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The ever-growing line of online warnings make laptop consumers require complete safeguards from their the undelete, and the builders comply by integrating multiple safeguards toolkit into a single app. One reason is BullGuard Internet Security, which comes equipped with a start of parts that efficiently work together to make sure that trojan does not breach into your mechanism.

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This the package aims to cover all the regions of safeguards, providing you with a powerful antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-spam safeguards, a personal kludge, parental grip parts, statistics safeguards and Cpu tune-up electricity.

User interact is not mandatory, as you can start the app to automatically send the detected things to quarantine, fix or delete them. However, warning and pop-up announcement are available for those who want to tweak its every trait.

The antivirus presents real-time safeguards, behavioral and heuristic detector, but also allowing you to perform on-demand xrays. The "Quick scanner" kind only analysis the key industries of your Cpu, but you can also run a more thorough full Cpu scanner, or customizing xrays. BullGuard Internet Security observers administration and outgoing emails, xrays folder, folders, folder and running procedures.

Consumers can easily configure the kludge regulations, manage banned leveler and monitor the infrastructure exercise to identify and block bombing efforts. Furthermore, the parental grip kind enables you to create customizing histories for each person and viewpoint detailed laptop consumption news.

You can try BullGuard Internet Security to boost the results of your mechanism by removing unnecessary or temporary folder, detecting and fixing broken database submissions, performing way defrag and managing venture initiatives.

The app comes with backup and restore technologies that enables you to create safe books of documentation, digital folder and message emails on Dvd / DVDs, external or online disk mediums.

Taking something into consideration, BullGuard Internet Security provides all-in-one safeguards for your laptop, with minimum effect on mechanism money. The package combines a user-friendly glance with advanced safeguards, parental grip functionality and results analytics toolkit in that to create a powerful, yet intuitive the thing for everyday try.

