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Dr.Web Security Space is an advanced security application that comes packed with several protection modules for fighting against all sorts of threats that may comprise your computer’s stability and performance.

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It offers support for antivirus, protection against spam and phishing websites, parental control, remote antivirus network options, firewall (you may choose to deploy it on your PC during the installation process), identification of malicious URLs via its personal cloud servers, backups, and blocking mode for removable devices.

Some of the most notable antivirus technologies offered by Dr.Web Security Space help you detect viruses, malware, and other types of threats in real time, automatically update virus definitions, proactively block viruses, as well as discover spam emails and filter messages in real time.

You can find the tool residing in the system tray. You may access its configuration settings, scan modes, and protection components via the system tray. It offers support for a streamlined interface with a sleek and easy-to-decode design.

In case you need extra assistance with the configuration process, you may appeal to a comprehensive help manual. Statistics can be displayed with details about the number of detected threats, last update, and parental control status, including detailed reports with all events.

Dr.Web Security Space gives you the freedom to perform an express scan of system critical objects (it is the fastest scan mode of all of them) or scan your entire system thoroughly. In addition, you may create a customized scan that allows you to include preferred locations, along with random access memory, boot sectors of all disks, temporary files, downloaded items, and rootkits.

The time needed to complete a full time scan pretty much depends on the size and number of items detected on the disk. You can also take advantage of multi-threading processing actions. It eats up CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the system may be affected.

What’s more, the tool is able to provide protection against attacks involving zero-day exploits. These types of malicious objects attack vulnerabilities, like software bugs or flaws, in order to gain control over the target tool or OS.

Dr.Web Security Space guards various utilities installed on your Windows operating system, such as web browsers (e.g. IE, Firefox, Chrome), MS Office tools, system programs, Java- and Flash-based apps, and media players. In case exploits are detected, it automatically ends the process and sends data to the cloud server for further analysis. No user intervention is needed.

You can make the application automatically scan removable media and block AutoRun files from removable devices, as well as define the action that is triggered upon virus detection (e.g. delete, move to quarantine).

Furthermore, you can keep an eye on the traffic (URLs and data) transmitted by IM clients like Mail@RU Agent, ICQ, and Jabber, and block all sorts of programs (e.g. suspicious, adware, dialers, riskware).

The tool is even able to scan your email archives for viruses, and allows you to configure custom email rules (e.g. allow Asian text, add a certain prefix to subjects of spam messages), configure computer resources, interrupt scanning when switching to battery mode, and enable the preventive protection mode (e.g. allow, ask, or block system services, AutoRun programs, and image file execution options).

Dr.Web Security Space surely does not let you down when it comes to the abundance of configuration settings that are hidden under each module.

The parental control feature can be employed in order to block or allow access to websites based on blacklists and whitelists, set time limits on computer and Internet usage, and block specific files and folders.

You may set up exclusions in order to access websites which are not recommended by Dr.Web Security Space, omit specific files, folders, and applications from the scan, and create blacklists and whitelists for processing email messages without analyzing them.

General options allow you to send email notifications in case of detection of threats, automatically update virus database, connect to cloud servers in order to check for real-time information about threats, remotely control Dr.Web Security Space on your PC via local area connections, keep logs, and clear your quarantine.

To make a long story short, Dr.Web Security Space is all worthy of your attention because it comprises a reliable antivirus engine and all sorts of protection modules, as well as activates blocking actions against the latest threats in real time.

