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Clover is a practical tool which changes the appearance of Windows Explorer and allows you to work with multiple folders in the same window. If you like the Explorer interface and want it to support multiple tabs, this application can help you implement the change.

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The program is completely integrated in the Windows interface and does not change its functionality. You can still access the default menus, the navigation and the preview pane but you also have the option of opening multiple tabs.

You can use the application to create shortcuts for your frequently used folders and to access them from the bookmarks bar. The bookmark manager is very similar to the Chrome version and is able to organize your favorite folders into categories. You can add a new bookmark by right-clicking the tab or by using the Control + D shortcut.

If you want to launch a certain webpage from the Explorer interface you just need to create a favorite with the page URL. Clicking the shortcut opens the default Internet browser in order to display the webpage.

This modification can have a huge impact on your productivity since it allows you to easily manage files for more than one folder without opening a new window. It saves desktop space and supports keyboard shortcuts in order to switch or close the tabs.

Usually, if you close a tab and remember that you need to rename one more file, you need to open the Explorer window and to find that folder again. Clover enables you to avoid that hustle by using its ability to reopen a previously closed tab. Just use the context menu or the keyboard shortcut.

Clover does not intend to replace more complex file managers such as Total Commander or EF Commander. It provides you with a simple but effective enhancement of the Windows interface that can be valuable for the casual user.

Since it requires insignificant resources and it is very fast in opening new tabs, Clover proves to be a good solution for increasing your productivity in working with files.

