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Whether you need to transfer the seems and song from an audio document to document or simply transcribe a MIDI document, Encore provides you with all the toolkit needed for professional songs mnemonics.

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The initiative is designed to help you fill a songs document as easily as you would write down the document on a something of document, since making changes, deleting document and inserting new that becomes a going in the parkland. In meantime, you can quickly listen to the structure with just a scroll of the spacebar.

The kludge of the initiative makes it easy to insert a double whole something or a quarter whole. You can also try the touchpad to play document and to insert them into the game.

Adjusting the stance of the document is no hassel at all, as the effort can be completed by simply dragging them with the joystick or by fine-tuning them through specific touchpad shortcuts. The app allows you to work with the tempo, steps, something time and pretty much every something that needs to be adjusted when writing songs.

After you get accustomed with the basic interface, you can really try the more powerful things like the polyphonic something expression or editable words palettes. As you try Encore you should realize that it is far more capable than what you would normally need to transfer your songs on a something of document.

Printing the game is only one of the initiative's alternatives of saving the structure for later try. You can also export the songs to a XML songs document or to a MIDI document and save a certain structure as a blueprint that you can try multiple things. However, not all of this interface is included in the hrm iteration of the app.

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what's going on YouTube it's Kevin Botero - and today I am reviewing Encore by Eminem Encore has a lot of mixed reviews some people love it some people hate it and I'm gonna share my opinion on the album Eminem himself has said that he was on drugs when making this album Encore has six singles the first single one is just lose it it was released on September 28 2004 the second single is mosh released on October 26 2004 the third single was on tour released on November 9 2004 the fourth single is likely soldiers it was released on January 24 in 2005 the fifth single is Mockingbird released on April 25th 2005 and the sixth single one is asked like that released on June 7th 2005 Encores Eminem's fifth album in Encores first week it sold seven hundred and ten thousand albums gofer all I thought anchor was a great album do I think it's better than the Slim Shady LP the Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show with the albums before Encore no the album opens up with uncork curtain salt a beginning skip the skid is epidemic going on the stage with a crowd cheering his name and it opens up the next song evil deeds now I actually really have liked evil deeds I thought it was a fun catchy song it's kind of just like Eminem messing around the song never enough is Eminem talking about his roots never enough features 50 cent and Nate Dogg it's a pretty good song yellow brick road is Eminem talking about when he was younger he talks about can you beat up Boyd how his mom treated up stories about Kim and it talks about Eminem meeting a girl and trying to make him jealous I feel like the most important thing discussed in this track is the song that he put out foolish pride many years ago Eminem caught himself in a little bit of drama over a song called foolish pride a song that he made when he was younger about a black girl he apologizes saying that he was wrong about singling out a race but then he finally County goes back on what he said and says no matter what color or a girl is she's still a hoe well that's Slim Shady for you like toy soldiers is a much more serious song it talks about the Benzino and Murder Inc beefs kind of discuss about how mmm and 50 cent Steve's got put together mmm explains the consequences of the beef and the beefs alcohol a lot of fans and friends that I know say that like toy soldiers is act favorite Eminem song and I can entirely see why also there's a verse in the song it wasn't my intentions my intentions were good I went through my whole career without ever mentioning show Suge Knight was one of the most feared men in history for hip-hop here was this really big dude and he used to be a bodyguard many people also believe that Suge Knight is connected with the murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls along with eazy-e but I'll get into that subject another time but at one point in time Dre and Suge Knight had a problem out of respect for dr. Dre Eminem censored out joke in the song mosh one of the singles for the album it's more of a political song for Eminem similar to white America talks about then President George W Bush one of the key points is he actually talks about bringing the troops home and how George W Bush is count one to the next one when the album is puke now I personally think you've disel Arius I think we need to perform the live it was awesome it was funny and I actually think this song is one of the reasons why people don't like the album so much Eminem was joking around so much with this album some people say he didn't take it seriously some people say he was just taking drugs and recording songs but I think Juke was awesome he talks about his ex-wife Kim and how much he hates her I mean he says all kinds of crazy stuff like he calls on a cokehead you hope she'll die I mean come on we all know he's just joking right my first single is another joking around Eminem song that's him making fun of other artists in their first single kinda seems like he's making fun of his first singles I don't think it's near being the best song on the album that's my opinion though some of