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Malicious content can come uninvited from the information superhighway, leftovers after removing programs have an impact on performance, and broken registries can cause serious compatibility issues, and an antivirus solution doesn't offer complete protection.

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However, performing periodic scans and cleaning can keep your PC in good shape. One of the applications which can aid in this situation is CCleaner, equipped with all tools needed to scrub every bit of your computer.

Launching the application brings up a cleverly simple interface, intuitive enough to let anyone instantly accommodate. Major functions are stored in tabs found in a side panel, an upper part constantly displays system info, while the rest of the space is dedicated to actual options you get to handle.

The “Cleaner” feature helps you get rid of various files that are no longer of use or take up disk space for no further reason. Two tabs let you select either Windows features or specific applications, each with its own list of areas to be cleaned. Among others you are able to select recent documents, autocomplete history, saved passwords, cookies or even old Windows installations.

You can simply analyze an area to see what needs cleaning so that you don't accidentally remove any important files. The scan process, as well as the scrubbing is done incredibly fast, with post-process details displayed.

Furthermore, you are also able to fix registry issues with the help of a dedicated tool. Similarly to the cleaner, there are several selectable areas, such as missing shared DLLs, ActiveX and Class Issues, obsolete software, start menu ordering or Windows services.

The application's usability does not end here, because more tools are available under the homonimous tab. An integrated uninstaller lets you safely remove applications so that they leave no traces, startup items can also be deleted, as well as browser add-ons or extensions and even context menu processes.

What's more, system restore points can be viewed in a list, with the possibility to have them removed for a little extra space or comfort. You can choose to wipe an entire drive, be it internal or removable, with options to select either free space or whole drive, as well as the security level. The Disk Analyzer is there to help identify large files on fixed or removable drives, while selecting folders of interest.

Keeping an eye on your system's resources might come as a surprise, because CCleaner only takes advantage of as little as it can. Thus it can run on multiple configurations, not to mention the speed and quality at which it gets the job done.

To sum it up, CCleaner is definitely a must for any computer, whether or not it is connected to the Internet. It takes little of your time to get you acquainted with what it has to offer, with light impact on system resources. It can definitely bring back a little power to any computer or even make it as good as new.

