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DJ Mix Pro is a simple MP3 player with mixing capabilities. It can be used to create large playlists and to perform beat matching and cross fading between songs. It’s important to state that while mixing the audio files, it does not alter them in any way.

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The installation process is smooth, takes very little while and ends with the launch of the program. Unlike most DJ-ing applications that sport a complex and sometimes crowded interface, the GUI of DJ Mix Pro is extremely simple and intuitive.

Its features include Beatlock, which translates into the fact that it automatically detects the BPM of songs, so it easily identifies which ones can be mixed together.

Optionally you can play with the BPM a little, by dividing, shifting or doubling it. Also, you can insert a fade at the beginning and ending of a song, as well as modify its pitch (from -10% to +10% - which is actually very effective).

One disadvantage comes from the fact that moving each slide bar can become frustrating at times, since it requires some good precision if you don't want it to jump back to the initial position.

You can choose between automatic and manual mixing, whatever suits you best. Secondary features include the possibility to display song information, an equalizer and the ability to export the playlist.

The simplicity of DJ Mix Pro is more than obvious, which is why it’s addressed to beginners and home users. Professional DJs might find better assistants in more advanced tools.

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hi everybody and welcome to this review hi I'm DJ needles I'm a DJ and producer and today we are reviewing DJ mixer projet mixer pro is an incredible mixing program that work with any kind of external controller and can mix audio and can mix videos so if you're a VJ you're going to love this you can put external audio VST for getting your song better and you can plug a microphone if your vocalist there are a lot of features let's see all those features live in my Mac hi everybody welcome to my studio today we are reviewing DJ mix our professional this is the v2 version of the v3 version because I like it more at the moment now on the v2 I have to say he's a pretty pretty good good software DJing I'm kind of surprised because it's a kind of an underdog software and is it's very very good now we are playing through my creative expose that's it's only a stereo like a station car so my cue isn't on the same channel of my club a clever sound exit but if you don't a multi-channel sound card you can obviously split the two channels let's see before we start all the preferences there are a lot of customizations so this software really can can fit you can fit your your way of working it's capable of audio and also video video playback and video mixing so it's really really interesting in this case we can choose from your screen resolution if you want to reset the dock after loading a new and your song if you want to remember history how the auto mix fade is longer these kind of things and obviously the MIDI and audio setup the media if you so ever an external an external controller you can obviously you can you can connect it that you can connect your external DJ like USB surface controller on the site you can find all the supported devices if you don't have a multi-channel like like this one like this kind of Sankara and you want to try your mixes for example on a plane you can choose the split mode that we're set the speakers on your mono left and your Q on them on right that's incredible use if you want to test your your shows on the run there is some video configuration on neck the OpenGL is always selected so you don't have to care about it it just works so let's try it that's right let's play go nice y'all call it a moment I call it life the sound is is good because now I'm changing the speed you can hear the stretch it's great and you can choose between the stretching bitching or not pitching this is very useful you're doing some kind of bullets kay-kay mixing mixing inkay one feature that I really like is how the loopholes ochio cantaloupe oh now it's gonna looking at this piece of myself if I want to make it shorter oh I can just press the loop but once you make its way from always don't wait for them always don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't wait don't leave Thanks so is it baby we give one let's let's that's a good crossover my opinion is easy to use but it also have some kind of super professional things like you can add an effect and you can use your VST effects so you can use your Carlos reverbs whatever you like and you can map the knobs on your midi or your MIDI controller you have a microphone input you can set it on there on the setup screen and you can equalize it or put in effects so for example add effects so you can use vsts so you can maybe put a compressor you know vocals like crazy and or for example you can put an altitude so your singer can be always in tune with your music that it's an incredible feature not that not is not standard in every mixing program this is a feature only for this DJ mixer professional I have to say I'm really really liking this this program is it obviously loading around everything you do so the play is perfect you can skip the bit if bring the action you can skip but if you want to be in sync with other song that you can break this is this button is ultra ultra comfortable because for very fast relies on us very fast another way you can reverse you can edit the BPM you can stop or you can set their BPM manually or you can say okay let's be automatic but in a range between maximum is 100 the minimum is 100 this is very useful if you do like very fast trance music and you can say okay there is net never you gonna never goes under the water so you don't ever that the problem when is nothing like 180 BPM and is 8 like 90 this is very very useful There is obviously a an equaliser it's deep puncture and also the kill is very it's very effective and the game sounds sounds pretty cool let's talk about your media your media docker and you can read from your iTunes playlist so if you do a playlist or not use you can simply drag it on this or you can drag files or selecting your like music music folder what else yes you can you can change some kind of like samples for example now I am gonna add some samples I think is here let's take a loop because for Vanegas for a sample loops drum loops so in place I'm out shaking bring the action you can go online there is credible library you can choose if you want to look this for just or just played so if it's a vocal you can just play the vocal or if it is a like a drum loop you can play the drum loop over and over and over and over and over you can all see put your effects on master so it's very useful you can put for example a limiter and for not clipping because sometimes in during a show you going your game is gonna go I hear on Diane I've got a clip on your master if you put a limiter everything is fine you're not gonna see the red alert or the face of the owner of the clay but that says no no you're burning my influence no no everything is fine I've got a limiter on the master what else I can say you can obviously record to waive all your show so you can like do you show record everything and then I put it on soundcloud is this easy and oh that's that there is the learn button if you eat the learn button you can choose a knob and move the knob on your controller so you can use whatever econ control you want because you can cast or do custom maps or your own controller I think is a regreting I think this it will cost around $100 I didn't remember yes yes it's kind $100 Eddie I think it's a pretty it's a pretty pretty good deal I am really really impressed so thank you everybody for listening and hope you see have a nice day


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