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Combofix is a smart spyware and malware removal application known for its speed and effectiveness. It performs in-depth scans that in addition to being short, always result in a complex cleaning process or a detailed report of the analysis.

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Combofix is designed for advanced users, system administrators and computer technicians; it is not to be used by beginners, because it can cause serious damage to your computer, to the point where the system can become unbootable. In other words, Combofix can return the best and furthermore, the safest results only if in the right hands.

Although it performs such a complex task and should be handled with the utmost care, it isn’t difficult to accommodate it on the system. In addition, it creates a backup of the registry, as well as a system restore point, in case crashes occur.

Please note that during the scan / cleaning process, Combofix deletes files from three locations, namely Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet Files and the Temp Folder; a wise move would be to backup this type of data before you run the application.

The scan process takes about ten minutes if infections are minor, but may extend to a much larger time frame if the computer is populated with severe threats. One of the greatest advantages of Combofix is its ability to detect combinations of common spyware and malware threats, leaving your computer clean from the first run.

Normally, the infections are cleaned automatically; however, if it turns out that the threats can’t be cleaned with Combofix, advanced users can study the log file that holds information about each malware item and attempt a manual removal with a different utility.

All of the above considered, this is a program that may save your computer from infections faster than similar software, because of its speedy algorithms. On the other hand, it’s got written ‘Handle with extra care’ all over it.

