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Android smartphones are quite popular in a lot of countries, especially since most of them comes with powerful hardware that allows users to run a wide range of games and programs on their devices.

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However, if you want to enjoy your preferred software on a larger screen than the one of your phone, you can try Droid4X, as it can emulate an Android environment with very little effort on your side.

The installation process should go along smoothly, without any issues, although it might take some time until it is finished and you can access the GUI of the app.

It also need to be mentioned that, since Droid4X relies on VirtualBox to create a virtualized environment for running Android, some errors might occur if you already have VirtualBox installed on your PC.

It is best to either run Droid4X on a PC where the Oracle app is not already installed, or to remove it first, and only afterwards install the Android emulation software.

Droid4X provides you with a nifty way of exploring the Google Play Store and choose whatever mobile games and programs might interest you.

You also get the possibility to take snapshots or simulate a GPS app, as well as browse your preferred websites as if you were working on a mobile device.

A nice feature of Droid4X is that you can install dedicated clients on your iOS or Android phones, then connect them to the PC and use them as joysticks within your games.

This way, you can use your handset to control the game, while watching the action on the large screen of your PC (since Droid4X also supports full screen mode).

All in all, the application can be of great use to all those who wanted to give various Android apps a try, but were not willing to also purchase a smartphone.

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hi guys i'm here with new droid phrase which is 0.8 11 it's a new version and new father is that it's like a new day like the previous one was blue but anyone is red and yellow that's really nice and the new things in the similarity to get a little icon on white icon that's a notification icon and new things nothing but I can prove a light and you can see you look like groups one but this one is really nice for performance and you can clear to see one and the recommended and stone need not for my visions over there this is there for China and the App Store as you can see it runs very quickly abuse is much better than previous one and the parlance of this humor is very nice and let's see what we got there in the city we wanted the new android version but we still got Danny jelly bean version that very disappointing we want the KitKat snow north KitKat we want lollipop or marshmallow but the which one is relevant that's very disappointing and I will get see some gaming performance like I saw lighter when class lets see the wind trap so as you can see it's reading the wall when I stood and very quick the people's one take very much time to load but the new one is very quick and as you can see the FPS is much more better than the previous one and we got some nice appears here the game running so nicely the world listening everything is the road distance also nice I think it's healing 64 second frame rate and very nice and we are very happy we got the furnace of very nice performance we are getting a fish simulator anyway let's cut this game and just another game the gospel nitro as you can see it's loaded with quickly let's play game engineering Walt Wow a generator works so nicely so quick make that race while let's move mar 20 we're getting right yeah with one I we're getting ice cream is once again read it and I am NOT here for going to the game time the other things and what gonna see in coz again he the my signal sucks and I'm using an air and video graphics capability d 7 30 and the divider the users Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and swims in 1080p 720p if it sells the DPI is 257 DPA we use to DVM and roll that very nice the battery there's no battery and the system is open to dinner as you can see I'm already shown it yet so they give their word for a kilometer from us and so as you can see they have something like this so where are the new things in every other word you can see some little chair and see the animation and div and the performance oh hey these are the new things and everything is like the biggest sitting we can see like you're on this ledge ending a strong regulation volume CPU so have the new things in this your dress or 1040 guys till later next video goodbye


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November 18, 2018, Andre think:

Grazie per il numero di serie per Droid4X

January 27, 2018, João think:

Thank you for the crack for Droid4X

December 24, 2017, Lucas think:

thank you for the patch

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