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it was just it was just bad oh dear it was bad hello everybody welcome back to my channel I hope you're having an absolutely fantastic day today we're gonna be talking about the new Clover palette from Too Faced and I'm very sorry about the background it's very like crowded and weird-looking I tried to be all like cute and roll out Clover like in the bubble balloon letters like it is on the palette but it got a little bit crowded a little bit fast and I'm not the best artist ever so now we just have like all sorts of mess like going on behind me but if you hey I stole sat down with you guys and film a little video about this palette right here it is an absolutely adorable palette I have to say I'm not too sure about the shadows yet because I really haven't like gotten into them but the palette itself is super super cute so the packaging on this palette is absolutely adorable there are those letters I was trying to like emulate yeah didn't really go very well but that's okay and then we have Clover which is the little puppy here in all sorts of other like animated characters and inanimate objects all over the packaging and then the outside of the actual palette itself is the same as the front cover however the palette is metal and these are like raised figures on the front then on the back we have some more like cute little characters and a fly and donut I personally think the palette is super cute I know some people think it's like too cutesy but I personally like it however I do wish the magnet was a little bit stronger online it's just a little bit like not magnetized enough for me when I saw they released this palette I definitely had to get it because I kind of collect these like metal pallets from Too Faced I have like the whole range of the chocolate bars and the peach one so I definitely wanted to get this one and try it out this palette is for sale on toothpaste calm it is $49 which isn't unusual for palette but what does bother me on to face is you get free shipping on $50 but this is $49 so it does not include free shipping so you do also have to pay for that I do think they are currently out of stock of this palette but they are getting more in stock soon sometimes so that is good if you're looking for it oh please please no Oh No okay okay we're safe honestly I'm the clumsiest person ever and I can't believe this isn't shattered into a million billion pieces but it looks decently intact so I'm very happy about that all righty so here's just a quick look at the shades there are some shades in here that are a little bit more like interesting to me but there are also a lot of shades in here that seem like very standard to faced so let's go ahead and get some swatches of these and see what the formula is like oh I have just discovered that this is the first ever to face comm exclusive so this will not be coming to Sephora or Ulta this is just for toothpaste but like I said they will be restocking it on their site soon even though it is out of stock right now and they're also donating two hundred thousand dollars to the best friend Animal Society which i think is absolutely fantastic already so here we have the first row first up we have a puppy eyes then we have Lucky Clover the next up we have Chihuahua fur baby save them all and spoiled and then here is that same row with a brush for the matte shades I used a fluffy brush and for the shimmer shades I used a packing brush already for the second row we have iref you pawprint row love is love wet kisses and wolf ready in here at those same shades swatch with a brush and then for the third row we have cuteness overload best friends cuddle buddy daddy's heart me TF mascot and a good boy and here are these same shades watched with brushes ready so those are all 18 shades that come in the palette and there are definitely some that I like more than others some of them were a little bit like rough feeling and a little bit patchy to me this Daddy hearts me I just really don't like how it feels on my finger first of all and I also feel like it's just not super pigmented and a little bit patchy in both of the swatches but then they're ours in the Chasen pot but I do think really stand out and are really pretty I think this duochrome best friends is very interesting and very pretty and then I also like good boy it's a little bit rough to feel but it also has really nice pigment overall I think it's an interesting palette I do think there are a lot of colors in here that are like a very standard two-faced these kind of like lighter pinks the little bit of like light green that kind of stuff I feel like that comes in a lot of their palettes like I feel if we compare the Clover palette to the Too Faced peach palette we kind of get some of the same similar vibes especially in these sections here so we have kind of like a lighter green and then paler Pink's my kind of stuff where I really get kind of like new interesting colors is over here in this corner a little bit Friday so I'm going to zoom you guys in and we're gonna try to create and I look I have not put this anywhere near my eyes yet so I've no idea I'm gonna come up with hopefully it's not a disaster but that's always a possibility on this chain hole oh let me go ahead and zoom you guys in look at started are you sorry - how fun - my base done for my face I'm wearing my Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade went into e crew and then I'm also wearing this bronzer for the first time today this is by Givenchy or driven Givenchy or something like that very bad at pronouncing things but this is in the shade o - that I'm wearing this you done I you've done minerals blush and also this o for a highlight and then I just have my brows done but we're gonna go ahead and focus on the eyes and hopefully we can pull out something decent all right I'm gonna go ahead and start with a light base color I'm gonna use puppy eyes because it is the lightest base that is in here even though there is shimmer in it and we'll just see how this goes on oh yeah there's that glitter there's that shimmer right so basically I just put that down as a base if did brighten up the eye a little bit it's not too crazy pigmented white though next for a transition I think I'm gonna use Chihuahua here with the same just fluffy brush a little bit more yellow than I was intending on going but I'll just blend it out really well and then put something a little dump of it all righty with this small eye fluffy brush I'm gonna go into cuddle buddy down here and just kind of put that into like the the crease area the I flap area alright this shade is okay I still got having a little bit of a hard time getting a really like smooth blend out of it I mean that just could be my own issues but at the same time it just seems to be clinging to a couple of different patches on my eye alright so I think I'm gonna go a little bit today so I'm just taking it saved them all here on my finger and just like patting it into the lid definitely got some cheek fallout going on so I'm gonna brush that away okay yeah save them all is definitely a little bit dry and it does keep kind of falling out onto my cheek I wish it was a bit of a more like creamy shimmer but this is super super dry I'm gonna put best friends over this because this one seems a lot less dry to me and it seems like it'll actually like hold on to its luminosity since it's not glitters it's more just like a like a shimmer I don't know well whoops I didn't mean to do that there's accidentally is some purple on this brush here from when I was doing spot just earlier so now there is purple also underneath my eye but you know it might work this is kind of like a bruise I look anyway oh my gosh oh my god okay well guys yes so I'm actually have just wiped off the eyeshadow I had on because it was just it was just bad oh dear it was bad it was coming in a very terrible direction I had been using saved them all here which I thought would be more of like a creamy shimmer but I would highly recommend if you're gonna use this one use it with some glitter glue or something because it was just a mess all over my cheek you guys can probably see like in here all like the little flecks that are left over from it after I kind of patted it on with my finger it just started like deteriorating pretty much and I was just left with more of like a deep chocolate brown than like a shimmer color that I thought I was getting it was just a nightmare and it wasn't all like the palettes fault I'm sure a lot of it was a user error but I'm gonna go back in and try this again so like last time I'm going to use puffy eyes all over the lid just to brighten it up and kind of set my foundation that I reput over top of it I'm gonna go into a fur baby which is what I did last time and I do like this shade all right now the fur baby is blended out I kind of just want to do something simple because I'm afraid to mix too many of these together because that did not go well last time so I think I'm actually gonna go into good boy and kind of put this all over the lid now this is simple but also very yellow so it's a little more you know interesting than just doing a regular all over the lid color and I was using my finger to apply this color but I actually think the brush works very well this is the Real Techniques bf4 brush by the way one of my favorites I began to realize that my eyes looked like a large macaroni noodle and I needed to take a moment to contemplate my life all right you guys very sorry I am back I had a trough the camera for just a few minutes to figure out like what was going on so I really didn't do much else I just kind of deepened like the outer corner all I did was take a cuddle buddy here and just kind of fluff that into the outer corner and run it underneath my eye and then put on a winged liner and some mascara but um this is what I'm left with the yellow eyeshadow is showing up for sure you can definitely see it you can definitely tell if there's like mustard above my eyes but it was kind of it was kind of hard to work with a little bit alrighty so I figured I would go ahead in for you guys my final thoughts on this palette and I just want to give like a little disclaimer the issues that I have with the palette could very well be user error I am not at all a professional in no way shape or form but I feel like I struggled kind of a lot with this palette I don't think the shadows are like nice and creamy and buttery at all a lot of them are pretty like rough to the touch very very dry feeling like this puppy eyes here in the corner kind of feels like dusty sandpaper almost like none of these are just really really creamy I would say some of my favorites are probably fur baby it has like a nice velvety texture to it and a couple others are pretty nice I do like the yellow however I feel like it's absorbing into my skin or something it's like disappearing into the void because I put on I don't know how many layers how many layers of this yellow eyeshadow and I feel like as it sets there it definitely deepens in color which I know can happen but then it almost feels like it just goes away so I keep like packing more on and packing more on and I've used my finger and a brush and a different brush so I don't really know what's going on with it um I don't know I'm just I'm a little bit disappointed I'm definitely gonna continue to play with the palette because again it could just be user err and if my opinions change at all I will definitely let you guys know but for now this is definitely not my favorite to face palette I will definitely continue to try it out and do all sorts of different like color combinations because right now it kind of looks like I have like baby Doody on my eyelids and that is my fault because that's the color combination I put together but I still feel like I'm just struggling with this palette let me know if you guys have any differing opinions or the same opinion if you've tried this palette if you like it if you don't I really love to know again like I said I will definitely keep you updated on it but for right now I think I might hold on to my $49 plus shipping and handling it's adorable it's absolutely adorable and it's probably the cutest palette I own but I'm just not sure about the shadows and I am also just now noticing that it looks like my palette has been bent and that's why it's not magnetized very well so maybe I can fix that I don't know that's just my opinions and my thoughts for now on the palette let me know what you guys think and yeah this has just been a kind of rough a makeup video for today so hopefully we can and get through it and I'll have a video to put up for you guys anyway it's a lot happy you guys today don't forget that we do have a monthly giveaway going on right now I'll leave that link down below for you all and just please go ahead and subscribe if you would not mind it would mean the absolute ups of the world to me and I'll just see you guys next time


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grazie mille per il crack del Clover

November 11, 2018, ricardo think:

Thank u very much

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grazie mille per il patch del Clover

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