that in the right folder okay now we can push it out of that got a test now we just need to double click on index here we have our website with our picture and we can go to links here click on links and of course we have a MD take us AMD's website go back click there


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