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DefenseWall is a powerful utility that can help you prevent any attacks or unauthorized infiltrations on your computer, such as Trojans, adware, spyware, keyloggers and rootkits.

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The app automatically places itself in the system tray from where you can access the main application window. The clean layout makes DefenseWall's features easy to figure out, whether you are an experienced user or not.

DefenseWall can protect your system against malicious agents by dividing applications into two groups, according to their threat level - trusted or untrusted. The tool automatically detects the latter set of programs and grants you permission to instantly terminate them.

Additionally, you can rollback files and the Windows registry, make specific applications trustworthy and check out a log of events.

Advanced users can create a list of files and registry items to be excluded from protection, secure custom files and folders, as well as manage download areas and password-protect DefenseWall. Furthermore, you can create a list of untrusted applications and authorize them to use the desktop or to restart the system, as well as protect passwords, game accounts and other sensitive data.

From the "Options" area you can set DefenseWall to display alarm notifications in the system tray, consider CD/DVD drives to be untrusted and to automatically run at system startup. Plus, you can save program settings, reconfigure keyboard shortcuts and restore options to default.

The security tool requires a moderate amount of system resources and has a good response time. There is also a help file available and we have not come across any problems throughout our testing. DefenseWall should definitely be taken into consideration as a powerful agent against malicious software.

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everybody it's Matt from remove - malware comm and today I want to talk about something that I'm really really excited about I just started messing with hips that's uh host intrusion prevention systems and somebody approached me sent me an email asking me if I test hips products and I said no no I haven't really tested them haven't really heard of them and I could tell you they are really really amazing after using our trying defense wall I was sitting here thinking wow well there's there's really no other there's really no other product that that prevents malware like a hip system and I've only tried defense wall because the the author of this product he mails me daily with with you know if I have any questions or anything like that guy gives me malware samples and things like that so I want to review his product I've used it for a week and I just love it so I have no idea how long this review will be because this is kind of new to me so I'm gonna have to kind of describe this stuff to you as I'm going along so what I have right here is a clean system and I'm gonna go ahead and load up some malware on this system if I open up Internet Explorer you can see it's real fast and stuff I have no fake system alerts down here if I search for anything I go right to the real sites I can get to my task manager all my processes are pretty much normal it's a clean system so I'm gonna go ahead and pause the video and load up some malware really quick and I want to show you what happens I don't have a defense wall loaded yet keep that in mind I do not have defense wall loaded yet I just want to show you what happens when you get on the internet and you start downloading malware what it kind of looks like so I'll be right back okay I've got a malicious URL here I'm gonna go ahead and click enter oh it wants me to download one dot exe well that sounds legitimate I'm gonna go ahead and run it just because I'm a dumb user computer user wants to download everything that's the kind of people I deal with so it appears nothing really happens but you can see my hourglass is kind of popping up here so the malware is being loaded and I have no idea what this is I don't know if it's a dropper a rootkit a rogue I have no idea I'm assuming I'll see some evidence of it soon let me load up another site here hang on a second okay I have another site let's go ahead and try this one load dot exe from a Chinese domain another Chinese domain most of the malware links that I get are from rush hour from China so beers nothing's really happened so far I'm sure we'll start seeing some stuff here soon pause the video load some more I'll be right back okay less than a few minutes into the into this we have some porn based icons on our desktop we have a fake security center loaded and we have halt attack detected and it's just a affiliate link to rapid antivirus which is a rogue antivirus so now you know we have attention critical warning all this other stuff so let me talk about let me try to fit this all in let me talk about what defense wall does so I'll put up a little notepad here I'm not sure if you could see it let me raise the font here alright and I'll have this on my site you can read this I don't want to read all of it to you but it says defense wall hips is a very easy to use tool that provides 99.99% protection from all types of malware while surfing the internet defense wall hips divides divides applications into trusted and untrusted groups so untrusted processes which may be created by untrusted applications have limited rights so that's the key word there limited rights so when you get down to here and has a description of his product says defense wall hips prevents untrusted processes from modifying excuse me modifying the executable interpretive files phone databases for dialers host files add modify auto start areas both registry and file system prevents anything from adding modifying drivers or services targeted by rootkits prevents anything modifying the desktop browser settings like Internet Explorer Firefox Mozilla opera prevents a global hook from being set usually used by key loggers to inject okay usually use my key loggers in addition defense while hips prevents untrusted processes from gaining access to secured files and folders it will prevent sensitive data from being stolen by malware defense wall does defense wall hips does not allow untrusted processes to break your systems integrity and break out of virtual untrusted process areas hang on a second let me pause this alright let's look at a few more minutes here on this video so what we're gonna do now is I'm going to return this machine to a clean state and we're gonna load defense wall and then do everything over again so we'll basically stop all this malware from affecting our system that the mount we're basically still loads but it loads into a sandbox area where it's really not allowed to do anything and I have the freedom to I have the freedom to delete the malware without any fuss it's it's really really really simple another key point another couple key points here are so many you never have to update this program you can update the core program but there are no daily or hourly updates you know that's the biggest biggest thing this is the future of anti-malware it's the future and it's definitely here so I'm gonna go ahead and start part two which will load a load offense wall and then go ahead and load up some malware into defense wall sandbox area be right back


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