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hello and welcome to the PC security Channel well today I've got a new product to test that is BullGuard Internet Security you might be familiar with this product it is another one of those pay day fees using the BitDefender engine now what I'm interested to see is how they implement that in their product how it works and also how it deals with zero-day threats or unknown malware that is not currently in the defender signatures they also have a safe browsing feature which blocks malicious websites and a firewall which does pop up quite often but they have rules which means most of the time the alerts are just notification so you don't have to take any action so it's fairly automated not a big problem now it has a lot of other features like backup vulnerability scan PC tune-up parental control spam filter but I'll mostly be going over the antivirus and firewall now one nice thing about this user interface is that it has two separate settings for basic and advanced users so basically it keeps everyone happy and that is good because you know sometimes you get these products where you don't get too many settings and sometimes it's just too scary to start with but this is perfect because if you are a basic user you can just go in here and you'll see nothing much but if you're advanced you can get to deal with all the advanced settings however it's still a little too basic for me even in advanced mode but there are some things that you can fine-tune according to your needs like the firewall it's got some kind of attack detection mostly blocking online attacks I don't think it has a host intrusion prevention system but that's ok because they have a behavioral scanning engine so that should be able to protect us against zero-day malware if it works correctly and that's it that's this is there zero a defense behavioral blocking so the basic user interface is pretty good it's good eye candy I like the colors and the fonts pretty much everything is appealing visually however in some places I just feel that the font should have been a little bit bigger it does appear a little too small if a user interface to me and it cannot be resized so maybe they could make some of these things a little bit bigger but apart from that it's a very good user interface I don't have too many problems with it so let's make sure that the product is up to date and it is so now let's see what kind of resource usage they have in here as you can see it's fairly light it's only using about 14 megabytes and that's fairly light for a security suite considering all the other pay day fees that used much more RAM so this is very light and I haven't seen too much of an impact on the system either so I'll give you that bull card is pretty light now let's get to the important part that is the testing stage so this is the online prevention test so as you can see bull card firewall gives an alert but it's nothing to worry about because it's automatically allowed because it's in there rules so here's the malware that we'll be testing with we've gotta know around seven or eight links and these are all fairly fresh and some of these are a low detection malware so it should be a good test and we should be able to see if bullguard can protect us or not so here goes the first link gets past their Safe Browsing but it doesn't get past the antivirus so BullGuard antivirus blocks it I shouldn't be able to run it and I can't so first strike for the bull guard sounds very familiar to bulldog and lots of people have Bulldogs to guard their houses so I guess it makes sense the second website is blocked by their Safe Browsing feature which is good to see Strout the third one I believe this is a double extension file yep rar dot jpg and let's go ahead and download this cuz this looks totally legit to me and it's blocked so BullGuard won't let me download this file that's good as you can see it does pop up quite a few times the firewall for different applications but mostly it's automatically allowed so you don't have to do anything much now this I believe is some kind of adware but it was caught and blocked that is good so that's the end of that this is a zip file and it's on Google storage so I guess it should be taken down fairly quickly let's save this on to the desktop and once again bullguard blocks it so that is good news this is another piece of adware let's try running it no alert from bullguard so it looks like this file is not in there signatures and wow what is this then Staller says the system doesn't have the minimum requirements Wow so nowadays we need minimum system requirements guys still install adver so to install adware you need a fast computer allow never seen that before so basically elk count this as a dead link this should be blocked it's a fairly common domain and it is by Safe Browsing kind of expected that to happen that's why I only got one of those let's try this one out this is a new malicious URL and the file is blocked so a good job by bullguard it then blocked the this one was blocked by BullGuard so I deleted the partial file over here and yeah it did a pretty good job excluding this one adware that it missed but it didn't work out anyway so I'll give full guard a clean sheet in this part of the test so not too bad in fact pretty good but let's see how it deals with our malware samples so for that I have to disable the antivirus it's not easy doing that I don't see an option in here so I have to come over here to disable the AV that's something I don't like but then again who disables the AV anyway so here I've got some really good samples these are fairly new just from today you can technically consider them surday malware too if you like and there are 512 items so it should be a good test now since it does use the BitDefender engine i would expect a pretty high detection ratio which is pretty much we're used to seeing that from the defender but let's see if BullGuard can do any better so we've got 512 items I'm going to show you guys here that all of these are indeed there here they are all this nice malware waiting to make this PC their home and here comes the Bulldog to fight against it so I'm going to do the scan and let's see how quick the scan is that's something that we should keep an hour out for does seem fairly fast in fact it seems just like the defender it's not really fast it's not really slow it's a little bit on the fast side I would still say so