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Cobian Backup is a reliable software solution designed to back up your files either on the local computer or onto another system in the network.

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Of course, just as expected, there are multiple backup modes supports, including full, differential, incremental and dummy, with dedicated settings for each of them.

But first, a few words on the interface. Although the application is supposed to address such an important task, Cobian Backup is pretty intuitive and sports a well-organized look.

It shows all details of a new task straight in the main window, but also offers access to all of its features with just a single click. Setting up a new task is very easy; the app enables you to configure the files or folders you wish to backup, as well as to enable Volume Shadow Copy, use file attribute logic or create separate backups using timestamps.

Of course, you have to specify the source and the destination, and, if you wish, enable the scheduler and provide the days of the week, date and time to perform the operation.

You also have the option to use archives and choose 7z or ZIP compression, along with password protection, encryption and split settings. Last but not least, you can configure file exclusions and other tasks to be performed before the backup begins.

Cobian Backup boasts a very rich settings menu, with configuration options regarding the engine, compression, functionality, visuals and FTP. In addition, the application supports remote backup and comes with a dedicated tool to remove old backups and to show the backup history.

As a conclusion, Cobian Backup is one of the best software solutions when it comes to backing up data and one of the few that provide so many features inside such a friendly environment.

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hey YouTube it's Daniel there just wanted to give you another tip here on backing up specifically for a friend of mine that asked me about how to backup to an external hard drive he got one sold we're going to use program there called Cobian Backup and how to use that there's so many different programs out there that you can use and copy and paste methods that don't involve any software but we want to do something here with this software it can automate the process because most of the time you're going to be backing up the same files or at least the same folders that contain different files but as long as it's within that same folder like my documents for example or stuff on your desktop you can just tell it look for whatever's in those locations back that up then with a click of a button you got everything backed up anyway let's have a look at the software there's many different backups available online that you can use different ways of backing up this is one here Cobian Backup if you do a Google search for coping backup the first thing in the list you can click on it it takes you to their website and on that page the first item is the latest version of this program which you can download you can save it or run it doesn't matter it's a small file so you can just hit run and will start immediately and hit yes now depending if you're on XP or Vista or Windows 7 you may get more prompts to install as you're going along now if nothing shows up on your screen like it's doing at me you can minimize what's up there currently so now we can see this was hiding in behind that window I'll just hit OK accept the terms next and you can change these options but really we're just going to accept the defaults and everything will be fine now actually but this one here I wouldn't leave it to go as a service just in case if you know the login information or you have special things with the services it may not work properly so I do it as an application and auto start for all users so it doesn't matter who logs in it's going to run this program next it goes through it says it's installing now for me that I've already had the program installed so of course it's going through an uninstall first but for you you would just get this window and it's done installation completed successfully done and it's done that's it now down by your time you're going to see this little red mushroom which says Cobian back up and the version of it if you hover the mouse over it and if you double click on it it opens up the program so now I've already got a backup setup here but what we're going to do is go through a new one so you'd hit this to create a new task and give it a name if you want any name daily or or just leave it it doesn't really matter you don't really need to change anything here something important here is this feature here fun check existing box will be overwritten ideally you want to have it checked and it will create separate backups using timestamps so you can have multiple backups on different days on the same drive which is great and a full backup if it's not a massive amount of data to backup it's a good idea to do a full backup every time if it's 100 gigs worth a day today you probably want to do it as an incremental so it's only going to backup files that were changed since the last backup rather than doing everything full and then you got a differential which is similar but it only backs up the files changed since the last full backup so this can increase in size each with each backup but the incremental will pretty much be the same size each backup it's only changed files the next step is choosing what files you want to backup so we go and add directory and choose probably your desktop and your My Documents you know maybe downloads that sort of thing so you would choose what it is you want to backup and with each folder it will list them here and then you've got the destination where you want it to back up to now I've already got something in here how to go into the F Drive so you can choose a directory and whatever the drive letter is of your external hard drive you can hit the arrows to the left of each thing here to minimize and maximize or expand and and so on entries where it's going to backup to so it shows the destination so now you've got what's being backed up and where is it going to that's the most basic thing right there and in the general tab is where we chose this option of keeping them separate so this is all if you get this wrong doesn't even matter as long as it's doing at least a full backup you you can't even go to wrong on here at all just where is it coming from where is it going to and then your schedule by default it's set to go to daily and you can set up a schedule I like the manual route so you can just go down and choose manually from the drop-down menu and don't even worry about these other features this is something else we can get into on another video but basically get that going once it's all set up I just canceled out of it but you would hit OK and you can see what's being backed up where is it going to and what's the total size of the backup now you guys know how much stuff I'm backing out for that and the other options that you've chosen so you can see all the detail about it here and you can see I do mine manually and that's it so when you open this program you would highlight this and hit to run the selected task or run all the tasks if there's only one it doesn't matter which one you choose one other feature now is if you go to tools and options I just got to show you this because this is very helpful go to visuals and there is show percent in the progress bar by default that is not turned on so you want to check that on and hit OK and then it will show the percentage of each file as it's backing up as well as the overall progress this is great to watch wallets backing up and when it's done you can see a history of the backups that they were being done and you'll see a log at the very end and it'll have block text going all the way down and as long as there is no red text then and everything should have worked properly a best way to find out that your backups are working which you should always do is actually just go into my computer and open up that drive letter browse to the location where it backed up and make sure the files are actually there that's pretty much it all right so I hope you found that this tip useful and please subscribe if you can and I like the videos it helps to build up more videos and I love getting the feedback as well and it helps with making further videos and yeah that's it thanks a lot guys have holidays you're not celebrating Christmas whatever is your celebration is down here have a great safe time and New Year's while all right things like take care bye


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