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Everybody enjoys watching movies, and subtitles often come in handy, especially when you want to watch foreign films, but the subtitles need to be correctly synced in order to be truly helpful. Nonetheless, due to the numerous available software solutions, creating and synchronizing subtitles is no longer restricted to tech-savvy users. For example, DivXLand Media Subtitler can be used with little effort by all those who want to edit their subtitles.

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This user-friendly application helps you generate subtitles after you have added each line on a separate row within a typical text file or in the Windows clipboard. The next step is to choose the video file you want to associate the subtitle to, then easily synchronize each reply to its corresponding frame by pressing and holding your mouse cursor. Once you have written the subtitle, you can also select an audio track to the played in the background or extract the stream from a video file you specify.

Another function of DivXLand Media Subtitler is that it can be used to add a secondary subtitle to a movie that already has one – this way, you can enjoy watching a video with your foreign friends as well, adding a different subtitle for those who do not speak your native language.

To make sure that you do not include any typos in your created subtitles, you can rely on the integrated spell checker that supports several languages, including East Asian and Right-to-Left ones.

Furthermore, DivXLand Media Subtitler supports a large array of subtitle formats, such as Adobe Encore, MPlayer, MicroDVD, CSV, SubRip, SonicDVD, PowerDivx, Advanced SubStation Alpha, RealTime, ViPlay, or QuickTime Text.

All in all, this application can be of great help to beginners and experts alike, as its functions are intuitive and varied at the same time, helping you generate and synchronize subtitles exactly as you need them.

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hello YouTube so today I'm going to show you how to use the expand media subtitler 2.0 point eight okay that this is the basic program this is how it should look when you downloaded from Google first more and the most important you need to know which out which video you want to mix up helpful I suggest not to have any of our application open first you go file an open video file open video and you're going to find you're gonna find the video for me it's on desktop so when you desktop and I'm swap African savannah it's important that you know that this is programs not used for creating original subtitles this is used for a like care if you're from France and you don't know English or your friends don't know English but you want to see it with France after oh you're gonna load english subtitle and change it into France that's what this programs this program is used for not for building origins apart so you're gonna wait in this window you the video will show but you're going to wait for revealed to be connective and the correct direction because I have more applications open that listen I'm going to have to wait more and it'll open more slower but it should open in couple of seconds so this video in this program is not just for original subtitles this is used for changing subtitles as you already have okay so now in some way I'm going to show you how to make it you're going to press play on the video and listen when someone says something okay so you presently after that you're going to need to go to file open JSTOR subtitle you're going to find your subtitle for example English flow because most of the subjects are on the web or English I have a very desktop and I'm going to open it and open it now I just need to find it it's probably not in this folder and launch of social okay it's not thank you go to party I got left up and now I think it's emergence of wild folder yep there it is African savanna so I'm going to phone you're going to find it and open on the left side you're going to see everything every single line in the video to see it first my name is Bear Grylls you're going to play with a vision and even a listen my name is bagels in the play press pause in your vision and leave the square u square down you know write it up in initial Francis yes everyone I'm going to write in English my name is Bear Grylls that's what he said and it's a it's really important to use this button and preview or nikka see it's going to show you the subtitle that's that's the most important Indian names I'm going to make another line and you're going to press play again and you're going to change it it's SN a leg which is you want I'm going to say it again this is not for creating subtitles for changing subtitles this this program travels not so difficult to use it's practical easy there's another problem that usually used or with this one to create subtitles but then I'm not so professional grading to adjust change subtitles I know English well and I just changed some balls okay so I pressed blank and I'm going to press play again and she said I served British special unit special forces and you're gonna write it down doing special force III with extremely the program and below the square yep so and duration that's when to show something like how much it was after you've changed all you can go file save and going to click yes yeah when you go and in the folder where the Supper is saved in you're going to see again - what applicants of any English and if you are professor change it in the front it was still the English but the subtitle in it will be like French so this is cool rollin you can use for creating something and you by


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