as you can see it's detecting all this malware and I like there's scan interface it's so small and minimalistic doesn't really scare you or anything like that that's nice I'm sure a lot of basic users would like this set found 501 issues just take 34 seconds to scan then let's fix them and a fixed system automatically not much you can do again these are places where I'd like some more user intervention maybe but I guess this is meant for basic users it's made keeping those type of users in mind so I really like this user interface for an experienced users because basically it doesn't scare them at all and you know they they can just know what they need to know they just hit fits and it's fixing them and once it's done I guess I'll you just get close and you can close the window fairly simple however I'm not too happy with the removal speed just like the defender the removal seems to be a little bit slow so I'll pause the video and I'll be right back to see how many samples it caught pool guard has finally completed cleaning it took a really long time so the removal speed was really slow compared to the scan speed however I don't think this is a very major issue because nobody's going to have to remove 501 items every day but anyway that's one thing to note but it says it couldn't fix some of the items now I don't know what it's supposed to mean I mean what does it expect me to do because it's not really telling me that it's not giving me any instructions to fix these items or anything so I'll just hit close what everyone else would do as well I guess and I'll consider those things as missed for now so let's go ahead and see what's left over we've got hundred and two items so that's quite a lot and let me try to calculate the detection ratio here 512 and we're left with 102 so that is a detection ratio of 80 point zero seven percent not so impressive so this makes me believe that they're just either plane using BitDefender signatures or maybe they're not even using the entire BitDefender signatures because if this was a true dual engine product or even an advanced version of or an improved version of BitDefender I'm pretty sure it would catch a lot more than this so anyway let's go ahead and re-enable their product so I'm going to go into settings antivirus and everything's turned on and we're ready to go so let's see if their behavioral blocking lives up to its name and block some of these malware based on their behavior so let us start running them we've got a plenty to do here it goes one and that's good to see bogart has suspended the suspicious process until you choose an action so I'm gonna quarantine that so this one was caught by their behavior blocker I would suspect this one is also blocked so that is really good news although the detection ratio wasn't so good it looks like it does have some kind of blocking behind it well this one was allowed to access the Internet this doesn't look like a friendly file either reminds me of the PBS worm that wasn't a good thing and looks like some of these are working just fine I'm not getting any more alerts here's one more probably some fake fur thing that disguises itself as Java it's definitely not Jeff I can tell you that this was automatically granted access as far as I'm seeing the firewall it's just automatically granting access to pretty much every file because these are not cyan't these are not known so I don't know on what basis it decided to automatically allow that file this thing just failed okay I'm seeing some alert and it looks like bullguard blocked another infected file so there sir de component does work although it doesn't look like the most effective zero de component I've ever seen some of these files are running and I'm sure we can see some over here in the task manager but it looks like we haven't got anything major so far so far most of the major things have been blocked so that is some good news lots of these may have been designed for Windows 7 so they won't work correctly on this Windows 8 computer well as he as we signed the link test nowadays malware has specifications as well there's like a Trojan waiting and he says hey I'm not gonna infect this slow computer I'm gonna find a good one for myself so you know malware also is getting choosy these days okay bogart blocked that one so it didn't get its choice granted well I'm definitely seeing some stuff running here I'm not sure if they're actually being able to do something but a lot of these are very much alive and working I didn't see any alert on that one I have seen BullGuard block quite a few of these but not each one of them I'm seeing some activity that is not being reported to me by BullGuard but maybe that's because some of these are not working correctly could be the case as I said this is okay so here's another one that didn't like my system that's so sad go find a better system for yourself all right that one seemed to have done something okay this one just opens up notepad it's interesting to see that although we're running so many files I haven't got too many processes in here but that has definitely got nothing to do with bullguard because i don't think it has any way of automatically blocking something without telling me once again I don't have the minimum requirements to run that malware I'm so sorry everyone this is the best I could manage okay there's some kind of adware it was signed and it was okay finally I get in will work so it says this thing is asking for access to the Internet if you don't recognize this program this is your chance to block it from reaching the network so ok this is my chance so I'm gonna take the credit for it so I can either allow allow once or block so what would a regular user do now concerning that bullguard did block a lot of the other files with its behavior blocker and still I I've seen a lot of files run and the firewall alert pops up but it always automatically allows it so I don't think you're going to get this alert too many times so I assume every time you get it you're going to hit block this this doesn't usually pop up when you run a safe application so I'm going to block that and that should have stopped the adware from coming down to my computer or maybe just that where I wouldn't have liked it anyway because it's not a fast computer it's just a VM running two or three gigs of RAM to course of an i-5 so I guess the malware doesn't like these specs they want better they want eight core processors so