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DriverPack Solution is a reliable application designed to simplify the driver installation and updating process to a couple of clicks. All the drivers your system needs in order to work properly are detected automatically and deployed in a much shorter time frame than a manual operation.

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Such a piece of software is essential especially when the situation requires that you reinstall the Windows OS. Following this process, the first step is to identify the drivers your computer needs and to install each and one of them in order to prevent system errors. Since performing this process manually takes forever and doesn’t always result in the expected outcome, a third-party application that can automate the driver installation process is more than welcome in this scenario.

One of the utilities that fits this description is DriverPack Solution. It stands out by sporting in-depth driver diagnostics and backup features that reduces efforts and maximizes efficiency. Unlike similar software that usually is brought in the form of an installer, this program comes in ISO format in a size that fits a DVD disc (approximately 4GB).

The first advantage of this approach is that instead of searching the Internet for drivers, the program uses the collection it bundles in order to equip your computer with the latest updates. Needless to say, you need a DVD and a disc burner (in order to write the image onto the DVD) or a more modern approach, such as a virtual disc emulator.

The interface of the program sports a professional, yet user-friendly appearance, with all the options in plain view. You can start the diagnostics process right away, which takes surprisingly little time, after which an overview is displayed.

The scan report shows missing drivers, as well as updates for existing installations. You can solve all these at once by pressing the ‘Update All’ button; additionally, a summary of all the installed or updated drivers is also available.

The real treat comes with the Backup function, which allows users to save a copy of existent drivers or of the database included in the DVD disc (copies only drivers specific for your configuration – not the whole collection). This way, when the situation requires that you update or fix drivers, you can use these backups to simplify the process.

All in all, the program can save the day in a lot of scenarios. Whether you reinstalled Windows or you’ve experienced a system crash due to driver issues, you’ve got a reliable companion in DriverPack Solution.

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geeks Tim Tibbets with major geeks calm and say we're gonna take a look at DriverPack Solution a driver updater if you're watching this video and you're looking for a driver updater you may have bumped into DriverPack Solution I personally feel that this is geared more towards Tech's it can work just fine for home users it may not be your best choice so I just want to get the other way the reason being is you have a couple of choices here you're I'm lying install that means it's gonna download stuff as it needs it and you're offline install which means gonna download ten gigs this is more for Tech's guys who are on the road who want to be able to have all these drivers on-hand and save a ton of time it's awesome for that that's this program strong spot if you happen to grab the major geeks mirrors that will get you the online version if I'm scaring you away cool you'll always find this bar here major geeks drivers here in driver updaters you're here so let's go back to driver updaters if I want if you were thinking about using something else and go ahead and you could use driver booster that's what I use on my own machine now or you can list by popularity and take a look at some of the other stuff that people like they're all pretty popular driver booster driver max but that's the way I would go so alright so we covered that let's take a look at the program though I've got it already installed and up and running this is what you'll see when you see it you could set up your computer automatically I'm not a fan this is where I kind of run into problem lists it tries to give you the most popular apps and also those Diagnostics it also checks your security software I just want to update my drivers I don't think it needs to be doing this so that's why I'm not a big fan if you just do this you're gonna get all the software he wants not that's one anyone Irwin where I don't know if he's using affiliate links or ads or what he's doing I don't know so he hit expert mode if you don't know to do that you're gonna get all this stuff installed so now you got to spend the time record updating your drivers you have to go into the software say I don't want this I don't want this I don't want this I don't want any of it hero tune it up it's almost hilarious and there you go see now it still says one install needed programs so I have some concerns about what he's doing here security I guess I could be handy Diagnostics gonna come up its gonna tell you everything it's on your computer so it might be handy but you know the driver updater should be detecting this and just downloading I don't know why I care if I want my drivers so again you have the same problem here with drivers you have the driver pack notifier DirectX 9 system libraries dotnet framework if I click it it's not gonna tell me anything I mean it's a pretty good program I don't want to knock it too hard there's a lot of stuff that works really really well in here but you've got to do quite a few extra clicks it just gets your drivers so now after doing all that it says I have no drivers to install but it still allows me to click update your drivers so once again we come back to that concern what are we doing installing items downloading utilities did I miss something wait a minute and see where we're at here - a - and then I think we'll have to see if it shows it didn't show me what it did before so all right so now it says it's finished cool yeah selected programs were installed let's hit finish it's not gonna tell me how do I know what it installed so I got a problem what's it you got to be upfront with people nowadays you got to tell us what you're doing this software should all be unchecked the security settings should all be unchecked Diagnostics it's a sidebar I don't care but this stuff should all be unchecked up maybe I didn't understand I reboot it'll be gone but once again I think for text this is really really cool I think if you're a home user this is not for you it's just a little too much work to simply update your drivers and check our driver booster video I think you see what I mean so take a minute not even a minute just a second or two and click on that subscribe over there love to have you subscribe keep up to date with new videos I'm trying to do more and more of these so you have this kind of information and again if it was only a driver and star if it didn't have that big 10 gig take it on the road with you I might not list this on major geeks so it's but for what it does it's pretty awesome so there you go thanks as always for watching and hopefully we see you next time


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