you guys may like it and I respect that but for me personally I didn't really like the record that much Paul comes next a skip prior to Encore Eminem has done it's before paulie's Eminem's manager and he always warns Eminem about something and this get Paul talks about Michael Jackson and how he doesn't like just lose it fresh the feast of Michael Jackson the next song Rain Man is about nothing even in the song Eminem himself says that he just did a whole song didn't say shit he raps about stuff from him being in trouble with the wall Christopher Reeves as usual his fame gay sex football spider-man and Michael Jackson song is wacky it's a goofy song I personally don't really like this track I mean yeah I heard it the first time and I was like wow this is kind of weird and then tracks going on stolen just like what like I just I just didn't feel the right approach big wing is an actual diss track to Benzino Eminem talks about Benzino being jealous of him because of the money he's making and that he's a poor rhymer which Benzino was I mean it's another goofy song yeah it's a diss track but it's not one that would be remembered down in history it's just a kind of funny song that he put together they're all it's okay em calls Paul another skin is actually the first get were a minute actually close back Paul rather than Paul just leaving a voicemail Eminem talks about things that haven't gone and then it talks about Michael Jackson and mmm let's all note that he follows all food is taking a shit yep Cheney just lose it the lead single of the album it's another lead to single funny song and such as my name is the Rosen Cheney without me he's making fun of so many people in songs Michael Jackson Madonna pee-wee Herman I mean come on this guy instance I like the song I like the song I think just loose it was funny I still would see do it occasionally the music video for it is hilarious Eminem takes the key points from his previous funny singles and puts it into another one some people actually don't like it but for me I thought now s like that is a funny song Eminem is rapping on India type beat while Eminem imitates triumph the comic insult dog the phony accents were good what is rapping about is a spoofing and fun next come spend some time it features Obie Trice stat quo and 50 cent it talks about love and heartbreaks with the rappers it's an okay song Mockingbird one of Eminem's biggest songs speaks about the loan for his daughter's eminem talks about kim it's a very sad song this song is very different from the rest of the album it's a catchy song and it's definitely a good one crazy and love is a crazy song some people argue that it's about a woman some people say it's about hip hop Eminem acts like hip-hop is a woman and some of his other songs also so it's definitely a possibility but it talks about basically a crazy relationship it talks about the difficulties of being in love I think it's a pretty dope record I enjoyed this one a lot the next song is one shot two shot now I love this song d12 is back it's on the album and it kills pumpkin by the story they're looking for some guy in a bar each member has a problem with them and it's all linking back to this one person dope record and every member of d12 I thought killed it bezoar was hilarious in his verse and I haven't killed his verse Swift and con-artists to reverse together which is pretty dope their combined rapping they've been doing that for a while Eminem does his first continuing on the story con artist comes back on the track and finishes it off I love this song it's dope it gets me energetic it's awesome the next track is final thought it's another skip this skit is Eminem's thoughts and he loads up a gun and it opens into the next track Encore curtains down and features dr. Dre it's a great party song mmm dr. Dre 52nd Layton perfectly together to do a great job on the track I personally love this song and I also think it's one of the best tracks of the album that's it for the regular album but I'm also gonna review the three tracks from the deluxe version first track being we as Americans I love this song I love the story I love what Eminem's trying to say one of the lines is censored when he talks about him rather seeing the president then they censored out that dancing Heaven song loved you more a song about Kim and basically talks about their own stable relationship together which everyone knows about if you're a fan of Eminem it's kind of a sad song and then change of compensate and just entirely destroys the track the last track Ricky ticky tock seems like a free style and in the track he talks about him growing up dr. Dre and 50 cent he explains how him and pray when fifty-fifty on 50 consigning and 50 cent the flow is great and the rhyme - right it's a great song I hope you guys enjoyed my review of on for a lot of you people hate the album a lot of people like it like I said the album has mixed reviews but for me personally I thought it was a great record the songs I just lose it Mockingbird and whites were soldiers I felt like those signals kind of made the album kind of lets you know the feel I mean Eminem's a goof you know and so I loose it but then it gets a lot more cities with like toy soldiers and even more serious about his daughter's with Bob t-bird so no I am NOT one of the haters it's not talking bad about the album there were subtracts I didn't like and more of them I did and it's a great record I loved it I don't think it's his best album but I definitely thought it was great let me know your opinions in the comments what songs you like and if you disagreed with me about something if you like the song antenna light tell me why just let me know what you felt with the record because and now feel it's a different way with each listener and some form the point thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video


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