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hello everybody how are you doing this is Mara doctor here for another review today I'll be taking a look at dr. web security space version 10 came out couples to go now normally I'd have the user interface up on the screen however as we have seen in previous versions of dr. Webb and which remains the same today they still do not have one named general user interface so for that we have to go into the tray here and we can see that dr. web security space is running on the computer click on that and they were brought up with this simplified window now they have made improvements for this window in the witness latest version whereas before if you click on some of these tabs it will open up various windows and you kind of have to go through a bunch of tabs and windows and or get to the settings you're looking for it's more condensed into this one window I honestly don't see why they just can't make one user interface but this is kind of dr. Webb signature aspect of their product that kind of separates them from other competitors but nonetheless in this version they have incorporated I believe data loss prevention to better help protect sensitive information on the computer in the event of a ransomware infection and if they have not already they have incorporated an updated version of their parental tools so it should be easier to monitor and control different websites and files like that other users on the computer can access just going through some of the settings quickly under tools we have license manager data loss prevention we were talking about earlier it will enable the option to automatically create copies of your files prevent their unwanted modification to basically it's protecting files from be modified either by you or by malicious activity appears you're able to restore back to that state of the file at a later date if you chose to we can access a quarantine through the Tools menu and we can see our latest version and our last update was it 348 now I have checked for updates and when it says last update that's the last time that it's successfully installed updates as you can see updates not required but we will check for updates nonetheless one more time before you begin if we click on my doctor web it just opens up their website doesn't really give you any personalized information unless you want under your account so nothing too special about that protection components we see all of our guards here to the antivirus guard it's in a peer that you can turn these on or off from here things we click this lock right down here on the bottom left hand corner of the window it let us turn on or off different protection components but I don't think it really matters too much right now let's just check on our settings quickly we can run a quick scan a full scan or a custom skin and that will open up a new window check on task manager see they're scanning engine is taking up quite a little bit of memory there all told I'd say prior right now about 200 megabytes and I don't believe we were updating dr. Webb right now so that's definitely a little bit high for my liking so when I'm gonna do now is I'm going to check for updates one more time and then once it's done I will be back hello everybody I'm back dr. Webb is finished updating I have 12 malicious urls that we will be putting up against dr. Webb today and let's begin alright the first page is blocked by their web filter detected as a trojan giving options to return to the previous page or we can report the alert as an error we let's run that I peers this one file is attempting to connect over the firewall will block that all right that that website was blocked by dr. Webb that website was also blocked by dr. Webb here's executables no longer being hosted on that site and that URL was blocked all right and we're also giving alert by dr. Webb down here says the threat was detected and neutralized we click on more you see the object name and path we will empty out the quarantine if there are any files in there before we run any of our scans I peers that page is no longer up and running alright peers that dr. Webb interrupted that download and got rid of that threat so 20 next link last one and dr. Webb neutralize that page so what I'm going to do is I'm going to end the other quarantine so let's do that right now I will it appears there are actually no files in their quarantine so get just blocked all threads at it and found so it's good enough for me so what I'm gonna do something we're going to 10 ccleaner and then I'm going to run schema marrow bites and see so often murder seek it and ESET online scanner as well as dr. web of course and I will be back hello everybody I'm back the scans finished up you said to all in Tanner found one infected item see what it is appears it is just a temporary internet file and if we look at Mara bites for a moment we see it also found it appears that same temp file and in some registry key and it was that same registry key that emsisoft emergency kit also detected so the scans from running for quite some time now and it hasn't found any threats so I'm gonna do is I'm going to cancel the skin we will want a uninterruptedly at the end which I've already deleted that right multiple times and I accidentally just ignore the 100 shiki Mara bites but we will delete it an emergency kit so once this is done I'm going to restart the computer get them our pack ready and i'll be back hello everybody on the desktop either packham our containing exactly 455 motions files I'm going skiing these with dr. Wedd and i'll be back hello everybody in bank dr. Webb finished scanning I'm going to neutralize all threats and I'll be back hello everybody I'm bank all threats been neutralized now my initial concern was that some of the threats that were supposedly neutralized were perhaps cleaned but not deleted but after looking at our pack and if there's only nine files left behind have pretty high confidence that are removed most if not all those files so we start 455 nine or left so about 90% the texture on this pack and you have to remember these samples are a few days old so that's still good detection rate but it's had a few days to pick up on those threats let's run a few of them let me open up process explorer here and we can re-enable dr. Webb's real time protection alright let's run some of these samples you alright peers dr. Webb's firewall detected network activity it's not digitally sign so we will block once here's those purchase corrupted files but you have this one Adobe Reader close out of that because we have this one adobe reader right down here alright appears dr. web tech can neutralize one thread and if you look at virustotal on that one file that has yet a 54 engine detecting it here's we have adaware bitdefender you said and soft all the techie mesh file and it was uploaded to virustotal by 10 hours ago so a fairly new thread but anyway what we're going to do now is I'm just going to run a scan with dr. Webb our blades hitman pro and I'll be back hello everybody I'm bank dr. Webb finished haning did not find any threats took about forty seven minutes to scan this computer now our boat center find anything he said it's all I'm Tanner did not find any threats and him in pro just found just be a driver in system32 that it finds be suspicious but overall I think dr. Webb did a pretty good job in this review I know is dr. Webb was picking up a lot of threats that did not have digital signatures and the warnings for a little bit vague other than the very clear fact that a lot of these programs to not have signed digital signatures so if let's just say malicious program had about digital signature I'm not sure how users would respond to the prompt said that dr. Webb gave to us and really didn't give too much information as to whether it was a good file or bad file other than if it had a digital signature so pretty much for all unknown files its folks think it's really relying on the user to trust the program so that concerns me a little bit however I do think it performed very well in today's review I think the scan times definitely to be improved a little bit because when I was running those hands I mean the first hand I didn't even want to finish but second tan to just do a quick scan by itself took almost an hour and this hard drive for this virtual machine is only 15 gigabytes so it's not a very large hard drive so hopefully on real hardware it will not perform so slowly when running scans also i felt i was taking up a lot of memory during those skins and when it's updating if we just check on memory one more time just to check it's taking up a pretty decent amount of RAM and I do feel a slow down but again because we're on a virtual machine can't really get a full picture as to how I would perform on a real computer but generally speaking I think doctor what did a pretty good job in this review so I think that'll be better for this review take some as you wish and I will talk to you later bye


File Size: 518 MB Downloads: 16144
Added: June 8 2023 User rating: 3.9
Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win 8, Win 8 64 bit, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

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