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All avid movie watchers want to keep their DVDs organized, with some some people even considering that it is better to copy all their movies to the computer, which means large hard drives are a must have in this case. Fortunately, there is an application that can help solve this issue. DVD Shrink comes to lend a hand not only to users who like to copy their DVDs on the computer, but also to those who have a problem with storage space.

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Just like its name suggests, DVD Shrink is capable of compressing DVD discs, saving disk space without affecting video quality. For instance, a regular DVD can get reduced to around 2.5 GB, which is a real achievement, enabling you to safely store backups on thumb drives.

Installing and using DVD Shrink are very intuitive tasks and no user can encounter any issues with the application. The interface is clean and user friendly, organized into several panels so that the information does not look cluttered.

One of the handy aspects about DVD Shrink is that after it compresses a DVD, one also has the option to burn the image to a disc, thus saving space on the PC. The subtitles can be either included or omitted, depending on the user's choice, and the movie can be previewed during compression.

Alternatively, users can rely on DVD Shrink to backup their disc, with no compression applied, to another disc or to the computer, selecting the entire source movie or only a certain part. Needless to say, it can also be cloned by burning another disc.

Simply put, DVD Shrink is a very handy application for all those who spend countless hours watching movies. Furthermore, it comes with a freeware license, meaning its full functionality can be enjoyed by all users, regardless of the Windows edition they run.

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- a quick tutorial on how to use DVD Shrink I'm assuming that you're smart enough and that you already have your DVD movie that you wish to copy in your DVD ROM so let's go straight to DVD Shrink 3.2 if you've got an earlier version and install it delete it throw it in the bin whatever because it is useless type into Google DVD Shrink 3.2 you know many sites we can go and download it from it's free it's open source get this version because it's the only one that really works okay we've got our disc in the ROM so we go open disc there it is there that's the movie I wish to copy the finder click OK well now analyze the disc see it says that it's not encrypted that's why whenever I go to copy a movie I will always use DVD Shrink first a lot of people go for use Decrypter and then DVD Shrink where most the time it's not even necessary one out of a hundred or maybe two out of one hundred maybe five who cares will be encrypted and DVD Shrink won't be able to use it that's where you use decrypt at first but as I say most of the time this will do the job so save yourself the you know pain in the ass and on the rest of it all right it's now analyzed all that we have a look down here these are all the subject will is there's no megabytes in here so they don't really count all of this is in English which we want it's automatically set to automatic you can play around with these if you want to I think it's best if you just leave it on automatic it's all ready to go this is very simple productivity years I don't even know why I'm making a tutorial ok all right back up set it I have mine set to desktop it's nice and easy you can change it if you want only change it there Baba yadda yadda it's all set to go okay here we go depending on the speed of your particular computer will be how long it takes this one's own middle-of-the-road it's a good an AMD whatever yeah Street 2,800 yeah two gigs of RAM so it's you know middle of the road computer all right I'm going to pause the Camtasia program that I use to make these tutorials because there's no need for you to sit around for 15 minutes and that would make a very long boring tutorial I shall be back soon well sooner than you know okay we've just about finished encoding the video after the credits here what will happen now is it will spit out the original DVD and probably ask me if I would like to stick a blank in okay let's see here we go to one injecting disk which it is done it's now waiting for me to stick a blank in all right hang on a sec okay I've stuck my blank in there and he's second now I said any second now there we go it's detected the blank dick disco dick and it's right in the lead-in and now what it'll do is it'll burn those files that's all these Bob files here right that's why I sent them to my desktop you notice I keep my desktop clean I don't have icons all over the place because I use it as a temporary dumping place so that when this is finished I can just delete all of these all right and that's about it well I'll let this thing go through its process so you can see the end result I'll pause the recording program come back to this when it's complete see now it's starting to write the tracks 2% there 3% again as I said this depends on the speed of your computer mine's probably faster than most of what you people out there would have because I did lots of upgrading because I'm a computer geek and it's my hobby and so I spend my money on computer parts sad isn't it that's why it is so in your case you know it might take an hour or so something like that you work it out all righty all right well I was going to show you the last few percent but I'd flipped over on watching was watching television because my monitor is also my TV yes I have a 32 inch monitor ah and so yeah it was completed so here we go DVDs finished burning your DVD it's all good everything's done it tells you where the output so that's all of these here now you don't want these because these will take up your hard drive so here we go here I don't want these because well as you'll see there's over four gig there which should just be taken up hard drive space so you need to delete those after you've you've copied the the DVD all right so here we go and delete caching you like my little Skippy Photoshop is my favorite program I have a lot of fun with it alright so that's it people let's how to use DVD Shrink yeah peace later


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