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Digital Photo Professional provides Canon EOS DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cams ownership with a specifically potent, perception work and editing app that vessels in the shoebox with every EOS camcorder. You can also find Digital Photo Professional packed within the EOS Digital Solution Disk Software alongside other very utilizable Canon developed undelete, such as EOS Utility.

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RAW photos folder can be seen as digital things and, in this matter, they require to be processed in that to expose their authentic combination of both hues and sounds. Digital Photo Professional comprises all the digital enlarger develops you need to work with shows and shadows, dismiss connery tosses and even wheat to enhance the overall structure.

Digital Photo Professional is particularly laid out to harmoniously work with your Canon EOS camcorder and viewfinder. This that, it enables you to rectify more dilemmas such as chromatic fluke and lens-cognate artefacts such as sibilance and vignetting.

Digital Photo Professional maximizes its might when working alongside with the EOS Utility undelete, allowing you to adequately organise, fine-tune and share your photos. And, once again, as Digital Photo Professional tailored to perfectly suit the Canon EOS camcorder’s entrees setup and viewfinder, you should really have a great way of producing spectacular findings with one of the most interesting and powerful functionality of the undelete - the Digital Lens Optimizer.

Unless you already have your very own digital photographic app weapon, then Digital Photo Professional can prove to be a very good starting way for novices, at least. In countermove with the EOS Utility, Digital Photo Professional really comes to way and introduces you within a whole new planet that may just turn your hobbie into a time enthusiasm and, why not, a very lucrative thing.

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ok hello everybody today we are going to be comparing the Olympus viewer to to the cuman's digital photo professional so let's start off here I've got them minimized so for example and also I'm going to tell you guys about what I think of the tube so let me go to the digital photo professional in go to libraries then pictures they'll be under beach pics which is the same thing I've got oops so they are both an image editing and viewing thing you can also I believe at it and you can edit in step 4 videos let's see so the Olympus fear or two how does that compare well the Olympics fear too seems to have much much more I guess in depth tight things like for example you can you're going to put different things like color filter little chrome and SEBI a sharpness and food unsharp mask which I i believe increases contrast like near shadows and step and you can crop resize rotate flip red eye which red eye you can do it three different ways which one of the things that I find funny about the redeye portion is that if you want to go to manual color for correction red green and blue okay how can somebody have like a how can somebody get like a green eye effect or blue eye effect I've never heard of those effects either has anybody else so like but then also another thing that I like about be like let's say this thing I let me pull it so the so to me amperes that the thing is much much better in digital photo professionally so like for example let me go the brightness and contrast increase the brightness and notice on how like the histogram is right here right where my cursor is circling so watch this when I increase the brightness notice on the highway notice or not how it changes after i goed something the digital photo professional I change the brightness in its as I'm adjusting so that makes it a little bit easier for me then let's see contrast has said this thing was kind of weird because the fact that the Olympus fuel to it gives you the thing after you do the things so let me increase the contrast on this where I need it to be then let me compare the two you may not necessarily notice the difference so when your portion because of the fact that's a little bit lower quality so one of the sphere to seems to do fairly well with the editing portion but let's see now the Olympus fear of two seems to do fairly well with editing but it does seem that the digital photo professional by cannon does seem to work much better so let me go to adjustment revert to shot settings which I like because I don't have to keep hitting the undo undo undo undo I go to undo undo undo undo you know just to get it back to the shot I mean and then it doesn't have like a revert to shot settings in the step so I really like like the digital photo professionally so another thing is that you have a grid and said like what is interesting about this thing about the digital photo professional is that you can see the grid and you can kind of get an idea of exactly where your thing this place where you need a crop it whatever you know and how you need a crop it because you can know the tool play I believe it will be under maybe down under here but one of the things I don't like about digital photo professional is that it's not necessarily on the where you can do a whole bunch of things unless you have a in raw format but also all my photos I've taken or from a different model anyways and like a different brand of camera anyways mine is an olympus camera the only man that how the only reason why i had the digital photo professional is for the film class the film instructor let me use the software so let's see let me go back to that stuff do a little photo professional like for example you may have seen that the histogram the thing that like but see like I said the digital photo professional seems to do much much better as far as its overall thing the only problem though with what the whole thing is that when I go to computer osc for another files I 86 then I go to the canon the can the digital photo professional plus if you look if I were to go to properties you will notice the whole thing is 333 megabytes oh never mind that's the kid in folder that's the cable folder itself so let me go to digital photo professional properties and it's 7870 point 8 megabytes for the software itself and the size on disk is 72.3 megabytes and it's got 562 different files in two different folders so then going to the Olympus but should be down here olympus then the olympus fee or two if i were to go to properties or Matt oh I never realized this but Olympus fewer number one that's the whole thing itself what is it do that but it does seem that limp asst viewer to takes up more space because the size is 89.4 megabytes and the size Holiness's 89.9 megabytes so but the only thing but the only down left the only drawback to the Canon software stuff is the fact that when I go to all this stuff because then let's see try to look kind of all right it's good so when I go to Canon properties the whole thing itself for the whole software everything in it as included with all the different things they get from that thing what the packaging is 333 megabytes but the size on the disk is 330 70 points so then with the Olympus it is kind of like i said is ninety-five point O megabytes and it takes up 95.5 main bites on the desk which Olympus software obviously as you can see does not take as much space which is some of the things which is one of the advantage of the Olympus thing but in reality if you were to compare all that stuff let the Olympus it takes up more space for the Olympus view or two then the digital photo professional which is kind of frustrating but then the thing also comes with imagebrowser DX which I believe you can upload photos the internet anything else so it's a great package by at the same time it takes up a lot of your disk space things up things up I guess you could say overall about a third of the gigabyte the ship you've got a computer that's running low on its storage space and all that gets going to take like it's going to take a while for it to load in and another drawback to the thing is they look Clark well I think both editing software requires at least both know the cannons software requires at least 1024 x 768 excellent so I can't so if you're trying to so if you've got a computer with the one solution now anthem by six them or you got the resolution set to that you're going to need that higher work yet I'm just going to mean to get a brand new computer okay so yeah that's the hard drive that's morning let me go to ctrl shift esc bring up task ninjalinos in that right ccleaner in process this way i am not taking that much space i have no idea what the hell is going on here oh no why it's doing all this test ray and pulses toaster yet see but oh that's the dell webcam damn eos utility dr. dawn till down safe update launcher hey let's swear so like I said overall I believe that the that if you take out the drawbacks in something in the digital photo professional does seem to be professional software and all that you can do the same types of things somewhat as with olympus viewer to in fact you can do more stuff so like for example one day he'll open go to click on learn these things go to view comes at an image window you have NR noise reduction alo which i have no idea what the heck that is lens you can know but what's funny is that the lens data only shows up when you have a canon camera I've noticed why I have no idea but let's but how about I just close this out and I will sup the video so I don't want to take too much space we got three me got a three megabit per second internet so when I upload a it's going to take a while so hope you had a great day check out my youtube channel it's Robert Lucas click on that link below phone there you know I've got lots of videos if you have if you haven't seen my channel will go ahead take a look at it um there are videos from Maine joy so just check it out i've got film production videos i'm doing that like a preview to it it's extremely funny too and so just i hope you guys have a great day so then we hit hit the like button if you liked it hit the unlike button and go hit the dislike button if you don't like it subscribe to subscribe for more so if you want to get the latest updates for videos so see you next time


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