nowadays you have to buy a good computer even if you want to run malware on it well I guess that's enough that's that I'm gonna stop here and I'll reboot the system get rid of all these files run ccleaner and run a couple of second opinion scanners and then we can finally decide if Bogart did well enough well I cut these this process a little bit short and I just did a hitman Pro scanning I didn't scan with malwarebytes cuz I have a suspicion that the malware I didn't do its job correctly so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do an individual behavior blocker test as I did in my last review as well because it's important to see if they can actually deal with unknown malware so I'm just going to basically disable their file scanning but I'm going to keep their behavioural blocking turned on I'm also going to disable web traffic I'm gonna disable everything because I'm not going to be needing any of these so we're basically just going to test out their behavior blocker to see how it reacts to unknown file so I'm gonna grab like 1015 files and we'll try running them and see if the behavioral blocker can block them which is important because let's say you didn't have a signature for any of those files right now it does and it's very difficult for me to specifically find files that it doesn't have signatures for so I'm gonna grab some and I'm gonna run them with deep behavior blocker turned on cuz surday malware blocking is pretty important these days and I know some of you may have wind that why are you doing these toughs but it doesn't make sense the signatures would catch them but what if we get a variant that is just likely different and the signatures doesn't catch it right so that is a possible scenario which will be testing very shortly all right so we've got some malware files here let's go ahead and run them let me just show you that the behavior blocker is indeed turned on there you go behavior blocker is still turned on although their scanner is off so let's see if that can block all these files because this is more of a real security test for me I mean I know it this product has done decent up till now but I really want to see how good it is against unknown malware because well I want to see if it's top-of-the-line or not and so far it doesn't look look that way kiss it looks like it's let the smell or fall straight through try running this one okay this one was blocked I'm going to quarantine that so that's some good news that one got caught too I guess so it does respond let's try running this one here's one more that was got we'll go ahead and quarantine once being reboot but I'll rebuild after running all of these this was automatically no it wasn't automatically granted access it wants me to decide and I'm gonna hit block cuz it hasn't given me too many false positives even when I ran hitman pro it didn't tell me or it didn't ask me whether or not I should allow it it was automatically allowed so okay here's another behavior blocker alert so these are the last of the files let's see if they're running well we definitely have some stuff running here chewing at the CPU well I just flag this process State or straight away because it's taking a lot of CPU here and there may be some other stuff going around to that grid unaware of so basically I'm just going to pause this video and let the system run around and maybe bullguard is gonna catch some so I'll be right back after a while if it doesn't ever pop up I'm just going restart and run the scans again okay so hitman Pro just found one file system dot exe fairly legit and app data so it's a Trojan I'm not happy that the behavior blocker didn't catch it because it's very much active in the system and these are the results of malwarebytes the same file system dot exe here it's called spyware password I don't know what this means this probably some kind of spyware that is going to maybe it's kind of like a key logger that is going to try to steal your passwords if whatever you type on your keyboard it's gonna you know basically just send that data over to whoever made it and then we've got some registry keys in fact we've just got one registry key yeah that's just one and these are just several detections for the same name system dot exe it's a file it's a process then we've got a folder so basically two types of infections the spyware password and then this Trojan agent which has been eating a ton of CPU and making the system very hard to use so both of these are pretty major infections I won't want either of these on my system but considering all this what is the final verdict for BullGuard well it definitely quite well it impressed and the and pretty much the net result but it's not unreachable I wouldn't still call it the best or even not top-of-the-line yet it's almost there I'd consider it as a valid alternative to BitDefender it's pretty good it does its job well as you saw we didn't get that badly infected considering we ran so many files and it only had its behavior blocker to block these and that's not a bad result for a behavior blocker because keep in mind most products don't even have a behavior blocker so even if it was able to catch like seven or eight out of ten files or something like that that is not a bad result so it did its job okay I was a bit disappointed with the detection ratio I think they could maybe improve their scanning engine a little bit maybe add some signatures themselves because of the low RAM usage I have a suspicion that it may not be using the entire database of the defender maybe just a part of it so signatures weren't as good as I was expecting them to be but at the same time there's heard a component worked pretty well that prevented a lot of infections but not everything and I have seen betters your day components than this so yes this is good is this great is it the best no it's not quite there but it's a pretty good solution and it's good for an everyday user it's almost entirely automated you don't have to answer too many alerts and if you like these face I mean women so you can't use this however this is not one of the best products I would believe but it's still good and very much usable as I hope you guys got that one right have a nice day and thanks for watching comment rate and subscribe and keep the suggestions coming I have a lot of plans to release some videos next so stay tuned stay informed and stay secure


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