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Assessing the performance of various hardware components is a job for specialized software utilities that can thoroughly test several parameters before reaching a qualified conclusion. For hard disk drives, one of the possible choices is CrystalDiskMark.

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The application runs through the setup process pretty fast. Except for destination directory, there isn't anything else to configure. However, pay attention every step of the way, because you might end up with a different homepage and other applications installed as well.

This application was developed to help you get to know your HDD, so it has the power to measure sequential and random read/write speeds while displaying all details to the user with the help of a simple interface. The whole look is designed to make the app very user friendly, so all the information you'll get after conducting the tests will be displayed in the main window.

Speaking about the test, CrystalDiskMark needs just a couple of minutes to perform all the benchmarks. In order to get the most accurate results it's recommended to close all the other apps before hitting the start button.

This tool doesn't put your processor and RAM under a tremendous stress, but it's better to have no documents open while CrystalDiskMark performs a test, be it a sequential read or write or random 4KB/512KB reads or writes.

You can manually select the number of test runs, the size of the test and the drive that will be analyzed and then press the corresponding button to start all the tests.

All things considered, CrystalDiskMark puts up a decent performance and it serves its purpose very well. The application doesn't require any extra knowledge and any user will be able to take advantage of its features and check their HDD's capabilities.

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hey YouTube welcome to tech acid is brownies you coming back to you guys today with an unboxing and full review of the intel SSD 335 series 240 gigabyte model now i'm going to say first thing is first intel pack this thing really well i just recently reviewed my toshiba 256 gigabyte SSD and now that thing came packaged reasonably well however I you know probably us probably wondering why don't you using that well I benchmarked it i started using from like a day it started having stuttering problems and i was just like that I'm just returning it and I got this instead the intel SSD 325 this was going out for a hundred and seventy dollars and the samsung pro 250 gb what 5256 Cuba was about 230 dolls so this thing is sixty dollars cheaper I'm in it for the right speeds this thing from all the reviews i've read has solid write speeds and I'll get on to that later with the tests and this is what we get in the package first so we get this a really nice it's as soon as you open the package you can see why intel have such low failure rates on their SSDs is because it comes so well packaged you also get the factory Intel seal which comes here so I already taken mine off but if yours does not have that that means someone has opened your SSD in the process of getting the factory to your house so make sure you look out for the genuine intel seal make sure it's still on that when you get your SSD from intel now when you open the package you can just see it just comes it's a heavy package it comes with this bracket which this thing man you could probably use this as i don't know like a tool for building a house it is just so strong as i mean like if I I mean I could you know slightly I can slightly bend it but I mean it is solid like it is one solid bracket that think this thing is solid one of the most solid SSD brackets of felt it's huge you get asada a three cable with it as well so it's really good molex to SATA power adapter if you need that you also get the installation guide and warranty manual in there yet also a little guard there you get brackets and screws you get the speed demon decal this thing that she looks really cool i like the look of it like I'm actual use this on one of my cases I don't know which one but it'll get it certainly gets slapped on one of them and this is the SSD itself is the most important part and just see the finish on it it's made of metal so the casing steel and it feels absolutely amazing the SSD feels solid like it's a you pick it up and it's like hey you're actually getting a product what are the SSDs I've picked up have just been like featherweight this thing actually has a little bit of weight to it and I like that it's got the nice and tell logo there it looks really good the finish on this side is amazing it's really smooth however if you turn it over it's like I don't know what they're doing with the finish on this side is like they've just you know standard the back of the factory oh yeah this just whack a sticker on it send it out so this sides actually the finish is pretty bad on this side but that's not to worry because no one's really going to see this side of your SSD so I like that they've just you know save time and costing a cutting costs which is really good in a smart way so that's that guy's that's the product there I'm going to run this thing through a few benchmarks and I'll