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hello everyone my name is cap and welcome back to cap Tec today I want to talk to you guys about CCleaner from piriform now this is by far the most popular most downloaded file cleaning software that's on the internet that's boasting over more than 2 billion downloads total now for starters this is not a paid promotion they don't know I'm actually doing this this is just a review that I'm doing care and I'm doing all of this in version 5.2 4 with a build 5 8 for one just in case later on down the road they've changed a few things and I'm doing this in Windows 7 this software is available for free from anywhere from windows XP all the way to Windows 10 there is a paid version but the only real difference between that is is you can set up like scheduled updates and scheduled cleaning it's just kind of the additional stuff to run in the background automatically but all the functionality is still the same so the free version works just fine so let me walk you guys through on how to install this and how to use the software installation is pretty simple you just download the executable up to your desktop and run it like you would any other installer allow it to run and this will bring you to the customization options during the actual install it'll let you go through and you could do a basic install or you can go through and customize that if you want to change some of the other options here I personally go through and uncheck pretty much every single one of these because they're not once I normally use but of course it's up to you to decide if you want to leave those or not it's basically just whether you want shortcuts if you want to put it in the recycle bin context menu which is when you right-click it it pops up you can have it automatically check for updates and a background means it's gonna have a scheduled service to run to make sure that it's got the most updated version and then intelligent cookie scan I talked about later more if you want to go in and change so where it's located or if you want to make its only certain users can use it and just let it go through and do its install then it'll bring it up let you know hey everything's good to go you're done if you want to really review the release notes you can and then just click it to run the actual software once you've completed the install it's going to take you to the main part of the interface for here this is the cleaner side of it this is where it will go through and allow you to select and deselect all the different aspects of the system your different browsers you can go into your application choose which one specifically what you want to have cleaned on here you can check and uncheck all the way down you see there's a ton of different options they have on here but one of the first things I want you to do is to go down to your options and under the Advanced tab by default when you very first install this this check box up here at the top is select this is only delete files in Windows 10 folders older than 24 hours meaning that anything done in the last day isn't in there by default that's not a bad thing to leave for most people but it also doesn't take into account anything you may have done today and often times if you're trying to run a computer clean or a scan on your computer it's because something may or may not be working like it's supposed to and so by making it unchecked it'll go through a check for everything that's actually done today and then under the monitoring section right here make sure you uncheck this if it is enabled by default I know there are some versions down here where you can see the different check boxes here for enables the system monitoring and when you do that it puts a icon down here in the system tray that runs every single time you turn your computer on I absolutely despise programs that have this as an option because it's not necessary so I always just make sure to tell users if you're going to be using this program to uncheck the system montine here it doesn't need to run it startup and all that other stuff this is a good for just an on-demand cleaning so after you have everything selected here at the very first you'll go through and click on your analyze button and it'll go through and do a full scan in your system and depending on how long has been since you've done this kind of clean it can take a quite a while to go through depending on the size of your system after it's finished doing its skin it'll bring you to the analysis complete section here tell you how long it took to run and how much total space can be cleaned up by removing all the internet junk files here as you can see I've got two point six thousand megabytes of information that's a little over two and a half gigs worth of stuff and you can see most of the time is temporary Internet files internet cache settings these files can take up a whole lot of space on your computer and they're just not good to have there so you'll go through and you run the cleaning and let it go ahead and finish completely doing what it's doing here and then it let you know when it's done and you've just removed a big ton of files in here I do this on probably about a monthly basis of my computer and you can see even then it builds quite a bit of files now I'm a little bit more active on the computer than probably the average user so your settings and your viewings and stuff will be a little bit different but on to the next section over here underneath cleaner you can see where you have the option to go through and scan for issues within the registry I will throw a disclaimer out there that this is something dangerous to do if you don't know what you're doing you can let it go through into a full scan just like the normal cleaner that it has here but it scans the Windows registry for problems you have and a lot of times what you're going to have is unused file extinctions or ActiveX issues and stuff and this is basically where system files no longer match up with where they were originally put in here or it was a temporary thing was installed or where there was a shortcut somewhere that didn't work out and so this allows you to go through and clean up your registry so if you're going to do this and you go through and fix selected issues then you can go through and fix just one you can scroll through them one at a time if you want to manually go through and do their and I have a turned off but by default Alaska if you want to backup your registry settings and definitely do that before you read any kind of cleanings here but on to the next section under tools this work gives you a whole lot of other things that you can do within your system there's a lot of very useful things in CCleaner that are free to have like the uninstall thing if you don't know how to uninstall software in your computer this will definitely show you everything that's installed on your computer when it was installed what version you have who put it on there and this will allow you to go through and select what you want to and either repair it if it's broken and it gives you the option to or you can uninstall it now underneath the startup now this is a very important key that I an important feature that I use often and this is the startup here and this is where you can go through and enable and disable things running at startup on your computer that don't necessarily need to be there now when you think under the windows section here this is not going to be anything that's vital to Windows actually functioning properly this is just stuff that runs within Windows itself and if you went through to say well everything here your computer would still boot it by it would still boot up just fine without any additional problems so you don't have anything to fear by unselecting anything here but anything you have here that you don't want it enabled you can just click on it and choose disable on the right side and it'll gray it out and you see where it says enabled yeah no over in the left side and then the next time you boot your computer up this will keep it from running that time to the next tab over here is the scheduled tasks tab and this is another one to keep a good eye on because you never know what kind of software you have on your computer that's gonna try and install something to run as a scheduled task to try and run an update this is one of the things that bugs me about CCleaner is it likes to try and put in the Skip UAC thing in here it's a scheduled task it's gonna run I don't even hell often it runs on here cuz it doesn't stay in this specific thing but it's just one of those things that I don't necessarily want running on my computer and often times if you have the active monitoring that shows up in your system tray down here this is where it'll show up there and you can delete it as well now Adobe and Google products are also really bad about installing software that's going to run in the background as a scheduled task in here trying to check for updates so although it does check for scheduled security updates on there it's good to find is that they'll put multiple entries in there so you have it checking for updates multiple times a day and to me that's just not necessary and then the context menu your context menu is when you right-click something these are the different options that come up so that you can choose whether or not you want it to be there see if you went through and clicked on your desktop onto an actual file then you would see a lot of the option that you see there and so this is where you can enable or disable those most time I would say just leave these alone unless your menu is just completely full of stuff you don't use now down on the next one here this is the browser plugins section where you can go through and examine all the different plugins running out all of your browsers when you first open them up an explorer firefox google chrome these are the three that are on there by default and you can see I have quite a few things disabled because these aren't things I actually use same thing in Firefox in Chrome I go through and can disable and enable the things that I actually do use on a regular basis because just like any other program when you have a ton of stuff installed that's loading up every time you open it that you don't use it just makes it take longer run so this gives you a pretty good option to go through and say okay well I'm not using Skype at all so I'll make sure you just go through and delete that and uninstall it and I'm not using the storage online or anything like that so you can go through and just disable that as well this can allows you this one is a little bit complicated use I wouldn't recommend using this for the novice user here this will go through and analyze your entire hard drive but it can take a while and what it does is it goes through and it lets you know what kind of files are taking up the most amount of space on your computer duplicate finder is a good way to go through your entire system and see if it can find files that are saved in two or three different places and lets you know if you have duplicates of those because they're having a ton of the exact same file saved in multiple locations unless you have it as a backup of course but having just the same document saved in your My Documents and then under this folder and under that folder it just takes up space and it's not necessarily a good thing to have their system restore brings up the additional system restore checkpoints that Windows accreted when things are installed and you can go through and remove those if you have a ton of them I would highly recommend just leaving this system section alone here it's not necessary same thing with drive wiper this is just a really high-end tool that they put on here I wouldn't recommend going through here unless you know what you're doing because you can end up wiping out a whole lot of hard drive space like this the entire drive all data will be erased if you don't know what you're doing you click on the accident you can go through and wipe out a whole lot of data and then you can go back under the options they have here and one of the things that the system likes to try and do with seat cleaners under the cookies section is you can have it go through and try and find a bunch of cookies to keep so if there's a lot of websites you routinely visit you can add cookies that you're gonna routinely see those sites pop up over and over again so that they don't get deleted when you clean them out because you get tons and tons and tons of cookies saved on your system just from basic usage and then there's a bunch of other different options stuff you have down here if you want to include them so it searches and a little bit more maybe a different hard drive or something you could exclude folders and files if you don't want to searching for those you can authorize only certain users to use it at certain times and then there's the different options you have here but again this is all about the advanced level stuff for the basic user just the normal leave everything the way it was when you installed it should be good enough to go so that wraps up my review of CCleaner this is probably the longest video I've done on this channel yet but there was a whole lot of information to cover because this is a really robust software that I highly recommend to people if you have any questions do drop them in the comment section down below and I'll happily answer them and quick as I can and again the download link for this coming the video description so for me to go check it out and you know if you enjoyed the video do me a favor and hit that thumbs up button down there and I know this ones are really long ones hopefully you stuck around with me for this long and I don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on future videos thank you guys so much for your support you have a wonderful day and I will talk to you later


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