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hello everyone tom here today i thought i would show you a pc infected with adware and i'm going to show you how to remove the sub where but i'm going to show you with a different method now here is adware as we've seen here it says ab dot 1030 no 2 804 com cannot find server and what this is doing this is it it if the server's down but this would actually be an ad and it just popped up from nowhere i absolutely swear by that it just popped up regularly on my desktop now sides like I don't know if you go to for instance the I use it to download linux distros you will find that you'll get you'll often just right you know Paul firefox out of the way and you'll get like a big window when its got like an AB right there that's a new theme bottle anyway but yeah you've got like a big ad behind it and it's not really any buttons for it it's just like a weird adapted a window and right here again and I saw a little bit beforehand it just popped up out of nowhere and there's no dress for you can't really actually get to anything you know you've just got like you know about Internet Explorer and that's not really really any way you can browse away from it as you see it's all messed up and everything but as you see we've got like loads of things here we've got I don't know I think I'm us seems like a hundred times now away CXC wolf I've seen millions terms Shen or chim exe CHL calc dot exe and I'm not I've not actually got calculated running that's just some fake and now task manager is freezing up but this video is going to be mainly about how I remove it yeah it's crashing on me because you see it's just like so so infected I've just been on malware domain list and have just been down there than a few random things and it's just made it like this so yeah and by the way it's right here hat shop Dora I thought that was so clever because you know it's got a la a picture and says dot wha well it's actually a DRA exe so that's really only the name and I'm running and I'm thinking might have download some of these I don't know I've got load and p1c but anyway I'm going to go right to what I am come on there yeah but I'm gonna I'm gonna get to how I remove this stuff now in my last video I showed you how to move hard drive diagnostic and I actually did it I actually move that how hard drive down the street and live away by using this call Combofix and it's a very simple easy-to-use anti-malware program I don't quite know how this works it it's not I don't think it's got any what malware signatures as it's only like three megabytes or something so I don't really know what's happening but afterwards anyway after doing the scum of that I did a scan malwarebytes anti-malware and malwarebytes picked up everything else that it needed to that needed to be cleaned off so really I think if you were to run that and then one that I think really it should get rid of the infection so i think i'm going to run the scan in safe mode so i'm going reboot the computer in safe mode and I'll be right back okay I'm back to fit it into safe mode and this is come on Windows Explorer ya'll guys BAM okay after just wait for that to restart ler oh my god that is really really bad if we can't actually if this is just right making the Explorer will crush all the time yeah I'll do this see what's going on might be this good idea right it seems that the infections that have gotten here and have actually gone right ahead and made it so that we can't launch explore and so that it keeps running so what I'm gonna do isn't going to go into my ms config and I'm going to disable the the viruses from actually starting up so I'm going to go to services and what button black edge style I'm going to check off all these just absolutely everything that we've got rolling stock then I'm going to restart the computer into normal mode so I'll be right back when it boots back up again Cena ok I'm back again and yet again we get this this little pop-up window saying that this EA gamer and never this happened so this is this is really really weird you you you bye maybe if I just tried and then sleazo my lab processes here okay hopefully right so now I've got no viruses running I'm hoping that this will allows to okay right what I'm going to say is i'm going to say i'm just going to go ahead and just double-click Combofix you just going to forget about it i'm just going to click Combofix now if Combofix you'll get this little boot screen tight window come up and that it's going to be loading it up ya say talk about now combo fixes it's quite weird because it also only takes about 10 minutes or so to scam really didn't even take that long we don't think when actually you can actually use it and this is really really bad Wow look up oh my god but but as far as really okay that's beastly so now there's been more Trojans actually being downloaded and they're doing even more mischief ok ok this is ok I think we're getting to the point now where I can't even launch programs of ink and just look at all that all the stuff here it's just it's crazy crazy see we've got command off oh hang on ok calm netflix finally started yes just going to wait for Combofix update I don't know exactly how it works that might be wrong it might it might be that it does have virus signatures I don't know I'm not really too sure there's not I'm by the way that's not really a an official site for Combofix by the way you you just go to bleeping computer together and so it doesn't actually have its own little site or anything and also it's free as well I should say I've even got I've even Halloween got I Fox 10 I have no idea what what has happened it's just it's gone even worsen I think it's what I think it's I think this is like a really really really bad thing that have gotten on a mr. Bert box if if I can't even launch explorer it's I think it's just like being injected with malware okay gives you a little warning care I'm going to say yes cuz I want to limit finally we have our Explorer line okay so with combo bitch you you get like a little command prompt type window and it says please wait Combofix is preparing to room you were you just let it run it's quite pay it's quite painless really you pretty much just like leave it like lean it and leave it should say and funny and it like literally does everything automatically really you just pretty much say yeah no double click it say yes and then it runs then it uses thing II want engine to backup your registry don't want to waste too much time cuz God be some more so I'm just gonna we're going to pause the video second okay you can install microsoft windows recovery console for the purposes video I'm going to say no ok now it's scanning for infected files and as I said it says right here this typically doesn't take more than 10 minutes however scam time to buy the infected infected machines name easily door well as you saw i think this is pretty bad so we'll see yeah i'm just going to work just going to do something so can get us to running full screen see ya ah ah never mind you can see what's happening anyway no so I'm going to pause the video right here and I'll be back in a second in a second ok so this is how Combofix actually scams it says completed stage one stage 2 stage 3 and that goes down to about 50 or something yeah and it's you know this you know weird isn't it considering that it doesn't might give you a progress bar or anything you know it just says completed stage one two three and it just keeps going and sometimes it says like 3a or you know freebie or whatever and I think when it does that I think it's actually removing it's actually have detected an infected file when it does that I don't know can't be sure okay there we are progressing a bit more now it's got not to stage four okay I'm going to let this go and i'll be back when it's finished hopefully seen a bit hi I'm back the scam seems to be actually getting more faster now so I thought I would just show you because i have here then get made sort of jump to the end as it were yet see it's going like all the way up to 27 there and just like a matter of few offer on to 10 seconds more yeah it tends to hang around a bit sometimes so as you saw it says nine saves nine be there and I think that what buyers is when it finds something and the bit earlier on at six it said 6a so I'm wondering if it likes cancer as a section of your hard drive and that's like a section and in that section there's like some virus is found and this thing that the Explorer is just getting on my nerves it just keeps crushing and I got it back and what are in the viewers of China launched in guest additions in but that was a mistake on my behalf because it sent explore explore that and it seems to the lagging game so I'm going to pause video game sorry about doing the so many times you know understand that must be quite annoying what they see in a minute okay guys I have a feeling this may end a little sooner because it's gotten up to 38 come on yes 4940 I'm going to get anymore all tea for you want 42 43 44 45 46 47 come on boys 47 47 oh yeah you damn that is just students prepare think that's detecting something again our pause video oh no no no no no no okay it's gotten up to sage 50 now and sometimes it can go a few stages over but i think that i found that when it gets to this stage it does tend to finish up quite quickly now I won't be it isn't left I won't actually be removing it using malwarebytes oh actually oh actually get what what I'm actually doing the principle of this video is that you know we're actually looking at what Combofix it's often actually did so you know were depending on this to actually get rid of everything on this on this computer so you know if you if you're with me on that you know great the end in the past with you again see in a minute oh right okay here we go deleting files ah there we are so now it's still in folders and files so I wanted you to see this I just started doing out of nowhere so it's actually removing all the stuff that's bad right now we've got clean sweep config top bin and queen suite folder windows net dll dot in ink dll somewhere assistive a two so it should continue to do this stallion process as we speak come on okay i'm going to give you 10 seconds to delete someone else oh okay well it says rebooting windows please wait you have to allow the machine to reboot you can't actually interfere with this I think it actually does it in a special way so you just need to leave it alone okay I'll be right back after 3d okay everyone it's being revisited now the pc how to read losses and it says preparing a lot before we do not run any programs until Combofix is finished and that means that you have to leave it alone and slow finish okay yeah so so explore seems to be still crashing in the background there now this is at this computers actually got a really bad problem it would seem so I know that I'm just doing this video about Combofix but I may actually do a video on how to and we've all that stuff you know just in case if you've got like the same amount of viruses on there because sometimes you really do need like quite a lot of loopholes in order to be able to actually get to it and do it I don't know why take so long to to prepare the log report unless if it's actually still removing the malware I don't know okay two Lobster on a stupid because it keeps saying it keeps this up and it says do not want many programs until Combofix finishing I have a feeling that the reason why it's not being able to finish it's because explorer keeps restarting and obviously when it restarts it's it's running it's running the program but I'm not doing that and it says do not run any programs and and for some reason explore just keeps crashing so it's really really dig useful okay finally let it close please nope comes back with me what does amaze me is that Combofix actually does not crush it even those like all this other stuff crashing I guess that's wrong good thing okay almost done this window will close and short Wow please wait a few seconds of the report logged a couple combo fixes log shall be located at sea Combofix on text now this says it's not almost done and that's a bit what a note of it why considering that explorer is still crashing so it's not really done anything about that problematic sorry by the way I'm sort of in a time gap at the moment okay so Combofix this vlog just popped up right now and it tells you about everything else it's deleted it just you know tells you absolutely everything that's been the lead right knee and yeah and that's been saved in you know scene Combofix text I think explore I think Explorer is ok now it's just that we have to now if not I know this has been stupid physical actually using clue box other ways is cut cover fixes quality that's what props all the files are that bad do this right we don't have anything bad running because good just got this pop pop up we simply cannot execute vbox tray which allows me to have a full screen so that's really really really is annoying when you're actually maybe the okay I don't know what's happened but you can see that you know I can I can open up programs now now obviously annoying clean for some reason those on know it's a it cannot it keeps crashing sorry and I do not know why that is but I will investigate that and i will do a removal video for all the other stuff on here so thanks for watching this video I know that's been a bit weird what with all the pores enough please comment rate and subscribe if you like my videos I will be doing more and thanks for watching goodnight


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