give you guys the ultimatum on this product now there is the 525 series which is coming out recently I think that's more for laptops from what i read this thing is definitely a desktop SSD and it's pretty huge so let's get on with the benchmarks anyway so moving on to benchmarks the first benchmark is a sssd now this is just a basic benchmark test your SSD and gives you a score on both read and write and gives you an overall score so it's very just a very good program for quickly testing and getting a general idea of how faster SSD is now straight away you'll notice that the read speeds on the Intel 335 240 you but I'm not that impressive but the reeds be I mean the write speeds however are very impressive it's school 355 and as you guys may have watched in my toshiba 256 gigabyte review I'm mainly concerned with write speeds I am not too concerned to read speeds so the read speeds are adequate and but the write speeds are very impressive on this Drive and not to mention as soon as you just pick this drive up you just it just oozes quality so i tested as numerous I just gave consistent results it just feels like a solid drive i mean there's absolutely no problem so far with it and yeah great choice especially for a hundred and seventy dollars now moving on to the toshiba this is the drive that i previously thought you can see that the read speeds were monster they were pretty damn quick they were pretty much like the samsung pro but i found the right speeds were lacking and just yet didn't I mean they're not lacking they're still very very quick but the random 4k rights for example weren't even like faster than my corsair force 320 gigabytes so that was a bit of a letdown so when this thing started having stuttering problems I just returned it to the store and I say myself 30 dolls and got the Intel 335 so awesome anyway it comes with the 3-year warranty but let's move on to some other benchmarks the next program is a program called crystal dis mark and this just tests the drive numerous time so I actually tested this five times and it already tested five times so I essentially tested 25 times and it gives the you'll notice that the 4k read and rights are impressive they're pretty damn good and that's what I'm looking for i'm looking for consistent solid performance and the until 3 35 definitely delivers there now sorry on the warranty yes its three-year warranty but the toshiba was also three-year warranty the samsung pro has a five year warranty but that's an extra 60 dollars so i don't think it really warrants that extra sixty dollars in this case but it does have faster speeds as well but this is very impressive so we'll move on to the toshiba and you can see here that the right speeds are just lacking i mean it's the 4k reading rights are pretty bad i'm in my opinion the sequential read and rights are great that as we know on a desktop power machine these sequential read and rights aren't that important unless of course you're just rendering videos day in day out and that will be important then but and you know an antec and all these major SSD review sites when they reviewed the SSDs it showed that the 4k reading rights with the mostly compromised like ninety percent of SSD usage so yeah that's that now the yeah so the toshiba just wasn't impressive in the areas where it needed to be the Intel 335 was impressive in the areas where it needed to be now moving on to the Samsung 256 gigabyte per 0 this thing as you can see it's just beastmode it just destroys every benchmark there is the 4k reading writes a very impressive the sequential read and writes the queue depth of 30 to the reading rights they're very impressive as well so this thing overall is just an impressive SSD you know but the thing was is that it was when I returned my toshiba this thing went up and priced like 230 dollars the Intel 335 was only a hundred seventy dollars so i went with that and i'm going to say that i am very impressed with the intel 335 it delivers in the areas where i need it to deliver in and not to mention the whole start to finish with the intel SSD is just consistently good so i think if you want to go with an SSD and it's what i read with a lot of reviews or a lot of people who buy the intel is that they're right you you know it doesn't score as well as the other SSDs but everything is just consistently good with the Intel so ultimately i'm going to recommend this product because i've been running it for over a day it's absolutely fine it's hasn't had one hiccup it just works the when i unboxed it it was just an amazing product it felt great as well i was very impressed and so it just yet overall i'm going to recommend this thing if you especially if you can pick it up cheaper than what the other competitors are offering and i highly recommend this product and yeah guess so if you have any questions about this product please leave a comment in the comment section below and also if you haven't already subscribe to take a city where i'll be coming back to you guys with more unboxings and reviews and other tech related videos you guys peace out for now and if you haven't ready get yourself an intel SSD 335 240 gear but they are pretty damn impressive so you guys peace out for now


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