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ePSXe provides you with one of the last standing PlayStation emulators on the market. As many projects have seized their activity, ePSXe finds itself surrounded by tombstones of once great software such as bleem!, PCSX, pSX or PSXeven and only a few other living breathing applications including NO$PSX or PCSX-Reloaded.

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The main objective of ePSXe is to naturally emulate the PlayStation experience onto your computer with the least drawback possible. Its title stands for “enhanced PSX emulator”, thus the efforts in building a better PlayStation emulator have been high and when released back in 2000, the application has knocked the so-called competition thanks to its compatibility as well as performance.

The framework of modern emulators relies on the use of plug-ins in order to achieve the best emulation of GPU (graphics processing unit), SPU (sound processing unit) or CD-ROM drive functions. With ePSXe, you can choose to load games from your optical drive or from a backup image file stored on your hard disk.

Out-of-the-box, ePSXe does a great job at running games flawlessly and when this just doesn’t apply, you can always make them work spotless by performing thorough configuration and extended testing or just by applying existing patches especially made for that specific game. ePSXe’s system requirements do not pose a threat for any decent configuration nowadays, thus everyone should enjoy its features in their true splendor.

All in all, ePSXe can be perceived by many users as the best free PlayStation emulator available on the market. Its as close as you can get to the real PlayStation experience and that is all it has to do; by doing it in style, ePSXe delivers game addicts with yet another great app for their collection.

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what's up guys mr. so tech here and today I have a review of a really cool PlayStation 1 emulator and it's called EPS X II and is available on the Google Play Store for 375 yes it is a paid application but if you're a big PlayStation 1 fan it's wholly worth it so let me go ahead and launch the application and as you can see it has a very simple user interface so right here we have run game run BIOS preference help about so before you do anything you will need a PlayStation 1 BIOS file and it's very simple to get just google it find a website where you can download it and once you have it on your phone just hit run bios and the application will search your storage and automatically find it and that's it you're good to go to run PlayStation 1 games but before I show you any games just hop over into preference you can see on the top here it has the BIOS file you have the option enable CPUs frame skip these options come in handy if you have a slower device is good to tweak the settings to your liking to make sure you get the optimal performance for your device scrolling down here we have screen orientation screen ratio by default set by 4 by 3 aspect ratio by changes to stretch it still looks good and stretch you can change the screen color depth video renderer I see I left it on default which is faster and smoother sound quality I left it on default also which is less sound effects and right here you get number of players the emulator does support multiplayer but I have no idea how it work for this video review I only used on one player and if you happen to touchscreen gamepad here you have the option to change the pad skin so if you want a different skin for the PlayStation buttons you can go ahead and change it you have digital light classic non classic light and then you can change it to a custom one and also you get the option to hide or show the touch buttons so if you're using a mobile controller or external controller this is a really good option so you can hide the buttons going back here we have the memory card options I left these at default and it does work great when you need to save the game and one really cool feature I like here is I'll save on exit functionality so by default is set on disable but I enabled it so when I I might believe a game it will save my game for me so that's awesome so when you go back and hit run game the application will automatically scan your internal and external SD card pull up all the games for you I currently have four games here I have crash bandicoot Marvel vs. Capcom Tekken 3 and twisted metal 4 so I'm just going to launch crash bandicoot to show you a demonstration of how the buttons look and how the game runs so as you can see on the bottom here you can see the controls and they're a little bit hard to see but you can always change the transparency and settings as you can see I'm moving crash with the soft keys it's a little bit of a bummer that there's no visual feedback of the buttons being pressed but it does work the X square circle and triangle button works perfectly fine and you have your l1 l2 r1 and r2 buttons at the top but really guys is really hard to play these games with the soft keys so I highly recommend you use a mobile controller or our external gamepad because it really does improve gameplay so as you see here I have a mocha Pro power hooked up to my device and I absolutely love it I will be making a review of the controllers so hit the link down description if you want to watch the review I did have some trouble setting up this controller but I did email the developer through the Google Play Store and in a matter of minutes I got a reply on how to set up the control and now it works perfectly fine so if you have any issues with this emulator guys let's shoot an email through the Google Play Store to the developer and there's really good customer service so as you see here I'm playing a few games and it work absolutely great the games run very smooth and so far all the ps1 games that I thought this emulator works perfectly fine Tekken 3 was a little bit slow but was still playable but I do notice after long periods of gameplay there is some stutter but I believe that has to do with my phone okay because this emulator doesn't heat up my device a little bit overall when it comes to game guy this emulator works really good and I'm having a blast playing some of these games I used to play when I was a kid so overall guys that's my review of EPs X II the very good emulator and works well I highly recommend it to any of you PlayStation 1 fans out there so thanks for watching guys I hope you guys like the review and I'll see you next time


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Supported Operating System: Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

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